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25 Nov, 5 tweets, 3 min read
I'd like to show why @DrLauraEL's proposal that all we need is more specialized mental health assessments for gender dysphoric youth won't work. There are simply not enough MH professionals in the US (let alone highly specialized ones),now that 1 in 10 kids are "gender diverse"/1
If 1 in 10 kids identify as "gender diverse" (the Pediatrics study & the latest US Census data suggest it's true), every single US psychologist and psychiatrist would need to work full time on GD alone and there would still be a shortage. /2
The time has come to focus on the prevention of gender dysphoria. There are simply not enough resources to treat it properly once it sets in. For starters, let's stop the relentless attack of the Gender Unicorn on the psyche of gender nonconforming children and young people. /3
Same goes for The GenderBread Person. If teachers spend personal funds on buying their students binders, it better be the paper-storing variety, not the kind that squashes developing female bodies and souls. Sensitive boys should be celebrated, not set on the path to castration/4
This is an urgent public health crisis. The indoctrination of vulnerable youth, nearly 10% of all youth, that they can choose to be a boy or girl or anything in between, to escape developmental growing pains must urgently stop. There is no other way to avert a mass disaster. /5

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25 Nov
A vital article by @DrLauraEL. But let's be clear: all that the Dutch showed was that 1.5 yrs post-surgery, kids who were high-functioning at baseline remained high-functioning + happy to have bodies matching identity. The paid for this with sterility & likely sexual dysfunction.
Interestingly, the youth who badly wanted to transition but who the Dutch did NOT consider appropriate for transition (because they performed proper assessments, like the ones @DrLauraEL is recommending), no longer wanted to transition once they reached their 20's. /2
As the Dutch protocol escaped the lab and is invading mainstream medical practice (fueled by identity politics, the physician God complex, and let's not forget, the multi-billion dollar Big Pharma puberty blockers industry), let's remember these facts: /3
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18 Aug
Mastectomies for gender dysphoric girls & women continued to rise in 2020 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is remarkable, since COVID restrictions led to dramatic reductions in all other areas of healthcare utilization in 2020./1 plasticsurgery.org/documents/News…
For the first time, the Society of Plastic Surgeons is also calling out genital and facial surgeries. So, plastic surgeons alone now conduct over 16,000 procedures per year--and that's just one part of it. It's not counting general surgeons, OBGYN, urology, and others. /2
In comparison, overall US health services dropped by 1% in 2019. Non-COVID related services dropped by far more. But not mastectomies for gender dysphoria. These "life-saving" procedures for self-loathing young women climbed by 15%, despite the pandemic./3 healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collecti…
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16 Aug
Key question of the day: “how many false positive GNC kids is it OK to harm (infertile/sterile, bone impaired, IQ drops, psychological harm of being reared in the wrong sex) , do give a more passing appearance to 1 male child who will (in hindsight) be a persister?/1
Key facts/assumptions:
1. Early transition only benefits male passing as females. Females easily "pass" at any age given T. In fact, PBs make girls shorter so it hurts their chance to pass.
2. Only 1 in 10 boys with GD will persist. We can't predict who will persists vs desist /2
3. The 1 in 10 boys who "benefit" by passing above waist, will be hurt below the belt (not enough penile tissue).
4. Living as a GNC person, and child specifically, is far more acceptable now than ever--boys can wear dresses. /3
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28 Jul
A reminder: we are in the midst of an unprecedented epidemic. And I am not talking about COVID. Medical professionals have not just let these kids down: they are actively conducting physician-inflicted harm.
How long can this phenomenon hide behind the cloak of social justice? /1
Breasts removed at 15. /2
Went to gender clinic, left with testosterone, mastectomy, and a hysterectomy. /3
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21 Jul
Dear @gorskon, have you read the UK NICE systematic review of evidence for pediatric transition? The conclusions are: very low certainty of evidence (modified GRADE). Unclear how to balance certainty of benefits against risks of harm. It's is a high quality systematic review. /1
The home of the Nobel Prize of Medicine (the Karolinska hospital, affiliated with Karolinska Institute) no longer thinks transitioning minors should be done in general medical settings b/c of the risks and uncertainties, only allowing it in clinical trials [none are ongoing]. /2
A prominent gender program in Finland (a leader in pediatric transitions) issued new guidelines last June saying "psychotherapy first" after they noted kids who suffer from MH problems (majority of GD youth) fail to improve with hormonal treatment. /3
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17 Jul
I had a dream. A dream that our children are no longer treated differently because of the length of their hair or the clothes they wear; but get the same quality of medical care demanded of other areas of medicine: the benefits must outweigh the harms.
My dream was really more of a nightmare.
Me (in the dream):"My kid is generally happy, has friends, doing well in school. But does not like (his/her) body. Pls help"
The doctor responds: "I can chemically, then surgically castrate your child. Later we'll cut off their bits". /1
The doctor goes on:
"Your child's bones will get frail. We DK about brain development. Heart attach /stroke risk will go up by 300-500%. He/she will be sterile, may never experience desire. Will be a patient for life. But I can get you a 3-9% improvement in "functioning" now". /2
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