1/ I did a little math. Why do they get to decide what to do with everyone else's money? Sounds like communism to me, and I should know--that's what my family fled to come here.
2/ Receipts and assumptions:
2.2 trillion added to deficit
divided by $580 (reported cost of set) =
11.5 sets per American assuming 330 million Americans.
3/ Oh, and those tax cuts weren't even necessarily helping American elites. A lot of it went straight to foreign investors. The 2017 tax cut was a gift to billionaires globally. Sounds kind of "globalist" if you ask me. cbpp.org/research/feder…
4/ We could have doubled the nearly cost neutral infrastructure bill with the 2.2 tril tax breaks, which were useless. Remember how McCarthy warned that this infrastructure investment would ruin our children's children's lives? What did the 2017 tax cut do to those children?
5/ You know how people used to set up shop in "new" lands and extract natural resources and take the land for everything it was worth with no regard to sustainability? Well, you can do that with economies too, except you extract wealth. Is there proof? Yep.

• • •

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20 Nov
1/ We just capped insulin copays at $35/mo. It's hard to fathom a policy so directly impacting millions of Americans. The *extreme,* redundant media focus elsewhere is worrisome because it suggests a prioritization of ad revenue over informing the public. npr.org/2021/11/02/105…
2/ The story of lowering the price of insulin began long ago but the last administration also made promises about lowering the cost of insulin. Do you know what's interesting about that?
3/ The HHS secretary under Trump was a pharmaceutical lobbyist who is well-known for overseeing a 325% increase in the price of insulin. When Trump appointed him Azar was the President of a major pharmaceutical company. Drain the swamp, indeed. businessinsider.com/trumps-hhs-nom…
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20 Nov
Military storage structures and troops outside Yelnya, Russia have increased 17+% since Nov 1. People/equipment from the 41st CAA, normally garrisoned 2,000+ mi away in Novosibirsk continue to surge. @PaulaChertok @OlgaNYC1211 @NataliaAntonova csis.org/analysis/mosco…
"This reality means that Washington’s goal should be to deter Russian conventional operations in Ukraine by punishment—not denial."
"Deterrence by denial would be difficult—if not impossible—since NATO does not have sufficient personnel or capabilities currently deployed to Ukraine. European countries also continue to lack sufficient high-end military capabilities for a war with Russia."
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19 Nov
ALERT: Please be mindful that there is a massive amount of inauthentic activity happening now. It includes inflammatory messaging for the far-right but also far-left and disenfranchised persons. Take a deep breath. Look for another source, look for emotional wording.
In times of heightened uncertainty information operations have been found targeting the US with messaging that leverages the anxiety and justifiable emotions into more division, mistrust, and in-real-life events designed to provoke violence by playing into our biases.
Disinformation creeps in via real wounds in our society. Look at the justifiable fears minorities have concerning vaccines. Disinformation designed around that has been some of the most damaging because it's rooted in some truth. Without the cracks, it won't succeed.
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17 Nov
1/ Discussion of the Gosar-AOC video is missing a critical point and where the danger is incubating. A white supremacist and proponent of the "Great Replacement Theory," made the video. That matters a lot. Here's why.
2/ When researchers looked at who believed a shadow state had stolen the election and was also willing to become violent, independent of political ID, one of the strongest predictors was a belief in the Great Replacement Theory.
3/ Social media usage was an even stronger predictor, but it's the content that matters. What are they consuming for 7+ hours a day? If it's the Great Replacement Theory, that's terrible news. d3qi0qp55mx5f5.cloudfront.net/cpost/i/docs/a…
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16 Nov
1/ As has always been the case, anti-vaccine influencers rake it in big time. The Anti-Vaxx industry boasts annual revenues of at least $36 million and is worth up to $1.1 billion to Big Tech with 62 million followers across their platforms.
2/ Are you a discredited medical doctor that no one will hire because you're either reckless or bad at your job? No problem. Say these things and you too can make it rain millions.
3/ Even better, you won't be held accountable for the people who are hurt or killed by your bad advice, not even if you meet in October of 2020 to coordinate talking points against vaccines for which trial results hadn't even been released. counterhate.com/playbook#:~:te….
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