The current regime that has been vying for power since time began is an artificial intelligence ran by demons/archons/yahweh/demiurge. It’s ultimate desire is to accumulate everything god created and make a bastardised version of it, a simulacra, & to extinguish/
The divine spirit and blood memory of what came before. The minions of this system have to abide by certain rules (hermetic principles) in order to enslave humanity. They fundamentally make you do it to yourself through your consent and ignorance.
This being said, if they weren’t there we wouldn’t automatically create a golden age and live in glory as we all have our way karmic journeys we must go along as we ascend the vibratory scale. Ascended masters are those who have completed their souls journey in this octave
And when they die they take their bodies with them and move onto something different, this may have taken them 1000 lives or maybe just 10. All of this is part of the inhalation of god breathing in the experience of himself to know what it means to be him.
Those who have sought to defile and corrupt the human spirit and therefore gods experience cannot achieve the level of an ascended master and ascend out of this vibratory octave unless they were to give up everything and start from scratch
They of course cannot accept doing this because they have accumulated so much in in the materially (these people are aware and have memory of their previous lives) they have gone too far down the left hand path. So they do not want to start at scratch again
So instead they are attempting to lock everyone else into a low vibratory state through creating this simulacra so nobody can ascend out of it. They do this through various methods, for example getting you to repeatedly do things you know are wrong
Transgressions against your soul, chip away at it bit by bit. This is worse for those who know, more advanced souls come up against harder enemies, it is a graver transgression for an advance soul to take the vaccine than for someone who has a young soul/doesn’t know better
Okay I’m now going to drink some more and will add to this later. Happy thanksgiving
I’ve drink too much this is all I can muster choose the good the tru and the beautiful you’ll know

• • •

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22 Nov
Im very happy to see someone finally do a thread on giant trees, especially from an ecological perspective.

This is the perfect opportunity to piggyback a picture thread of Mountain treestumps from around the world that i've been accumulating!

Start with my favourite: Venezuela ImageImageImageImage
Devil's Tower: ImageImageImage
Devil's Tower close up, observe the hexagonal structure: ImageImageImageImage
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15 Oct
A thread of aphorisms for the weekend.

Please come in, sit down, take off your shoes...
1. The birthright of every human soul in every incarnation is joy, love and success no matter the karma.

Karma, of course, must be transmuted, so for some this birthright may seem unattainable, but it is yours nonetheless.
2. The realm is a giving one - ask and ye shall receive.

A true prayer from your heart will be registered.
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22 Jun
Let me regale you with a quick story about an argument I had in the gym today:

Context: the owner at my gym has his needle prick tomorrow but its making him really nervous and hes having second thoughts

“have you had yours?”


“you getting it”


“why not?”

to which i basically replied, well if it aint broke don’t fix it
i proceeded to tell him i had seen, read, and heard a lot of dodgy things about it

“I don’t think you should get it either.” I told him

He was training a client and went back to his work

15 mins later he got talking to the only other bloke in the gym
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29 Apr
people who take to the internet well, meaning they have found spheres on the internet to communicate & transfer occult (lesser known) information are already psychic.

Most of the population can't conceive of using the internet to build congruent communities.

It is a gift
This used to be done through natural means. Through telepathy and our pineal glands.

We live in the shadow of this and through the internet we try to claw back that ability we once knew.
This was done through accessing the tryptophan in all life. Tryptophan is natures internet. Its through identifying this tryptophan that we read energy fields. We once had an acute ability to do this.

Now we do it through the internet.
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14 Jul 20

An unimpeded Vital Force is the metaphysical key to health...

Miasms are ancient disease patterns...

This is an esoteric health lesson you won't get anywhere else.

Grasping this is critical to knowing how to maximise our health and our being.

It has been concealed because it is more than just medical practice or a therapeutic, it is a comprehension of your very being, where you’ve come from and how you can help yourself. Image
We are not simply a material flesh unit that functions and dysfunctions.

Our body is just the material composite of the conglomerate of our being.

This conglomerate can be described as body-mind-emotion-spirit. Image
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8 Jul 20
Turkish police recovered ancient manuscript stolen from Syrian museum by traffickers
I hope this impromptu thread doesnt ruin people's day, but in light of Ghyslaine Maxwell's arrest, we're going to take a dive back down the rabbit hole

Here is Marina Abramovic & Jacob Rothschild

What's that painting behind them?… Image
While we're on the topic of artwork... Image
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