Mike Flynn is getting a taste of his own medicine on @telegram 😏 Image
There’s really no way for Flynn to wiggle out of this.

He said he carried this prayer in his wallet. He said the prayer was to “Archangel Michael” which is the “Ascended Master” this fascist doomsday cult worshipped.

His brother @JosephJFlynn1 still won’t explain it. 🤷‍♂️
Flynn is desperately trying to change the subject.
Russiagate! Thanksgiving! Abraham Lincoln! Let’s be friends! 🤭 ImageImage
Oh my god. He’s going to claim it’s a Catholic prayer.
Also, look at this narcissist gaslight his cult that they are the ones who are being ignorant and bigoted for even questioning him.

Mike Flynn is a psychopath and a cult leader.
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
@JosephJFlynn1 saw my tweet and went in to push this stupid anti-Catholic psyop on his brother’s channel. 😂

This is not going to work Joe. Keep trying though. It’s funny to watch. Image
Wow. Flynn’s sister Mary showed up too. 😅

Half the Flynn kids are in there and not one of them addresses the issue. It’s just: How DARE you question “The General”?

All this shit about splinters and eyes sounds painful though. Image
Flynn had to find this on the Kuala Lumpur website.
What the actual fuck is this bird doing?

He really wants to squirm out of this. I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to help. 🤣 Image
As predicted, the blood-shitting bird from Malaysia has not appeased his cult. Image
Y I K E S ImageImageImageImage
LOL he called in the troops to help. This one has a very distinct Russian accent. 😂🇷🇺 Image
yesterday: today: ImageImage
Oh my god. The teaaaaa. 😅
Mike Flynn sells overpriced t-shirts that say “Fight like a Flynn.”

Psychotic QAnon lawyer Lin Wood: Image
And here’s how you know Mike Flynn is storming around somewhere red-faced and yelling at his phone.

He posted this ZeroHedge (famously a Russia propaganda outlet) article for a *second time* and added a laundry list of the stuff that actually bothers him. Dude is turnt up. 😜 Image
Holy crap. Flynnie is super duper unhappy with his cult.
He frequently tells them to stop complaining but this is a lot of times to say that. 😆 Image
This is… ironic. A guy named “QAnon John” who ran the “Double Down” QAnon cult rallies is siding with batshit grifting lawyer Lin Wood over the actual Q.

What a world. 🤪 Image
I did NOT do this. I am not mad at “Tyson” tho. Image
OK, remember the bot with the Russian accent? It’s narcing me out to the admin as “ANTI Q” and “#FAKENEWS.”
IDK what “( ARTIKEL )” means? 🤷‍♂️

In a twist, Rose then reports the Russian to the admin and Tyson defends his position that Flynn is an occult magician. Image
Another totally organic follower from “Europe” says to Mike Flynn “thank you to correct things about Catholics.”

“I’m not sure every annons understand optic… What a madness.”

Happily Thank giving comrades! Image
It’s not getting better for Mike Flynn on @telegram. 😬

Has anyone seen Mike Flynn signing the Declaration of Independence?

Found it ugh. ImageImage
Mike Flynn turned off comments on his @telegram channel because he’s a psychopath with a Messiah Complex who can’t bear criticism.

Anyway, small victories. 🏴‍☠️🇺🇸 Image
Actually, he may have turned off comments because of this.
Whoa. It is on.
Hey @JosephJFlynn1 you have some explaining to do.
Why were you all up in Kyle Rittenhouse’s face with Patrick Byrne’s money.

ICYMI, Patrick Byrne had an affair with Russian spy Maria Butina and then started being Mike Flynn’s propaganda moneybags. Image
OK this is really something. Lin Wood is saying basically right out loud: “You are in Flynn’s cult and I am going to slowly reprogram you to be in my cult instead.” Image
If I didn’t know any better I would say Mike Flynn is extremely nervous:
“We are in a war”
“No more cryptic BS” — this is especially interesting, Flynn is saying no more LARPs, no more Q.
“no options left”

Also “all the mis and dis-information being perpetrated by leftists” 😎😂 Image
Lin Wood is calling out Mike Flynn as Q.
Oh. My. Image
David Clements, who blew up his life to become a “digital soldier” is canceling Mike Flynn over the “occultic prayer being stated in a Christian church.”

Nom nom. Image
Mike Flynn is losing over 1,000 followers a day on @telegram.
Sorry Mike. 😜 Image
Lin Wood seems to be trying to finish off Mike Flynn.
“Pegasus. Pegasus. Pegasus.” refers to a phone hacking program offered by NSO which has paid Mike Flynn a lot of money.

Pegasus was used to target Khashoggi and many others.
huffpost.com/entry/michael-… ImageImage
You guys. Here it is. Patrick Byrne — Flynn’s moneybags ever since Byrne slept with Russian spy Maria Butina — is telling the truth:
“There may be a rift coming in our movement … between evangelical Christians and well, Flynn’s and me.” 😳
Patrick Byrne admits to setting up a “fusion cell” at Lin Wood’s property after the 2020 election. Fusion cell is a specific military term being pushed by *Stanley McChrystal.*

Holy shit.
Here is an article from Aug 2021 on the McChrystal Group website.

“Fusion Cells were originally designed to combine US military, intelligence and law enforcement resources into a unified network to beat the Al Qaeda network, first in Afghanistan.”
Here is Patrick Byrne’s entire defense of the Pegasus accusations in his 33 minute blusterfuck.
“Mike has no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.” 😂
Patrick Byrne defends himself against accusations that he and @JosephJFlynn1 tried to use #KKKyle to raise five million dollars by saying something about phonemes.

I am amazed that Mike Flynn let this happen and overjoyed at what appears to be serious disintegration.
Here’s Patrick Byrne admitting on Flynn’s behalf that the way he paid for his fraudulent legal defense was by receiving “postcards from old ladies with a quarter taped to it.”

Fuck these monsters. Every “old lady” who fell for this should sue them all out of existence.
Russia-compromised propagandist Patrick Byrne discloses that he pays Mike Flynn to “fly around the country” and that Flynn gets paid to speak at his own cult rallies.

Then Byrne tells everyone what he and Mike Flynn thinks of them. We should show this to his followers. A lot.
Patrick Byrne says that the fact that Mike Flynn led a Christian church in an occult prayer from a fascist doomsday cult is “silly” and so is anyone who wants to get to the bottom of it.

However, he does take pains to say that “it’s ok believe all that” 🤔
Patrick Byrne continues his tirade against “evangelicals” saying that he and Flynn “speak a different language” where “legions” means something different. 🤨
Whoa. Patrick Byrne says that “6 or 8 months ago” a “terrified” “evangelical community” came to “handful of Irish guys” [Flynn, Lindell and Byrne] to “build this” and they will “fuel it.”

This is admitting to a conspiracy with religious leaders to run a fascist psyop. 🚨
Patrick Byrne:
“Flynn’s going to be furious with me for saying this.”
“The international evangelical community” will be “the first against the wall when the revolution comes” so they “should get off our back and tip in ten bucks.”
Patrick Byrne defends @JosephJFlynn1 against accusation that Joe threatened someone’s family and states “this has been 27 minutes of wasted time.”

I could not disagree more buddy. Thank you for your service.
Patrick Byrne attempts to defend Mike Flynn’s statement that there should be “one religion” by adding that Flynn didn’t specify — “some religion.”

Byrne then dismisses the fact that Flynn said the exact thing Byrne just repeated because it was reported by @nytimes.

Dear Black Christians and allies. Please be aware that Mike Flynn and his operation intend to target you even more than they have already. Byrne says the “Black community is kind of character capital, like a reservoir.”

Fuck these psychotic racists and everyone associated them.
Patrick Byrne makes the cuckoo sign about Lin Wood and says to “go easy on him” because he’s “not connected.”

Byrne finishes his tirade against evangelicals by comparing them to “high school gossip girls.”

He finishes by saying “ I hope this clears things up.”
Yes it did.
Lin Wood strikes back. He released the full conversation with Patrick Byrne in which Byrne thoroughly implicates himself.

Here Byrne admits he funded the AZ fraudit and that he paid an incompetent Doug Logan, CyberNinja — who mysteriously got his mortgage paid off in January.
Lin Wood is leaving it all out on the field. He’s tying Mike Flynn to Michael Aquino, an actual Satanic pedophile and decorated Army PSYOP officer with ties to numerous QAnon operators and Flynn associates. ImageImageImage
Here’s a great thread on all the confessing going on in the Lin Wood / Patrick Byrne phone call that Wood leaked to his @telegram channel.

Thanks for your service listening to these psychos Hot Tub! 🏴‍☠️
Well shit. “Coaching” you say? Fundraising? For Kyle Rittenhouse who just got off for double murder with a biased judge and a weirdly lame prosecution? The fascist media darling who publicly blasted Lin Wood on Tucker, Flynn’s ally? 🤔
Flynn is desperate to change the subject so he’s doing random Q drops about shit like naming COVID variants being a Chinese c0nsPiraCy. 🙄

Wake up Mike. This is not going to work. Image
As they say in legal terms “for the avoidance of doubt” Lin Wood accuses Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell of engaging in “military psychological operations” a subject which Lin then learned about “as Jesus intended for me to do so.” Image
Oh dear god. It’s like the final climax of Stupid Avengers.
Now Ali “Alexander” Akbar is now jumping in the middle of this gushing sewer to dance around.
Flynn responds in the brittle, abusive way all narcissists react to criticism. By gaslighting:
“I don’t know this Pegasus thing.”
“If I’ve said prayers, they’re meant for good purposes.”
“I stood against the devil herself and helped (in a significant way) DJT get elected.” Image
Hey @JosephJFlynn1 Lin Wood says you come across “like an enforcer in a crime family.”

Sounds about right. Any comment? Image
Lin Wood releases text messages from Mike Flynn confirming what has been obvious for many months.

To Mike Flynn, Trump is a discarded puppet who has worn out his usefulness. I’m sure everyone in QAnon and TFG’s cult will take this well. 😬 Image
Lin Wood calls Mike Flynn “an enemy” which seems pretty clear. Also, while trying to doxx a “Deep State Honey Pot Wannabe” he doxxes himself.

I did him the favor of not spreading his number around but I have to ask myself, now that I have it…what would Jesus do? 🤔 Image
It is worth noting that @JosephJFlynn1 is attempting to defend his brother from accusations of being a false Catholic who believes in theosophy by tweeting a link to this church which is a weird hybrid of theosophy and Catholicism.

Good try I guess. 🤷‍♂️
Oh my god.
The Qniverse is going to lose their minds.
This is not theater. This fucks Mike up real bad. Shame. 🥲
Mike Flynn is now pitching clouthub which was the shitty little social network website that first got my attention because it was a primary organizing spot for the caravans that showed up on 1/6.

Apparently he finds @telegram suddenly less hospitable than before. 😇 Image
It’s a full fledged firestorm on @telegram about Flynn slamming Q. Oh the humanity. ImageImageImageImage
Lin Wood says that his “personal battle with Michael T. Flynn is now over.”

Based on the fact that Mike Flynn is a narcissistic psychopath with a Messiah Complex who has suffered grievous injury to his unbound ego because of Lin, I think he may find otherwise. 😬
#SatanGate 👹 Image
If you haven’t been following this dipshittery closely — and why the hell would you be? — Lin Wood was Mike Flynn’s biggest fan for a long time.

He even defended Flynn’s prayer: “occult prayer??? Are you kidding me???” 🤭
#SatanGate 👹
Um, we have reached a new level of fuck you. Lin Wood doxxed @JosephJFlynn1’s phone number to his 763k subscribers on @telegram.

Again, now that I have all their numbers, I have to ask WWJD? Image
Flynn just posted this out of the blue: “Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, now fully debunked and discredited.”

I believe this is because Flynn knows that the next shoe to drop after #SatanGate 👹 is the real #RussiaGate which has been swept under the rug for too fucking long. Image
You can see why Mike Flynn might want to change the subject. It’s not going well for him.

Pretty sure #RussiaGate is not going to be the safe space he’s looking for. 🥲
Flynn is losing all the Qvangelicals so he’s sucking up to his old buddies to try and get some support back.

Imagine being such a loser that your backup is TFG and Roger Stone. ImageImage
The fallout from the devastating scandal #SatanGate 👹continues as “Tore” a hardcore QAnon influencer who organizes mass frivolous lawsuits about election disinfo outs Mike Flynn and “InTheMatrixxx” as “in the know” about Q. Image
This is Mike Flynn’s money man. He ran a successful company until he met Maria Butina. He is not well.

Only someone involved in #SatanGate would describe this as “the sniffles.” 👹
Patrick Byrne answers the question “Why do you have a picture of Mao Zedong?” with a long answer in Chinese.

Then for some reason Byrne denies “being recruited by the [Russian intelligence agency] FSB” and on further reflection abruptly stops recording. 😬
#RussiaGate 🇷🇺
I can’t believe I about to say “even for Lin Wood” but even for Lin Wood this is pretty far out there.

Lin Wood blatantly calls for Flynn to be punished by firing squad because of #SatanGate 👹 Image

• • •

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29 Nov
This is a video about Satanic pedophile Michael Aquino who wrote a book on Army PSYOP with General Paul Vallely — one of Mike Flynn’s allies in QAnon.

Mike Flynn is clearly following Aquino’s blueprint for PSYOP. What else is he following of Aquino’s?
#SatanGate 👹
At this time in the 1980s, both Aquino and Flynn were involved in Army PSYOP. Flynn was also stationed at PSYOP HQ in Ft. Bragg. Aquino created the Satanic Panic to cover for his actual crimes against children. True story.

What did Flynn know? So many questions. 🤔
#SatanGate 👹
It should be clarified before the @ChurchofSatan gets mad at me again that Aquino left the CoS in 1975 and formed the Temple of Set, which was a more fascist version of Satanism with some Egyptian gods and a shitload of theosophy thrown in.

Theosophy ring a bell?
#SatanGate 👹
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28 Nov
Mike Flynn has been pushing the hashtag #RussiaGate for years… Perhaps it’s time for a revival. 🤔
Mike Flynn is involved in so many gates:
#RussiaGate 🇷🇺
#PizzaGate 🍕
#SatanGate 👹

His partner Roger Stone was even involved in #Watergate 🥷

Oh Flynnie, your buttons are so easy to push.

Mike Flynn is a comically obvious Russian collaborator and he knows that’s his real Achilles Heel — beyond all the copious criming — is his employment by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to steal the 2016 election.
#RussiaGate 🇷🇺
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20 Nov
This meeting between Dana Rohrbacher, Bijan Kian, Brian McCauley, Mike Flynn and his son just before the 2016 election explains a lot… Image
Flynn paid former FBI agent Brian McCauley $28,000 and two weeks later McCauley lied about Hillary’s emails which was used to reopen the case against her — arguably costing her the election.

Hello? Is this thing on? Image
Mike Flynn was paid by the Russian and Turkish governments to run psychological operations that would swing the 2016 election. It worked.
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20 Oct
Dear @January6thCmte @TheJusticeDept @FBI:
What do you call Steve Bannon?
A good start.

Mike Flynn, 11/14/2016:
“As a General, we have an army of digital soldiers… This was run like an insurgency… irregular warfare at its finest.”
Mike Flynn has been waging psychological war on the United States for six years. He is a traitor and a cult leader.

Please listen to General @mccaffreyr3 in December 2016 after Flynn and his son were caught tweeting about Pizzagate, which McCaffrey correctly calls “demented.”
Flynn was let go as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency by Obama in 2014. In Summer 2015, Flynn met with Donald Trump and asked him if he was “serious.”

Flynn says he was satisfied with the answer and that Donald Trump is a “wonderful person.”
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