in the coming days we will explore how most of all of the things the system provides for us in terms of enjoyment, lesiure, is essentially a miniature simulation of various natural human social impulses and events, a sort of culture cut into bite sized pieces and sold back to you
*genuine human culture, naturally occuring social arragements for living harmoniously, but industrialized and turned into products, simulations of the real
example: going out to eat, a pretty big deal in modernity. pretty popular thing. tied to all kinds of socialisation, tied intimately, through advertisement, to mate-selection, romance. what is it?
the restaurant issue. What you pay for is not a meal, but an experience. not an experience of the meal, but a pseudo-social experience. in a word, it's simulating communal eating, feasting, communal celebration. the point is eating next to other people
going out "to be seen". going out to a cafe to drink cofee, or on a date. what do we do there? we want to "be seen". by who? why? why do we care about perfect strangers seing us eating at a fancy expensive dinner place? are we so vain we want strangers to think we're cool?
answer: it is a virtual reality simulation of living in a high trust society
it is a simulation of living in a society where you know your neighbours and care about them. the simulated experience is going out to the local tavern, or a religious festival, or a communical celebration, marriage, harvest, and so on
you pay for a simulation of this experience, a small bite-sized version of it
the common principle for all the things that we are currently being "denied" because of "the terrible crisis we are currently in", are all this. simulations. restaurants, music festivals, cinemas.
the common principle for all these things is "being very physically close to strangers, to simulate an experience of social trust". being very physically close, but mentally, spiritually, completely apart
you drown out the genuine needs with hyperstimulation, akin to filling yourself with water to avoid feeling hungry; yes your stomach is technically filled, so you tell yourself that you are not starving
cant go out to eat without getting a nwo stick? well I have good news. you shouldnt in the first place. you should have dinner with your neighbours and cook together
Parallel institutions does not mean something fancy like making a new university system or making a militia. parallel institutions means: I just want to grill Image
they take your alienation and sell it back to you at a markup. oh modernity got you feeling lonely? why dont you go out on the town
going out drinking, chasing skirts, when youre young, is simulating "having a common goal", which all groups of men need. it is simulating friendship, because you cant have friendship without a common practical goal
it works pretty well because to a large degree the goal can be arbitrary, in this case, for male socialising. the goal can be absurd, doing something stupid like just digging a big hole. but it doesnt have to be and its better when it's not
doesnt have to be grandiose napoleon stuff, doesnt have to be regime change. you can just build a church for example. a common good

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