This is "news" in the same way that it would be news to say that ESPN showed edited highlights of a recent football game. That is, showing deceptively edited videos of Democrats is just what conservative media does, it's a feature, not a bug.
Is Twitter going to run a story like this every day between now and the 2022 election? Or might they try to act like a gatekeeper that keeps such intentionally deceptive garbage off of their platform? No need to answer, we know already.
Our situation now is that 99% of the people who create and consume those intentionally doctored videos of Biden DO NOT CARE that they're fake. Twitter can "fact check" all they want, but it likely has almost no impact on actual consumers of media.
A media world without gatekeepers is just a petri dish for propaganda. If we turn our public square into a battleground for competing propagandists, we're screwed.
And if one side engages in propaganda while the other side engages in good faith (and the mainstream media continues to engage in both sides journalism), then we're also screwed because propaganda will always win.
Gatekeeping is hard to do well. But distinguishing between straight-up deception and accurate reporting is something that would be a pretty low bar. The problem is that there are few outlets on the right who care much for accuracy, so enforcing this would look like bias.
I'll let Laurel and Hardy take it from here.

• • •

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27 Nov
I'm relistening to the amazing Bundyville podcast (seasons 1 & 2) and want to mention one detail and one big idea that especially stood out to me on this listen.…
The detail is that one place where the Bundy family illegally grazed their cows was a National monument that was protected in part because there are 12,000 year old petroglyphs there. On one of those petroglyphs can be found the name of "Bundy" carved on it. Subtle symbolism.
The big idea is that the Bundy family got little grassroots support from their fellow ranchers, but got much support from a wide range of far right anti-government extremists.
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This monstrosity plus the new Beatles film sent me into a reverie where I imagined JV Trump here going through primal scream therapy and then releasing a single: 🎶“MAGA’s a concept, by which we measure our pain.” Image
I don't believe in Boebert
I don't believe in Bannon
I don't believe in Hannity
I don't believe in Greene
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The dream is over
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The dream is over
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From this point forward, I shall refer to my Le Creuset stock pot as a "Freedom Tureen."
I also own a smaller item I now refer to as the "Saucepan of Godliness," and am taking suggestions as to what I should call my skillet.
I think it might work for me to just call it "Skillet," and for that to sufficiently vouch for my virtue.…
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It’s been obvious that Tulsi is either a right winger or a cynical chaos agent for many years now. Why are some people still talking about her “shift to the right” or whatever?
Also 2019. ImageImageImageImage
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25 Nov
Ah yes, the dogmatic English Protestants of the 17th century were well known for their pro-Catholic views.
It's hard to imagine a more historically illiterate tweet than that one. Hating Catholics was one of the few things that the warring sects of North American Protestant settlers could always agree on.…
Love it when conservatives who are really mad about "the left's distortions of American history" reveal themselves to not know even the most elementary facts about American history.
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24 Nov
An appeal made by a right wing anti-communist group in Portland, March 1963. Pretty sure one could reprint this verbatim, send it out as an email to the GOP mailing list today, and no one could tell the difference.
That appeal is from the National Eagle, edited by Walter Huss. The same month it appeared, the newspaper was filled with stories about Operation Water Moccasin, which was like the Jade Helm of 1963, only with extra racism.
The story of Operation Water Moccasin is a useful reminder that the Alex Jonesification or Mike Lindellification of our political culture is not without precedent.
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