The only comical part about the Biden economy is watching some Democrats say “best economy ever!” while others scream “you’re only struggling because [some unrelated thing!” And the cherry on top is “our polls are only in the sewer because of poor messaging.”
“Americans are concerned about runaway inflation”

“We need to do a better job explaining what’s in our multi-trillion dollar bill”
“Americans are concerned about radicalism being taught in their school”

“CRT isn’t real, but if it is, we need more of it in K-12 education”
“Americans are angry about the rising costs of energy”

“This is because of greedy oil companies, but we also had to cut their production to transition to renewables”
“Americans are growing tired of heavy-handed and ineffective Covid restrictions”

“We can return to normal when more people get vaccinated, and you also might need boosters every six months, and also this might be the new normal regardless”
Countless examples. And the response is always the same. Step on the gas.

• • •

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25 Nov
We are but temporary visitors on a spinning rock in an infinite, unpredictable universe.
What is existence, anyway? Is it how we perceive our surroundings though an imperfect vessel, ill-equipped to understand the many complex relationships, both large and small, that allows us all to meet here, at this moment?
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8 Oct
Gen X is weird in a variety of ways. We were latchkey kids, we were expected to do a whole bunch of stuff on our own. But the really odd part: I think we were the first generation that didn’t reject their parents’ music. We loved it. And we loved ours too.
I grew up listening to Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Steve Miller, Allman Bros …. My girlfriend (now my wife) tells the story of the moment she fell in love with me. She had to borrow my car when we were dating, and a Joni Mitchell CD was in the stereo.
We never viewed our parents as “squares”. I’m not sure why. We weren’t really rebelling. We sort of wanted to be them in adulthood. The 80s were good, man. Parents mostly left us alone. Society and government did, too.
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7 Oct
Again, my mind is blown here. How on earth is Javy Baez #4? What am I missing?
There are certainly media market things here that have to be considered. But generational players break that. See status here. Or Favre. Guys like that. But a great direct example is Rizzo vs Baez.
Rizzo was more loved among the Cubs faithful. And he want to the more popular NY team at the same deadline. How did he outsell Rizzo? And he outsold Lindor! It just makes no sense.
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9 Sep
“I understand why somebody beat a sitting US Senator and put him in a hospital”
This is basically a running joke on the left, and has been for a long time. And it’s just excused, by Twitter, journalists and the media. Why?
We are always having a “national conversation” about “right-wing violence” but everyone in the media either laughs about it or straight-up memory holes it when it happens to Republicans. Rand Paul lost part of his lung. Scalise, among others, almost died.
These were both, clearly and directly, targeted political violence. No one even disputes this. And yet… no discussions on left-wing political violence. The media never demanded that.
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7 Sep
I'm pro-vaccine, overall. But this stuff drives me crazy. We have no idea how this might affect a 9 y/o girl at 18 y/o because we can't fast-forward time. This is why it takes decades to research vaccines in children.
And with the insane anti-science masking nonsense surrounding children that they relentlessly push, I'm not inclined to believe them with underage vaccines right now.
If this were a virus that was particularly dangerous to children, then I would absolutely reconsider my risk assessment. But with this one, that is less of a risk than the actual flu, I'm gonna pass for now on vaccinating a >12 y/o with no major health complications.
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11 Aug
So I zoom sat in on the entire 9am-4pm final county school board meeting today before school starts and it is hard to put into words how insane the mandatory mask folks were. They were almost all virtual schooling last year… (1/x)
They were angry, hysterical, and they went out of their way to be uncharitable to the other side. “Jesus won’t save you from the virus”, “they all get their news from Facebook”, “anti-vaxxers”, “conspiracy theorists”… it was wild (2/x)
There were certainly some kooks on the anti-mask side, but that wasn’t anywhere near the norm. It was a public session where anyone can speak, and hoo boy does that take on some NextDoor insanity at times (3/x)..
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