First Law of the Metaverse: Sufficiently comprehensive larping is indistinguishable from sincerity
Relationship to Poe's law: this is kinda the dual statement.

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25 Nov
Kinda remarkable that "based" has somehow established itself as primarily a term of approbation within circles where the term is used 🤔

I can only see it as a pejorative, and react poorly to people unironically applying it to anything I say/do.
People who know this about me ofc occasionally throw it at me to troll me, but the majority who use it are remarkably uncritical about it, and don't realize it feels between unflattering to insulting to people who don't share the values it gestures at.
Ie most people who use the term genuinely think they're being complimentary, and aren't trying to troll.
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24 Nov
Probably the most rewarding paper I’ve read in the last 5 years. Epistemic *and* ontological.
The Game’s Afoot: Predecessors and Pursuits of a Postmodern Detective Novel (in Theory and Practice of Classic Detective Fiction), Kathleen Belin Owen…
This Holmes vs Gently archetypal dichotomy has really shaped all my thinking in the last few years. I’m firmly on the Gently side. My lens is primarily ontological.
Ken Shinozuka introduced me to Ontic Structural Realism (OSR) as an alternative to Epistemic Structural Realism (ESR). If I understood advanced physics the OSR view of it is the one I’d stan. Though it’s not specific to physics. Scroll down here.…
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24 Nov
Been meaning to turn my OODA loop corporate workshop into a proper online course for ages, but I've realized it ain't gonna happen. So decided to just release a cleaned-up public version of my slides.…
The way I usually do this workshop is heavily customized to the client, with several industry-specific examples. This one just has generic examples. Takes about 2 hours to deliver the content, then about 4h for workshop exercises.
The very first version of this was an informal talk using a set of index cards at the 2012 Boyd and Beyond conference at Quantico to a bunch of hardcore Boydians, so... it's survived that trial by fire. @FuentesDeOnoro and @Aelkus and @zenpundit were among those present.
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23 Nov
Just had a thought: money is the second-best reason to do anything. It felt familiar and searching… yeah I asserted a complementary idea 2 years ago.
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22 Nov
My monster 16" MBP 2021 (M1Pro, 32GB memory, 2TB storage) has just shipped from Shanghai.

What badass heavy-compute things can I do with it that I can't with my 2016 (see specs screenshot below)?
Things I'm interested in doing more of:

1. CAD
2. 3d modeling for metaverse
3. Animation (2d/3d)
4. Machine learning
5. Machine learning art
6. Astrophotography processing
I'm guessing, while this has a 16-core GPU and 16-core neural engine, it can't do as much as a dedicated Nvidia card, but can still do a shit ton more than my current machine. This is likely the most powerful computer I'll ever own... next one might be all cloud/light client
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21 Nov
FAANGprep is like test prep now?
FAANGers really are like the high elves of Rivendell
Startup types = hobbits
Web3 types = dwarves
Old SV/semiconductors = Goblins
Bitcoiners = Orcs
Brand-name programmers = wizards
Influencers = gollums
Politicians = men
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