Each time your will is pulled on two sides, the one being the mindless sensory will and the other the will of God, speaking in your conscience, you must use fitting methods on your end to help God's will in conquering.
To this end, you should do the following. [THREAD]
(1) The moment you feel the movements of the lower, sensory, passionate will, you need to straightaway use all possible efforts to fight against them and to not let your will incline to them, however small. Crush them; sever them; drive them off by a concentrated effort of will.
(2) To accomplish this more readily, and with a better outcome, hurry to kindle in yourself a complete hatred to such movements, as to your foes, who look to steal and bring to ruin your soul. Be indignant with them.
(3) However, do not forget to petition our Lord Jesus Christ, our Helper in all that we do, looking for His help and defense, and for the support of your will, because without Him we cannot be victorious.
(4) If you honestly practice these three inner works, in your soul, they will never fail to overcome your evil desires. However this would only mean pushing the foes away.
If your desire is to strike right at their heart, then if it is possible, immediately do something exactly opposite to the proposal of the passionate movement and, if you can, commit yourself to do so always. An example:
Once you have restored the peace in your soul, do to your foe something which would demonstrate your compassionate and peaceful character toward him. This could be a kind word, some well-timed favor, and so forth.
Our soul posses three parts, or faculties, the intellectual, the will and the sensory. Because of their pollution, the three powers beget three types of ill-thoughts and motions.
You should conquer all such thoughts and movements through the methods spoken of above, attempting on all occasions to excite within your heart good feelings which are in opposition to them.
Generally, St. Maximus, summarizes all these things with the following propositions: ornament your mind with being ever attentive to God in prayer and an understanding of heavenly truths; the will with complete self-renunciation; the sensory faculty with love.
If you do so, then the light within your mind will never go dim and no evil thoughts will find a home in you. If you are pro-active in forming such good thoughts and character in yourself, in the morning, evening and throughout the day, the unseen enemies will never draw near.
Because then you will be like a general, who ever surveys his battalion and keeps them battle ready. The enemies of such a general will know that an attack will be unsuccessful.
Give your attention most clearly to the last point, the actions which are opposite to those carnal thoughts and to setting up emotions and inclinations that are opposite to the passions.
This should be exercised not just once, but many times, until you destroy and disorganize the passionate habit which you war against. Because this habit has taken hold of your heart by repetition of particular deeds, which have been gratifying the passions abiding in your heart.
Opposing them in the heart is not sufficient to loosen or destroy this power, you need to use means which are opposite to your former habits, that is, acts which oppose the passionate desire, destroying it.
Stay vigilant and focus your attention within yourself, battle with courage. Don't only wage the war against the powerful and strong, but upon the small and weak motions of your passions. Because they will pave the way for the great, particularly when they become a regular habit.
When someone does not pay attention to fighting off small passions, he is quickly overcome by the mightier ones, and he is given to sudden, unforeseen assaults from the foe. These are so sudden that he cannot win the fight and his fall is more lamentable than former ones.
You should server and kill all passionate attachments to things which, even though allowed, are not required. As soon as you perceive that they weaken the force of your desire to do good or take attention away from yourself and disorganize the well ordered structure of your life.
So if you take this advice and practice such holy deeds with care, then rest assured in a short period of time you will be successful and you will be spiritual both in truth and deed, rather than deceitfully and merely in name.
However understand that to go against yourself and to force yourself is here an unchangeable ordinance, which forbids all gratifying of yourself even in the spiritual life.
Because all truly spiritual matters come from the grace of Holy Spirit. This grace comes only to those who have crucified themselves with suffering and self-deprivations, with no self-pity, and so have become one with our Lord and Savior, Who was crucified for us.

• • •

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