· 11 Things Men Should Expect From Women ·

[Don't waste your time on women who aren't like this]

/ T h r e a d /
1] Femininity

A woman who's not feminine is a woman who's not aware of the importance of polarities.

Don't spend your time on women who don't care about being feminine.
2] Family Oriented

Never settle for a woman who'd rather be 9-5 with their boss than 24/7 with their families.

A woman brings more to the table when she's family oriented.
3] Takes Care Of Herself

A woman who cares about herself and her health will also take care of her family's health.

You want a woman who will want to keep your family healthy and who'll do anything to succeed in that.
4] Loves To Cook/Wants To Learn

The biggest fear to a woman who truly loves you is her man being hungry.

She'd even learn to cook for you, just so you're not hungry.

If she's not like this... she's not the one.
5] Pleases You

A good woman understands her man's urges.

She'll please you often because she loves you and cares about you.
6] Housewife

If taking care of a home doesn't excite her, then you'll be hearing a lot of nagging from her.

Find a woman who was taught since her small legs that taking care of a home is the most beautiful job she can have.
7] Shy & Polite

No one wants a direct, aggressive, arrogant woman - she'll make your life miserable.

Instead, find a shy, inexperienced, polite, and smiley woman who'll be happy to serve you.
8] Submissive

All women are submissive but to the right man.

Making her submissive is the easiest thing if she truly loves you - that's in her nature.

You deserve a woman who'll make your life easier.
9] Low Body Count

If you're looking for a woman with the low body count, start with the shy ones.

They're too shy to speak to men let alone to sleep with them.
10] Respect

Never waste your time on a woman who doesn't respect you.

Your woman should be proud to be with you.

And if she's not, you're with the wrong one.
11] Good Relationship With Her Father

Her relationship with her father will tell you a lot about your relationship with her.

If a woman is capable of hating her father, imagine what she's capable of doing to you.
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22 Nov
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1] Don't Try To Fix

Men are the ones who always try to fix problems.

When she comes to you, complaining; she doesn't want you to fix things for her but to LISTEN to her.
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Look in her eyes, nod, and give short feedbacks while she's talking to you.

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She knows she'll have more fun with him than with some nice guy.
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Once you start thinking highly of yourself - it shows.

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A woman whose life is dedicated to her career and not to the family is a woman who was brainwashed by feminism.

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(But of course, not for long).
A career woman ends up being more in love with her job than with you; she starts taking care of it more so she stops;

· Pleasing you
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It's well known that if you stop giving your attention to a girl you're talking to, she'll THEN start wanting to talk to you.

Why is that?
Women want their emotions to be driven like the rollercoaster - because of the dopamine.

If you're just a routine to her, it will bore her and once you stop replying to her - that's when drama and fun START.
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