Just going to keep saying it but if you believe Nazis deserve a right to be heard then you are also a Nazi.
There’s nothing innocent about spreading the reach and legitimacy of Nazis as good faith actors.
If you think you’re just spreading a ‘different opinion’ congratulations you think that someone’s existence should be subject to opinion.

• • •

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24 Sep
The moment you show up to a protest and there are people doing Nazi salutes and you don't turn the fuck around you become one.

If Nazis show up to your protest and want to join and you don't throw them the fuck out, you become one.
If you have legitimate concerns and you make alliances with Nazis to convey them then you become one and your legitimate concerns are now secondary to Nazis.

If Nazis want to show up to your rally and want to help out then you've been infiltrated and need to look at yourself.
You can be economically disenfranchised, frustrated with lockdowns, have legitimate concerns without becoming a Nazi.

In fact people do these things daily.
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24 Sep
I love people saying ‘you couldn’t make Blazing Saddles today’ like comedians doing jokes from 1974 is a good thing.
If you want to complain about something killing comedy, people telling 40+ year old jokes will do it.
‘You can’t say X any more’

They said it. In 1974. Now we can analyze it and see if it’s aged well or not.
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22 Sep
Just a reminder that if you show up to a rally you know is full of Nazis that makes you a Nazi.

Drawing sympathy to a Nazi makes you…guess what.
Interviewing a Nazi to get ‘their side of the story’ isn’t journalistic diligence. It’s helping recruitment.
Providing cover for someone doing a Nazi salute (‘maybe he was waving to someone in a high rise building’) or with a swastika tattoo (‘I’m sure he’s a buddhist’), also Nazi.
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21 Sep
Reminder that you can't just denounce white supremacist movements - you have to fight them with your hands and teeth.

They will infiltrate and co-opt wherever they're allowed ideological, physical and discourse space.
Give them an inch on 'freedom of speech' and you've already bought their concept of freedom - which means a freedom to inflict harm without consequences.
Give them an inch on them doing 'peaceful demonstrations' and you've already bought that their ideology isn't inherently violent.
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10 Sep
Just a reminder that white people say 'casual racism' so you'll think of it as involuntary, widely accepted and harmless.

It's also to detach it from racism as a system.
Also big coward points from news dot com for racism in quote marks.
'Deemed' is also a bit of a trick because they want racism to seem like a matter of opinion rather than a victim-centered matter of harm.
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8 Sep
People so in love with Tesla that they forgive all the many flaws has me thinking Skynet just needs to send back one Terminator who has been programmed to do brand management.
‘Skynet may be ushering in a new future where mankind is crushed beneath its metal boot but I’m happy to accept it has its flaws.’
‘I’m sure these are just teething problems that occur with any robot programmed to end the human race. Hopefully they’ll be corrected in the T-1000 models.’
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