This just mocks those who have actually lost loved ones and will be facing Thanksgiving without them. She’s arbitrarily cutting people off and then posturing on social media about how she’s the real victim of her own sociopathy.
Holidays are a really hard time when you’ve lost a loved one. You would give anything to have them there with you. Deciding to cut someone off over vaccination status isn’t remotely comparable to the grief of mourning and it’s gross to even suggest that.
I’m thankful that my family is 100% unvaccinated, 100% immune, and 100% free of brainworms.
“Only the vaccinated may attend for safety.”

• • •

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21 Nov
An important aspect of Youngkin’s victory is that it also resulted in the election of pro-health freedom candidates to other offices.

Here’s Virginia’s new LG and President of the State Senate laying down 🔥🔥🔥 on the vaccine mandates.
People assume that Youngkin has flip-flopped on vaccines over a short quote transcribed by a journalist (do we trust the media now?) that seemed to indicate he would leave it up to localities. I think it would be prudent to reserve judgement until he’s actually in office.
It is also interesting that most of the people complaining about Youngkin ignored this race during primary season when they could have advocated for a candidate more explicitly in line with their positions.
Read 4 tweets
19 Nov
Remember the “Satanic Panic” daycare-sex-abuse scandals of the 80s they use as an example of mass hysteria? Completely true btw.

Here are some of the FBI records on it:
The Finders. A cult that was involved with international child trafficking, Satanic worship and mind control techniques. Eventually irrefutable evidence was gathered by the FBI that the State Department and CIA was involved, and conspired to cover up investigation and charges.
It all began when 6 young children - filthy and covered in scratches and bug bites and accompanied by 2 well-dressed men - were reported to police in Florida. The men went into a “trance like state” during questioning.
Read 15 tweets
13 Nov
Demonstrate your fealty to liberalism and you can literally get away with murder
The saddest thing is that a big chunk of 🏳️‍🌈 bought this hook-line-and sinker and are now enthusiastic cheerleaders of the same Pharma ghouls that poisoned an entire generation of gay men (AZT was first billion dollar drug)
Not to mention the obnoxious yas kweening for Tony Fauci, the guy who blocked effective AIDS treatments from patients for years and created stigma by promoting the idea that you could catch HIV from someone by being in the same room as them
Read 4 tweets
12 Nov
Well let’s see, a lot of these people got strung out on drugs and leftism and then we got the aftermath. Underground radicals assassinated police, bombed the Capitol and Pentagon, and major cities turned into complete war zones.
In 1972 alone we had over 1,900 domestic bombings.
I really hate to burst people’s nostalgia bubbles - and there was a lot to appreciate about the culture of those days - but the 50s and 60s were incredibly sinister and birthed the world you live in now.
The idyllic-in-retrospect suburban life of the 1950s was actually very alienating and tore apart the American social fabric. It raised a generation that wanted to burn down that world.
Read 5 tweets
5 Nov
If you have not had Covid yet and haven’t taken the 🪡, I would advise avoiding close contact with those who have. All appearances indicate that the unvaxxed are more likely to be infected with a bad strain this way.
Just about all breakthrough infections are one of the new variants, while old viral lineages still persist in unvaxxd-unvaxxed transmissions in about 50% of cases. People are having an easier go of it with older versions of the virus.
There are new mutations out there. The CDC is doing a horrible job of sequencing and surveillance so this isn’t lab-confirmed, but it’s obvious to people on the ground. Many cases of a severe bacterial pneumonia setting in after a week or so.
Read 8 tweets
4 Nov
Youngkin’s gains in the suburbs is an important and much discussed part of the story, but even more important and overlooked is the fact that rural white voters turned out in force and voted monolithically.

See those deep red counties in the west? He won 80-95% of votes there
This was not just about schools, but a reaction to wokeness and leftist overreach in general.

Taking down Lee’s statue in Richmond was every bit as aggravating a factor as teaching CRT in schools.
A lot of prominent conservatives are pushing back on the idea that this was a whitelash, but it was a whitelash. The guy with a confederate flag on his jacket wasn’t a plant, anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t know Virginia.
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