Chuck Grassley, who until recently employed a close associate and sometime co-conspirator of Project Veritas (Barbara Ledeen), is upset that James O'Keefe was not treated with the same deference as the Secretary of State.…
I think Grassley should be asked if he knows whether Ledeen had a role in the alleged theft of Ashley Biden's diary.
In 2016, after all, Ledeen was using her shelter as a Congressional staffer to attempt to reach out to hostile foreign nation-states to try to find emails stolen from Hillary Clinton. To think she'd be involved in the alleged theft of Ashley Biden's property is consistent w/that.
Here's Chuck Grassley intervening to protect suspected thieves that might have a tie to a long-time staffer of his. He's demanding this material that may pertain to his former staffer by December 1.
Why is @ChuckGrassley trying to prevent FBI from investigating theft?

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25 Nov
Reup, bc that @davidfrum piece is far too tame.

The Disinformation that Got Told: Michael Cohen Was, in Fact, Hiding Secret Communications with the Kremlin…
@davidfrum Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, and Trump Org all **committed crimes** to hide secret communications with the Kremlin. As it happens, that's the topic of the dossier report most likely to be disinformation: secret communications Cohen had with the Kremlin.
@davidfrum The source of those most easily debunked reports? Actually had ties to the guy who knew that Trump and Cohen were lying publicly to hide their secret communications with the Kremlin.
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24 Nov
Working on two long posts on the Project Veritas stuff but one thing that deserves more emphasis is that PV is not protecting the names of their sources.…
Note that that doesn't end the question -- nor does the fact that a Judge recently deemed them political spies. But they're also misrepresenting scope of Privacy Protection Act.
This is sort of an interesting fact: SDNY has done 300 filter reviews in the last three years. (h/t @AnneMuntean for the correx)
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24 Nov
Konstantin Kilimnik's stenographer says WaPo needs to retract a story reporting Mike Flynn discussed sanctions w/Kislyak (he doesn't understand that not all transcripts have been released); to support it, he provides evidence they did discuss that.… Image
Then he claims that a NYT story reporting multiple contacts w/Russian intelligence officers built momentum for Mueller appointment (in February, 3 months before there was reason), but shows key investigators debunked it. Image
Note, the only reason that story was untrue at the time is bc FBI had limited their investigation. By the time the investigation was done, FBI found evidence of multiple ties between RU intelligence officers and Trump people.
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24 Nov
As interesting as all the details (besides cooperators, which make the rest easy) in the Beek affidavit about IDing him, it's notable they're also referring to Minuta, James, and Grods as Stack Two.…
Rather interesting treatment of Dolan here.
Imagine losing your Jesus Christ Superstar Judas on short notice because he got arrested for insurrection. What do you tell the nice Christians in the audience?
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23 Nov
Rasha Abual-Ragheb says she was a translator after 9/11, which she described helping to fight terrorists.
Abual-Ragheb also said that she was unable to vote. AUSA Michael Liebman explained that she used underscore instead of hyphen, so basically her name didn't match the registration (in my experience it happens a lot more with non-Anglo names).
"Your honor, I'm Arabic. We say thoughts, we don't mean it."
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23 Nov
How is reporting that Paul Manafort was ousted not JUST because of his Ukraine corruption but also because Lewandowski took him out "disparaging"?…
Something not mentioned by WaPo, at all, in 4500 words: The name Oleg Deripaska.

Not at all clear how you can report on Steele w/o mentioning that. But WaPo did!!!
Reminder: For ENTIRETY of time Steele was working on dossier, he had ties to Oleg Deripaska.

At a meeting on July 30, 2016, Steele pushed Deripaska's corruption claims about Manafort on Bruce Ohr, just days before Konstantin Kilimnik would get campaign strategy from Manafort.
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