"The vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans and permanently disabled even more. They don’t make sense for anyone of any age."
"The younger you are, the worse it gets. For kids, it is estimated that we kill 117 kids for every COVID death we prevent."
"The Pfizer 6 month trial showed the drug can save 1 life for every 22,000 people vaccinated. It also appeared from the trial that the drug killed more people than it saved (there were 20 deaths in the treatment group vs. 14 in placebo after unblinding)."
"So we are “saving” fewer than 10,000 lives at the expense of over 150,000 deaths. In short, we kill 15 people to save 1."
"That’s incredibly stupid. But nobody in the Biden administration wants to meet with our team. They basically don’t want to hear the truth."
"Both the FDA and CDC have proven inept in spotting safety signals. So the FDA and CDC outside committee members are all flying blind in approving the vaccines."
"The CDC safety monitoring is so bad that they even admitted at the last ACIP meeting that it was the DoD that spotted the myocarditis signal. They can’t admit that they missed the signals now because that would be an admission they missed them before.'
'The serious events we highlight below are all consistent with the mechanism of action that @RWMaloneMD and I first described in the Darkhorse podcast."
"Namely, that the spike protein that is produced in response to the delivery of the mRNA is cytotoxic and results in blood clots, inflammation and scarring throughout your body which then creates a wider range of severe adverse events than any vaccine in human history."
"The medical community is trained by the CDC to believe the vaccines are safe, so they interpret all the adverse events as not vaccine related. But if it wasn’t the vaccine that caused all these events, what was it?"
"What’s worse is they tell their patients, “this is all in your head” or that “your baby died because you had a genetic defect.”"
"In general, patients believe their doctors and never figure out where to get a cytokine panel to discover that they are vaccine injured. So people never learn how to rid their body of the spike protein either which is the first step in the road to recovery."
(go to covidlonghaulers.com to get the cytokine panel and incelldx.com to get the spike protein assay)
Treatment for covid vaccine side-effects:
"The high adverse event rates aren’t “excess reporting.” It is due to excess events... Physicians themselves have experienced stunningly higher incidence rates of reproductive, neurological, and cardiac events since the vaccines rolled in 2021."
We couldn’t find a single cardiologist who actually had fewer cases of myocarditis after the vaccines rolled out as the members of the FDA and CDC claim."
"The serious events are primarily centered around menstruation, blood clots, inflammation and scarring, cardiovascular damage, and neurological damage, just as we predicted in the podcast in June of 2021."
"There are hundreds of serious adverse events that are caused by these vaccines. This of course is shocking to people since the CDC has repeatedly said you can’t ascribe causality to data in VAERS. Not true."
"The VAERS data analysis (temporal data, the dose dependency, and the elevated reporting rates compared to baseline) provide ample signal to enable us to show causality on all of these events using the five Bradford-Hill criteria applicable to vaccines."
" @NICKIMINAJ was right to complain about elevated rates of testicular swelling, impotence (erectile dysfunction), and orchitis."
"Every world authority who opined on the matter belittled her and said she was wrong, but all the symptoms she talked about are strongly elevated."
"None of these so-called experts of course ever looks at the data; it’s all based on arguing from their belief system rather than the scientific evidence."
"And even if those authorities disagreed with the VAERS data, it was irresponsible not to have pointed out the raw data to people and then explain why they totally ignored the elevated signal in the VAERS data."
"Today, we do science based on our belief system rather than the old-fashioned way of looking at what the data actually says.

Our team is old-fashioned."
"There is a pretty good chance that the vaccines don’t really work at all and never did. We know the Pfizer Phase 3 trials were gamed in many ways."
"There is no doubt that the vaccines elevate antibodies, but it seems that it is quite possible that the immunity they confer is actually the result of killing off (or excluding as in the case of the trials) people with weaker immune systems."
"The people who are left are thus more resistant to the virus. Mathew Crawford will be coming out shortly with an analysis that makes a compelling case for this novel hypothesis."
"Everyone talks about how bad the vaccine misinformation problem is, but nobody is willing to do anything to show that we got it wrong."
"They won’t even come on a recorded call to show us how we got it wrong. It’s baffling. They all want to do it in slow motion via documents because that way it’s easier to obfuscate the truth and they can avoid answering questions. The latter is key."
"You can easily verify any entry yourself via manual queries to any VAERS interface (my favorite is MedAlerts, but others such as openvaers and the HHS site give the same results)."
"The top elevated events were neurological, cardiovascular, and related to the female reproductive system, just like we said (in the Darkhorse podcast). I was stunned at the sheer number of menstrual events that made it to the very top of the list. That was a surprise to me."
"Openvaers has been highlighting the damaging effects on both male and female reproductive systems for months with a page dedicated to reproductive health, but the medical community, Congress, and mainstream press wasn’t paying any attention at all."

"These event counts are not normal, but nobody really seems to care. @POTUS not only doesn’t care; he wants to force all our kids to be vaccinated with the most dangerous vaccine in human history."
VAERS symptoms sorted by X factor
"Symptoms where the baseline count=0.

So these are quite extraordinary since these symptoms are not typically seen even once in 5 years. So here, even a small value in the “count” field is very significant."
What the data tells us

—Female reproductive issues top the list. These are strongly elevated by these vaccines.
—There are an enormous number of cardiovascular and neurological events that are strongly elevated, many of them serious.
—Fibrin D dimer increased is #53 on the list, elevated by a factor of over 400x above baseline. D-dimer was elevated in over 60% of the patients Charles Hoffe measured. This is very serious as D-dimer is a lagging indicator of blood clots.

—Troponin increased was #130, elevated by a factor of 205. Troponin indicates heart damage and it is elevated to extreme levels (10X heart attack levels or more) and can stay elevated for months at a time.(with heart attack, the levels start returning back to normal immediately)
—Death as a symptom (which is pretty unusual coding since it isn’t a symptom), is #433 and elevated by 96X.

Hardly a “safe” vaccine.
—Brain herniation at #405 is elevated by a factor of 100X over baseline. However, this is not considered a big deal at the CDC (perhaps because many people there don’t use their brain).
—Cardiac arrest at #450 is elevated by 93X. This is when your heart stops. This is a relatively serious condition since you don’t last for too long after that.

It’s a bit surprising that the CDC missed that one. Perhaps because they don’t have a heart?
—Pulmonary embolism #24 is elevated by 954 times normal.

How the @CDCgov can miss that one is simply astonishing! This was the cause of death of 2 of the 14 kids that the CDC looked at in their death analysis.
"954 times normal is hard to explain, isn’t it? So no causality? That’s hard to explain, so they didn’t. They just moved on as if there is nothing to see."
—Intracranial haemorrhage (their spelling) is at #604 and is elevated by 79X. Two of the 14 kids from the CDC analysis died from that. How could that not be causal? They never explained that.
—Tinnitus at #362 is elevated by 105X. This can be so bad that people can kill themselves from this alone.
"There are many many more issues to be concerned with, but I wanted to get the list out quickly so there can be more eyes on this."
"For months, I’ve offered to discuss our data and analyses to both the FDA and CDC outside committees as well as the CDC and FDA themselves, but nobody wanted to see it."
Support Steve Kirsch on Substack. He has been right about mostly everything so far. Which is a very frightening thing to realize, given how serious it is and that data is being ignored, in favor of narratives.


• • •

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26 Nov
"Being short Fauci and his European counterparts has been a 100% hit ratio strategy throughout the pandemic and it remains the case in our view. The #lockdownistas are back in the drivers seat. Here is how to trade it."

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It used to be "two weeks to flatten the curve", but somehow it has developed to "imprison the unvaccinated (or worse)". Lockdownistas have been on parade also over the past week, with “papers please”-systems being implemented in many countries to try to boost the injection rate.
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Many people will try to get Sinovac-CoronaVac or Sinopharm. The vaccine doesn't work, but there are no side effects and you get your vaccine card which is the important thing. But it may not be "usable" in other countries.
If you are forced to get one of the US vaccines, using .2mg/kg of ivermectin the day before, the day of, and the day after will reduce your chance of side effects by 95% according to a prominent researcher in Brazil we know.
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The IMF wants to heavily regulate #bitcoin in El Salvador.

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No wonder why they're scared of bitcoin bonds.

"Given Bitcoin’s high price volatility, its use as a legal tender entails significant risks to consumer protection, financial integrity, and financial stability. Its use also gives rise to fiscal contingent liabilities."
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