I was talking to a friend last night (vaxed, lives in Rome) about what I was going to do when the merda impacted the ventilatore. The news was full of speculation. Today the government has decided to kick the unclean off all public transport, including local buses...
I live about here:
And the shops are down here:
Now, this town enjoys an extensive and well organised public transport service. Not only big buses that go from Narni and the valley all the way down to Terni, but little local city buses that are like little vans, that come when people call ("chiamabus" - "call-bus")...
But as with most of these very old towns on hills, the main shops and businesses are all down on the flat part, where it's easier to build things like large supermarkets. There are small "alimentare" up on the hill where you can get a bottle of milk or tin of cat food...
but if you want to do a big shop and take advantage of the supermarket lower prices, you have to go down to the bottom, to Narni Scalo - the modern town at the base of the mountain.

This was easy. Buses are cheap and frequent and stops are conveniently located.
However, after December 6th, that's all going to be over. No more quick friendly bus rides to the dollar store, no more easy ride back up the mountain with the big shopping.

Now, I'm in better shape than I was after chemo, that's for sure, and having been here a few weeks...
and pushed the bike back up the hill from the centro a couple dozen times, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a lot stronger. I can probably manage it. Maybe there can be taxis back up the mountain after a walk down.

But I'm thinking now about the old ladies who were ...
on the bus with me last week. They all knew each other, and obviously this little ride down to the shops was a very normal part of the social round as well as a practical thing. When any one of them got off the bus, all the rest of them would chime in, "Ciao, cara..."
And it's this part that really riles my blood. The sledgehammer/bulldozer of Mega-Government deciding whether the ladies can get on the little mini-bus in the mornings and chat and go to the shops together. It's not just the interference of the government into the minute ...
personal workings of citizens lives - "We'll give you a list of things you're allowed to do... subject to change without notice..." - but the thuggishness. The kind of men who use their power to bully old ladies, kids, housewives, working men... normal people...
trying their best to just get on with life. People who've already got enough damn problems without billionaires like Mario Fecking Draghi doing everything they can to make it harder.

Believe it or not, I think government is supposed to do everything possible to make life...
easier to live for regular people. I know that might sound crazy. I don't think government is supposed to bully old ladies.

I don't know what you'd call that in terms of political compasses. And I don't care.

F--k the government.


• • •

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