Tipu Sultan's victory against the British at the Battle of Pollilur in 1790 is often described as ‘the severest blow that the British ever sustained in India’, and resonated for years in both Britain and Mysore. By the end of year, one in five if all the British soldiers in....
..India were held prisoner by Tipu In his sophisticated fortress of Seringapatam. For thirty years, first Haidar Ali, Tipu’s father, then Tipu himself, had been at the forefront of the British public’s consciousness. Tales of attacks on British forces appeared in the newspapers.
Tipu was the most feared ruler of his time in Britain. When he died there were jubilant celebrations. Authors and play writers were also a part of it. The siege and looting of Tipu’s capital at Srirangapattana is the opening scene of Wilkie Collins’ famous novel, The Moonstone.
Tipu Sultan was the only ruler who understood the imminent threat from British. He fought four wars – in that sense, he could be called the first freedom fighter in the subcontinent. He seek help from Ottomans and French since they did not pose a colonial threat to subcontinent.
Tipu was fascinated by western technology. There were gun manufacturers, engineers, clockmakers and other experts from France who were working in Mysore. He set up his own manufacture of bronze cannons, ammunition and muskets to “Make in Mysore”. He was the pioneer of Rockets.
Tipu Sultan's chief minister Purnaiya was a Hindu. His main advisors were Brahmins. He was a generous patron of Hindu temples, including the Sri Ranganatha temple near his palace at Srirangapattana, and Sringeri Math, whose swami he respected and called Jagadguru.
Tipu Sultan extensively used tiger imagery to convey a sense of his awesome power. Tiger images emblazoned his golden throne, his textiles, coins, swords and his soldiers uniforms. He used the Sun symbol, long associated with royalty and divinity among his Hindu subjects
Tipu Sultan wrote a Book of Dreams, the Khwab Nama, in which he recorded his dreams. He looked for signs and portents about the outcome of his battles in his dreams.

1. Kate Brittlebank, Tiger: The Life of Tipu Sultan
2. Allama Iqbal, Zarb e Kaleem
3. William Dalrymple, The Anarchy

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26 Nov
Thread: ‘Who Killed Hemant Karkare during the 26/11 Mumbai Attack?’

The Mumbai Attack was facilitated by the Intelligence Bureau, prime security intelligence agency of India, with an objective of eliminating head of Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) Hemant Karkare in order to save... Image
..the Saffron terrorists. Karkare who was known for his bravery and impartiality was shot dead at the instance of the Sang Parivar to save Pragya Thakur, Colonel Purohit and other terrorists who were involved in Malegaon, Samjhauta Express and Ahmedabad bomb blasts. ImageImage
‘Operation Kill K’ was planned, scripted, directed, choreographed and executed jointly by Abhinav Bharat, RSS and VHP in collusion with their facilitators in the IB. After Karkare's death, all Malegaon accused including Pragya Thakur who was arrested by Karkare were released.
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22 Nov
I think Abhinandan will muster up enough courage someday to admit that he did not shot down any F-16 and that he has been used as a political pawn to conceal the humiliating defeat of IAF in the dogfight against PAF in 2019.

Why I call it a ‘humiliating defeat' is because...
..Indian govt categorically said that Pakistan's actions on the morning of 27th Feb were an ‘act of war’.

With a three times larger force, India should have responded but it's military leadership was in a state of paralysis after Pakistan's swift response in broad day light...
..along with the killing of 6 IAF personnel including a senior officer in fratricide when a surface-to-air missile hit a Mi-17. It all happened on a day when IAF was on its highest alert levels.

Giving Abhinandan a gallantry award is a red herring against the military failures.
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17 Nov
The Islamic month of Rabi al-Thani marks the death anniversary of the rose of Baghdad, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani.

Someone asked what brought him to his high spiritual level, he said:

‘The truthfulness which I promised to my mother’. He related the following story:
“One day, on the eve of Eid al-Adhā, I went to my mother, who was then a widow and requested her, ‘Send me to the path of truth, give me permission to go to Baghdad to acquire knowledge, to be with the wise and those who are close to Allah”.
She cried, but she brought out 80 pieces of gold, which was all that my father had left as inheritance. She put aside forty pieces for my brother. Other forty she sewed into the armpit of my coat. Then she perimitted me to leave, but before she let me go she made me promise her..
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16 Nov
‘When Alexander and his forces marched through Balochistan in modern day Pakistan’

Arguably, the earliest account of Balochistan was written by Lucius Flavius Arrianus (Arrian) whose Anabasis of Alexander described Alexander’s campaigns and his epic march through the deserts...
...of Balochistan and the Makran coast on his way back to Greece. During the retreat in 325 BC, he was greatly harried by the Baloch. His biographer wrote, ‘I had never seen the Great Alexander so sad and dejected—filled with sorrow and uncertainty.…
The outcome of fighting with the Baloch people was disastrous for Alexander’s army and against himself.’ Alexander, in fact, had almost perished during the campaign that took the lives of almost three quarters of his army.
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15 Nov
Over 3,400 Muslims were killed in the violence triggered by L.K. Advani’s ‘Rath Yatra’ campaign in 1990 which brought BJP to the doorstep of power. In the 1984 elections, the BJP won only two Lok Sabha seats but in the 1991 general elections after the Rath Yatra, the BJP won...
..120 seats. Between April 1989 and April 1990, 262 people died in Gujarat, mostly were Muslims. In October 1990, days after Advani’s yatra began, 41 were killed in Ahmedabad. The same month, 52 were killed in Jaipur, 20 in Jodhpur, 33 in Lucknow, over 100 in Delhi, 37 in Assam,
18 in Patna and 165 in Hyderabad. Also in October, a pogrom against Muslims in Bhagalpur, Bihar, saw 960 killed in which 900 were Muslims. In November, 31 were killed in Agra, again mostly Muslim and 13 in Indore. In Dec, 60 were killed in Karnataka and 134 in Hyderabad.
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2 Nov
For those in Pakistan who think that India should be the least of our worries, here are some important facts:

1. As per the findings of @DisinfoEU report, Indian govt has been running 750 fake media outlets to undermine Pakistan across 119 countries from the last 15 years.
2. Despite losing 43,000 sq km of land equivalent to the area of Switzerland in the 1962 Sino-Indian war, Pakistan has remained the raison d'etre of Indian military. It has deployed 10 out of 14 corps exclusively for Pakistan along with 81% of Indian Air Force (IAF) bases.
3. India has amassed enough fissile material to make 2600 nuclear weapons.

4. As per the latest SIPRI report for 2020, India's defense spending is $72 billion out of which $18.52 billion has been allocated for buying equipment; more than total military spending of Pakistan.
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