How is it possible that this guy who works at the @amhistorymuseum actually says this with a straight face and mocks freedom? His employer has one of my very favorite war exhibitions. Has he never seen it? Our country was founded on freedom.
The Revolution was such an amazing thing because nothing like that had ever happened before. What percentage of our country died fighting to create that ideal of freedom?
Does he also not understand that you can’t compare war deaths to illness deaths? More Americans died in the Revolution of illness on the prison ships in NY Harbor (occupied by the Red Coats) than in fighting the British
What about Andersonville prison in GA? 13,000 Union soldiers died them from illness. That’s on par with the worst battles of the Civil War
Some things are literally worth dying for - the promise of freedom is one of them. Until the lockdowns I took all of that for granted - I knew it logically but I didn’t GET it. It’s bigger than me and it’s bigger than you

• • •

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24 Nov
Very good article

“Mainly, though, this has been a historic failure from the Left, which will have disastrous consequences.”…
“Meanwhile, the Left holds on to a technocracy of experts severely undermined by what is proving to be a catastrophic handling of the pandemic in terms of social progressivism.”
“As any kind of viable electable Left fades into the past, the discussion and dissent at the heart of any true democratic process is likely to fade with it.”
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21 Nov
All of these folks jonesing for unvaccinated firefighters to be fired have clearly never had a house burn down. I have.

I couldn’t have given a fig in the moment if they had the Black Plague. I certainly didn’t ask them if they could show me their MMR.
They were there to keep me and my mom safe. And our non-existent pets! They kept asking about the pets.

I was worried about getting shoes for my mom who ran outside in the snow in her slippers in a panic. I was worried about getting my new car out of the line of fire
I was worried about where we were going to sleep that night, and holy shit I have no underwear where am I going to get underwear?

My dad wasn’t there. My brothers weren’t there. It was me trying to be the adult because my mom was too broken to do it.

I was 22
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18 Nov
Oh my gosh! This is just so shocking! If only somebody should’ve predicted this!!

Oh wait I did:…
“It's also a gamble for rich nations to rely on vaccinations in a pandemic, Dr. David Nabarro, WHO's special envoy on Covid-19, told UK lawmakers. "It has never been done before and it would really be an inappropriate public health strategy to do so," he said.”
“With so much yet to be learned about the virus, using vaccines as the main weapon against Covid-19 could lead to new variants, Nabarro warned.”

Like the chickens?!?
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18 Nov
A thread today! About 🤡🌎

So my boyfriend’s officially remote but goes into the office about once a week. Today was a slated office day, which his manager knew the night before.

He wakes up earlier, irons a shirt, changed jeans (twice!) and heads into the office at 8:30am
He gets there and at 9:01 is told to go home because “there’s been an exposure!!!” He didn’t even take his sunglasses off. Heads home basically immediately, in some traffic
It seems that a guy on his team had just found out his roommate had a positive COVID test, but instead of calling the night before calls at 8:59am why he can’t go to work. So everyone runs home for the sniffles
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14 Nov
Believe it or not, the CDC actually has written and published ethical guidelines on pandemic influenza. I thought they didn’t care. They did! (Or at least they did in the past tense).…
“The document was developed in response to a request from CDC that the Ethics Subcommittee address ethical considerations (1) in vaccine and anti-viral drug distribution prioritization and (2) in the development of interventions that would limit individual freedom and…”
“create social distancing (in discourse on pandemic influenza, often referred to as non-pharmaceutical interventions).”
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10 Nov
“Metro Majority Voters”

“Former President Donald Trump turned some of them off in 2020, and that’s a big part of why he lost. But none of that means they’re ripe for progressive ideas, or looking for radical changes from the left.”…
“Most of them are registered Democrats, but that doesn’t mean they are liberals or reliable Democratic voters.”

“Their top issues are cost, crime and classroom issues.”
“In other words, the median urban and suburban voter is not AOC and, on many issues, can lean quite moderate and conservative.”

“It turns out that most care about the basics: safer neighborhoods, more jobs and a lower cost of living, and better options for a good education.”
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