I’m living in Portland by way of Pittsburgh (both shitholes in their own rights) and LA fucking sucks, Jesus Christ what the hell? There’s a shitload of amazing people and amazing views but your police forces are corrupt beyond redemption, ditto your city and state governments
There’s so many obvious glaring issues that make LA a shithole - it doesn’t mean it’s irredeemable but LASD Gangs alone make LA a shithole 🤷‍♂️
Pro: Santa Monica pier is pretty cool and the beach is neat or whatever and hey there’s the uhh oh there’s the Hollywood sign!

Con: LAPD detonated a truck bomb in the middle of a neighborhood in the name of public safety, killing 2 and injuring a dozen more
Pro: LAX looks cool as fuck to fly into at night and has 4 massive runways, with international flights from around the globe

Con: Because of the volume of connecting traffic, departing LA almost always has some level of delay, gate or taxi
Pro: It has dozens of unique neighborhoods, full of a diverse and beautiful array of Angelinos, many of them not homicidal maniacs and genuinely cool people

Con: car to car shootings during rush hour traffic

Bonus: Exiting the freeway from the leftmost lane at the last minute
Pro: 2 ish hours from Vegas by car

Con: 1 ish hours from Bakersfield by car
Pro: People like to start aggressively/quickly when the light turns green and aren’t afraid to take chances

Con: Poor overall city fuel economy because of traffic flow and inconsistency
Pro: You might see a celebrity while out and about

Con: You might get stuck behind James Corden filming carpool karaoke when you really need to get something done
Maybe I need to see more of LA, I saw plenty while I was there, I even shit at a Ralph’s like a native angelino homeless, I wanted to crap on someones lawn in Beverly Hills but there’s cameras everywhere over there

• • •

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25 Nov
Just think: If GM hadn’t colluded to prematurely kill EV1 to protect its friends in the oil industry, this would likely be way higher. Think of the cool cars we’re missing out because of Prick Ragoneer, GM CEO and automotive pain in my ass
There’s not many people I hate in the automotive industry, I resent many, Ferdinand Piech and Rick Wagoneer are tied for first, with Carlos Ghosn coming in 2nd place. Chris Bangle gets bronze for making people stare at this and pretend it’s good looking
If GM had taken EV1 seriously and invested more into it, the plucky little upstart Toyota wouldn’t have eaten it’s lunch with a little thing called Prius

Volkswagen tried the shape and package with XL1 (not an EV, but a hyper miler) but it was just too expensive for niche sales.
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8 Oct
Okay, just sitting down to watch this.. he thinks Biden is better than Trump on immigration? Biden has deported far more people than Trump year to year, it’s no question who’s worse
Talking about suffrage as a comparison to the decades long single payer activism we’ve seen
The discourse war
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7 Oct
Why are people saying the vaccines are “extremely good” when the delta variant is the most prevalent variant in the US and the vaccines don’t seem to have much impact on the ability of the virus to replicate?

Anyone? Bueller? Seems like we need other tools to fight viral load 🤷‍♂️
Should mention since vaccinated people don’t regularly test, we don’t know how widespread this issue is. Asymptotic people wandering around, thinking they can’t infect people as they spew the delta variant into the faces of loved ones

This is an abject failure of the government
This is from February. We now have antibody resistant mutations. The predictions were correct.

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6 Oct
Jimmy Doreangement Syndrome
Seeing Hasan get so big mad and send his cardboard cutout stans to snark at people calling out his wealth is just sublime.
Maybe @hasanabi can wear a t-shirt that says “JEALOUS OF MY SUCCESS” like every other conservative on the planet lol
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6 Oct
Jfc. We’re just killing people for no goddamn reason. This is insanity.
We’re now denying KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS for people who haven’t taken their vaccines

That’s right, people who need a KIDNEY and are on a TRANSPLANT LIST are being denied that lifesaving care because they didn’t take a vaccine

That’s insane, that’s immoral on a way I couldnt imagine
That person has a higher risk of dying from a hospital produced multi spectrum resistant staphylococcus infection
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6 Oct
His own data basically belies him. More vaccines aren’t going to fix the problem of the delta variant as it’s a fucking escape variant.
Ideally we’d be leaning hard on pharmaceutical giants to reformulate like Moderna did...

I think people need to stop treating the Operation Warpspeed era Moderna J&J and Pfizer offerings as the holy grail, be all end all. Think of them as Beta development releases. We need to demand they get better, more capable and SAFER. SAFER is the most important part.
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