🧵μη εγκαταλειποντες την επισυναγωγην- 'not neglecting to meet together'. 'not neglecting' is a Present Active Participle. It does not have in view the termination of the action, but the continued repetition of it unbroken and indefinitely with no end. Why is it important here?
The context of 10:19-39 helps us - it is an essential element of preserving the full assurance of faith. Explicitly, Christ is exalted [10:19-21] as the great high priest over the house of God. The words 'us' and 'we' throughout in gathering under this priest are integral. 2/
v19 - 'we' have confidence to enter holy places by His blood
v20 - He has opened for 'us' a new and living way through His flesh
v21 - since 'we' have a great high priest over the house of God
v22 let 'us' draw near.. 'our hearts' sprinkled...'our' bodies washed
v23 let 'us' consider how to stir up 'one another' to love and good works
The emphasis is on the corporate 'we' 'us' 'our'. Why? The Spirit uses the gathered and assembled Body, physically present w/one another, to strengthen us to hold fast the confession of our hope. 4/
He uses the gathered Body to 'stir up' [v24] one another to love and good works. παροξυσμον is used to indicate either incitement to anger or good works. It is the idea of provoking or agitating. Being together is used of God to create accountability that won't happen alone. 5/
Then explicitly in v24 comes 'not neglecting to meet together', with a warning 'as is the habit of some', then purpose 'encouraging one another', and then focus 'all the more as you see the Day drawing near'. This sets the foundation for understanding 10:26-39. 6/
An element of v26 of 'sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth' is receiving it through the gathered assembly that corrects, admonishes, and creates accountability to 'hold fast' [v23] not merely in orthodoxy, but also conscience. The warning is clear 7/
in 10:26c-31 - an objective measure of 'hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water' [v22] is obedience to this command. Laxity or habitual neglect of assembling takes our eyes off of the High Priest and weakens our hope. 8/
Failing to assemble together under the Great Priest to worship and be accountable for the pursuit of holiness is a sin against Christ, the Spirit of grace, and sanctification [v29]. It truly is a fearful thing to be in such a condition [v30-31]. 9/
Together we can endure struggles, persecution, suffering, reproach, and affliction [v32-33]. Together we can 'agitate' one another to the good works of standing with other believers when they are imprisoned for faith [v34] and rejoicing when we lose all earthly things [v34]. 10/
The confidence of 10:19 is repeated in 10:35 'do not throw it away'. The confidence of which he speaks is strengthened and encouraged together in Christ the Great Priest. We need each other in Him to endure, not shrink back, live by faith, and do His will. 11/
It is not legalism to required what God requires - it is safety and a good conscience, love and strength, hope and confidence, endurance and righteous, faith and preservation. We must take great care that our reasons for not gathering are not rooted in rebellion. end/
*it is not legalism to require what God requires* #TwitterEdit button!

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To the the apathetic [esp. Christians], we rebuke and exhort to not be idle. Neither of these, however, are the Gospel. Dhati Lewis/NAMB has been teaching our missionaries that - logically speaking - we have been preaching an incomplete Gospel for 2000 yrs. 2/
If it is indeed the case that the Gospel is not the Great Commission, but also the additional legalism of a Great Commandment and Great Requirement, then we cannot be confident that anyone has been saved until the new socialized gnostic vision is received. 3/
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