The other thing I like to do when someone unfunny demands that people just can't take a joke and oooo triggered ooooooo offended! is to imagine that they're talking about a group of people I very much dislike.

Which, it's usually easy to do because their comedy isn't jokes.
And I still find it unfunny, because it simply is. It's generally the level of schoolyard taunts and mockery.

Because like that middle school child, they don't really have any material other than to be shitty and name call. To rag on how someone speaks or physical appearance.
And that level of humor just doesn't appeal to most mature people, because we've moved past that.

It's not that one cannot enjoy a good rant, which is also comedic. And your ENJOYMENT of that absolutely will depend on how much you like the topic. But any honest person could say
Patton Oswalt, for example, is really funny with his comedy rants. And you can recognize that (and even laugh at some of the universal things) even if the topics and themes aren't to your liking or aren't very funny to you.
Versus shit that just...isn't funny.


yeah, and some crowds scream 'jump' to someone on a ledge. /shrug
And the absolute master of this was George Carlin, and I will die on that hill. Here was a man who could say 'fuck you pricks' about cops

and cops today love him. Seriously ask most cops if they like Carlin and they'll say they do.

That's incredible talent.

• • •

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25 Nov
One of the interesting things about propaganda/psyops is that you have to be able to move the information among a populace.

Traditionally this hasn't been too hard when the ruling class or elite wanted to scapegoat say...Jewish people. They always kept the hate coals burning...
and when it became needful for them to use them as a scapegoat, or they owed too much money, they'd fan the flames.

Churches were a common central source of such propaganda spread, which ofc is why ruling classes prefer to control them.

But today? In modernity?
The press became the new and better way to spread propaganda. As well as radio and movies. Though entertainment was always ...always political.

The problem is that even then you have limited shots at spreading your bullshit. So if it's not an embedded cultural hate, like
Read 8 tweets
25 Nov
You can only see it there because it's bad.

It's very, very bad. I made it to the three minute mark, not because I was offended, I was simply bored and it was not funny.

Outside of it being bad and unfunny, I found a couple of things interesting.

First I only made it 3 minutes in because I'm not being paid to watch it. The fart joke that goes on for too long, actually reminded me of my 2 younger brothers when they were like 8 and 4 and fart jokes were the funniest thing they had.

To watch a grown ass man doing it while
pissing and moaning, didn't even generate that feeling of embarrassment that one normally feels, it was just...yeah. There's no comedy. There's no observational humor.

This is an old lady pissing and moaning about made up bullshit. AND ANOTHER THING THAT GRINDS MAH...
Read 8 tweets
24 Nov
So I'm convinced a certain writer NEEDS a fan club. And when her writing petered out, she snatched away the work ...the big work...of others and took it over to further rule over her Empire. As time went on and the writing was worse and the ideas not very good, and people grew up
this writer had the good will and wishes of practically the world, even if her writing wasn't so good in retrospect and certainly not now. And maybe even if she was a little mean over her toys. After all, even though it was okay until suddenly it wasn't and she handled it badly
many forgave it because, it was, after all...her toys.

She made more money than any could spend in ten lifetimes. And it still wasn't enough, because that isn't what fills the hollow.

And even in turning to hate, she's not original.
Read 6 tweets
24 Nov
It really doesn't though.

Just one example, that top left pic?


tghis is all from memory, and I'm high, you know the usual caveats. But do please look it up and look up the others because holy hell the hermit kingdom is awful and weird.

Anyway that building remained unfinished for a very long time. And it still is internally.
They had outside contractors involved at at least one point. Like most things in N Korea, it's a facade.

The lights are LED, and were not often lit (because even the capitol doesn't have good electricity). But recently it's been staying lit until like 10pm or some shit
Read 4 tweets
24 Nov
My unblock fee remains $500

Apologies are nice. Recognizing you were an asshat is wonderful.

But to be unblocked will cost you. It will cost you exactly $500.
common questions:

Do people actually pay it?

Yes. Not many, but yes. Some even twice.

Yes. Twice, as in...if you act a fool again you can and will get blocked again.
Why $500?

Because I don't want to unblock you.

Why offer it at all then?

Because some people have a hard time with 'no' and this offers a pathway back that is worthwhile to ME. And puts the ball in their court.
Read 6 tweets
24 Nov
SO about challenging a person in a wheelchair to a sprint...

Here's the deal with that. It's worse than you think.
Firstly the frenzy to have someone who shot three people and killed two to work as your intern, is at best unseemly. Of course they don't care about that or rather...that's their goal. These are vile and disgusting people.

Making it a masculine physical challenge, ARM WRASSLIN'
Is patriarchal toxic masculinity designed to be a dick swinging contest.

But the WOMAN can't point that out, because she's heavily invested in that herself. If she does point that out, she'll be savaged. A snowflake. Crying lil girl, go home.

So she has no space to call out
Read 8 tweets

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