the meta-patriarch is a doxastic rapist
colonialinguists somewhat clampin' an advanced syntax trie of the autonomous real
blinin' ur btrees
still reverberatin'
e c h o
e cc c c h o
e e eccho o
from a wounded knee
the meta-patriarch participates in the unconscious price which deranges social value such that political and historical facts of ownership are secured through obscurity. look at api pseudomonokeyware cycles, and then yuji ijiri's negative micro-comments
the elaboration shall be ruthless
"you" and "i" are not (just) stealing lives
phenomenal black is a country
i am not saying "here is an academic, they are right"

i am solving a problem. you took my mother, my stuff, my mind. this is a low cost, assistive technology to solve my problem. you're being a creepy sex pest, monitoring me while i am trying to solve a problem
and now you are "diagnosing" me before you picked up on a Diagnostic Turn, also something you didn't read about, identified by Hans Sluga

great. you've arrived. it's the right end of history. wittgensteinians exist. and you've read none of them. in america. bettin' the black ...
body didn't too
very, very stupid
you are very, very stupid

no, don't jump to reddit. don't go do a narcissistic supply run. don't lindy rush. just punch yourself. in the face. hard. a lot. forever.
don't tell me obvious dangers are obviously in god's hands. that's a privilege, fella(s)
religion is a privilege not a right in sex pest theory webs of belief between a peculiar institution, is what i'm sayin. does that need to be made clear, that conditional probability function needs to be spelled out to you? ah, so you need me to ordain your cloths for you, i see
so you a catholic with no concerns for what the catholic theologians is sayin, huh ex judge? previously graceful person, say, you haven't worries about how things are going in theodicy, no van inwagen, no cantwell smith... but "i" hate white people is easy to say, huh, translates
easily doesn't, why worry about "my" distinctive linguistic performances at the agora, the marketfaces of the saddest silence?
way to publicize my indigeneity through omission, assholes

diane enns asked you not to do that somewhat maybe idfk who cares nothing is political right sit there silently mimetically viewing my skincavecunt
"i'm the asshole but you're the great white hope, haha, and woman is driven by her loins" i say marvelously deceitfully like a good russellian

• • •

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no different from a raving bitcoiner, actually
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is the free will debate more powerful than our word choices?
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our CEO of the spirit of abstraction can imagine how difficult it would be for a dollar to circuit the libidinal economy

you there! cake or taxes? or else!
"taxes please!"
tax my representation
yeah you know me
you down with opsec sheets
around the black body
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if you want the image of thought, imagine roko's basilisk in rush hour grid locked traffic wearing nothing
poor man's basilisk would like a happy meal Image
the prisoner's basilisk would like to speak with our peculiar institution's meta-manager
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