Satanic Cults, Ritual Abuse, and the Cover Up of the Century:

This thread will get pretty gruesome, but people have to know that the truth is gruesome and it is being hidden from them.

When you research Satanic cults or Satanic child abuse, idiots at Vox or New York Times call you irrational Christians, right wing conspiracy theorists, and accuse you of hysteria.

But Satanic Ritual Abuse is real, and there is a boundless supply of proof right in front of us.
It requires extreme historical ignorance or total disinformation for @abbieasr to say that Satanic cults and Satanic abuse are not historical fact.

While she is likely just arrogant and a lazy researcher, the amount of documentation she ignores wholesale is astounding.
Satanic cults exist, and they abuse children, sacrifice adults, and wreak havoc wherever they go.

Today I will be discussing The Process, Four Pi, and the Temple of Set.
I didn’t mention the Church of Satan or Satanic Temple, the two loudest voices at the moment for the Satanic movement.

This is because both were created by LARPers who couch Atheism in Satanic imagery to make money from angsty teens and basement dwellers.

Ignore them.
The Process was founded by Scientology dropouts Robert and Mary Ann DeGrimston.

Contrary to modern Satanism which is toothless and irrelevant, the Process was truly evil.
In DeGrimston’s books Jehovah on War and Satan on War, he called his followers to commit murder and bring destruction on the earth.

A quote from his book:

“My prophecy on this wasted Earth and upon the corrupt creation that squats upon its ruined surface is: THOU SHALT KILL”
The Process’ message really resonated with Charles Manson, who was a heavy supporter of the group.

Manson and his followers would often wear the Process’ trademark black cloaks in 1968, and Manson even wrote an article in The Process magazine issue on Fear.
Manson wasn’t the only one. Murderer of Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, was a Process member as was Son of Sam murderer David Berkowitz.

Sirhan met the group in the Laurel Canyon area of LA, while Berkowitz found one of the group’s chapters in the Yonkers area of New York
The Process loved rituals too. A group within The Process known as The Kirke Order of Dog Blood was known to sacrifice German shepherds and drink their blood in remote areas all over Los Angeles.

Mansonites were even known to attend these rituals.
The Process eventually split in 1968, and splintered into a cult much more dangerous and Satanic, known as Four Pi.

Four Pi was led by CIA Informant and acid kingpin Ronald Stark and operated in the Santa Cruz area as well as the O’Neill Park area of the Santa Ana Mountains.
Within months of the cult members arriving in Santa Cruz, authorities began finding decapitated and mutilated German shepherds all around Santa Cruz.

However, upon the arrest of Four Pi member Stanley Baker, detectives found out much more.
Baker admitted that the group was committing ritual human sacrifices and cannibalism, and were cremating the bodies in the Santa Cruz mountains.

He substantiated this by showing detectives a severed human finger bone from a sacrifice, and admitted to eating a man’s heart.
Baker was arrested for murder in San Francisco in 1970. Baker stabbed a man 27 times, then smeared the wall with the man’s blood. On the wall in blood he wrote “Zodiac” and “Satan Saves”

The Zodiac Killer was not one man but the activity of The Process splinter group Four Pi.
Temple of Set is an especially evil Satanic cult. It was founded by former US Major Michael Aquino.

Aquino broke away from the Church of Satan because Anton Lavey did not focus enough on Satanic theology or witchcraft. The Temple still functions today in secrecy.
Michael Aquino was accused by 60+ different children of rape, torture, or sacrifice at Presidio Army Day Care center, and or at Aquino’s house.

Five children contracted chlamydia, dozens showed documented evidence of being sodomized.…
One child positively identified Aquino and his home, and almost perfectly described the house’s Satanic interior decor.

When the house was raided, police discovered a completely soundproof room.
Discovered at the daycare was a Satanic altar, Satanic graffiti, and Satanic artifacts. The daycare center was burnt down and police ruled it arson.

A military policeman at Presidio was quoted as saying: “There is a Satanic cult here on this base and no one is doing anything.”
This wasn’t the only case of Satanic ritual abuse of children.

Now let’s take a look at the case of McMartin Preschool.
At McMartin Preschool 460 children accused 7 teachers of drugging them, raping them, sacrificing animals, using children as prostitutes, killing human babies, and making them participate in Satanic rituals.
The children were abused at McMartin, as well as churches, a mortuary, various houses, a farm, and other preschools.

The children remembered their abusers wore black robes, stood in a circle, and chanted. The testimonies were corroborated independently with impossible accuracy.
Archaeologist Gary Stickel, Ph.D. unearthed two tunnel complexes underneath McMartin preschool corroborating locations of abuse.

Additionally, two police officers investigating the case Judy Johnson and Paul Bynum were murdered ahead of the McMartin trial.
Children's Institute Int'l reports that a full 80% of children displayed physical symptoms of forceful penetration.

And yet, DA Ira Reiner dropped all charges against the McMartin defendants. Anyone who speaks out about it is labeled a psycho conspiracy theorist.
The McMartin case attracted a litany of critics who spent time discrediting and intimidating the children, attempting to save the defendants, and silence the public’s new awareness to Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Let’s take a look at their backgrounds.
You literally can’t make this shit up fucking LOL
Shirley and Paul Eberle wrote the books: “The Politics of Child Abuse” and “The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool Trial” accusing the children of lying.

Paul and Shirley Eberle coincidentally were known as some of the most prolific child pornographers of their era.
The Eberle’s published photos of underage children having sex in their underground journal “Finger”.

Some of the Eberle’s articles in Finger include: “My First Rape” and “Baby Fucking” which included pictures of children having sex with the Eberles.…
Next is the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. They were created by parents whose child accused them of sexually abuse, and so they decided to discredit her.

They went around the US claiming that SRA was just false memories, and they were especially prevalent during McMartin.
You might be surprised to find out that the largest supporters of a foundation that protects pedophiles would in fact be pedophiles.

Ralph Underwager was frequently quoted in the media defending FMSF. Here are a couple of his quotes:
The McMartin Preschool abuse is real. The Presidio Daycare abuse is real. Only a fool or a pedophile would deny it.
Don’t expect the incompetent feds to do anything either.

FBI Director Ken Lanning was claiming there was no proof of Satanic cults or Satanic Abuse at the same time the OJP was releasing 60 page documents advising local law enforcement on how to identify Satanic cult crime.
These things that I have documented are awful but they are not the only ones. There are thousands of cults operating under in plain sight.

There have been thousands of children who have suffered Satanic ritual abuse in the past 40 years, and many simply go silent.
Child psychologists, attorneys, parents, and law enforcement struggle to bring these cases to light and protect their children because the public is constantly fed the notion that these people are crazy.

It is real and the public has to find out.
It’s happening right now, right here in 2021. These two young boys abused by their father likely won’t get the justice they deserve because self righteous fucks at Vox are busy calling those who suffer Satanic Ritual Abuse crazy.

Those people deserve no respect.
Son of Sam murderer David Berkowitz said that Satanic cults are so powerful and wreak such havoc on society because people either don’t know, or aren’t willing to believe they exist.

The people who call you crazy to keep you silent are putting your children at risk.
Protect your children. Stay away from the occult. Do not trust your children’s safety with people who you wouldn't trust with your life.

This threat is real, and people need to see it, so we can protect our most innocent from the most unspeakable evil.

This is part one of a multiple thread series I'm doing to combat this dishonest chart done by a lazy researcher.

I will be doing many more of these as I accumulate research. I can’t whip out all the answers overnight because only someone who’s full of shit would do that.
Below is the list of sources I pulled from.

A bunch of these books are hard to find or are no longer in print but if you want to read them for yourselves and you can’t find them DM me and I may be able to send you a PDF link.
The Ultimate Evil: Maury Terry
The Family: Ed Sanders
Children for the Devil: Tim Tate
Cover Up of the Century: Daniel Ryder
Ronald DeWolf’s Memoir
Programmed to Kill: David McGowan
Satan Hunter: Thomas Wedge
ACID: A New Secret History of LSD by David Black

• • •

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