Hey everyone, Sir Mike here.

Atmospheric energy generation has been utilized by many ancient civilizations. For every 1 meter you go up in the air, the voltage increases by ~100V.

At 146m tall, the Great Pyramid of Giza was capable harnessing 14kV of electricity as a constant.
The Great Pyramid of Giza, like the South-Asian temple seen above, use the stream of negative ions coming from the ground to attract positively charged ions in the air.

The shape of the pyramid's capstone is pointed, which concentrates negative ions at the tip.
Energy produced by the Great Pyramid of Giza (while it was in operation) would be stored in primitive energy conducting devices, including what became known as the "Baghdad Battery."

The energy could then be used to power other devices like the Dendera lightbulb.
When the capstone was removed from the Great Pyramid of Giza, the power plant ceased to function.

The capstone—or pyramidion—may have been constructed from Lodestone, a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite.

Early civilizations discovered magnetism with Lodestone.
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27 Nov
Hey everyone, Rabbi Mike here.

The foundational basis for Communism can be found in the Jewish Kibbutz.

Kibbutzim were communities in Israel based around agriculture where socialism, zionism, and the principle of "equality" were taken very seriously. ImageImage
Members of the commune, called "Kibbutznik," did not individually own tools or clothes, and gifts received from outside were turned over to the communal treasury.

Children slept in communal children's homes called Beit Yeladim (בית ילדים) instead of at their parent's home.
Collective childrearing was used to eliminate the patriarchal society that the founders came from. Children would not be dependent on their fathers economically, socially, legally, or otherwise.

This would eliminate the father's authority and uproot the patriarchy.
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21 Nov
Hey everyone, Sir Mike here.

After the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, the Rothschilds sent a homing pigeon to London with news that Wellington had won. Nathan Rothschild kept this information secret and began selling off his stocks, causing others to fear that Napoleon had won.
Rothschild began buying the stock that had been recently sold at a fraction of its actual value.

He released the news that Wellington had won, and in doing so, bankrupted the British economy.

Rothschild agreed to fund the nation in exchange for breeding rights to the throne.
Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild impregnated Queen Victoria while she was under the influence of Burundanga, which is Scopolamine, and the result was Edward VII and eight other dull children.
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11 Nov
Did the Great Sanhedrin of Jerusalem violate its own Talmudic procedures in the case against Jesus Christ?

Was Jesus held in solitary confinement before his delivery to Pontius Pilate?

What's inside the Chamber of Hewn Stones?

Join me now as I answer these questions and more!
The Babylonian Talmud consists of two components: the Mishnah, a written compendium of Judaism’s Oral Torah; and the Gemara, a collection of rabbinical analysis that seeks to clarify the Mishnah.

“Talmud” may refer to the Mishnah and the Gemara combined, or to the Gemara alone.
The fourth Order of the Mishnah, known as “Nezikin” (the Hebrew word for “damages”), contains a volume on the Sanhedrin.

Sanhedrin were assemblies of either twenty-three or seventy-one elders who were appointed to sit as tribunal in every city in ancient Israel.
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11 Oct
Hey everyone, Sir Mike here.

Just popping in to remind you that Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor (otherwise known as Queen Elizabeth II) was born above the Coach & Horses pub at No. 5 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London.
Coco Chanel had become aware of the plot to put an illegitimate royal on the throne, both through her personal relationship with Winston Churchill (Elizabeth's father), and her relationship with German intelligence officer Baron Hans Günther von Dincklage.
Coco Chanel passed this hidden knowledge forward, coded into the names of popular perfumes and colognes Chanel "No. 5" and "Brut."
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11 Oct

Today is “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” despite the fact that the “indigenous” population entered North America from their home in North Asia via the Beringia land bridge, which had formed between northeastern Siberia and western Alaska.
“During the ice ages, Beringia, like most of Siberia and all of North and Northeast China, was not glaciated because snowfall was very light. It was a grassland steppe, including the land bridge, that stretched for hundreds of kilometres into the continents on either side.”
National Geographic - On Way to New World, First Americans Made a 10,000-Year Pit Stop: on.natgeo.com/2YHXGpO

Wiki - Beringia: bit.ly/3iQQajr
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30 Sep
Did Constantine the Great receive otherworldly visions that led him to Christianity?

Was the Council of Nicaea successful in unifying just the church, or the whole Roman Empire?

Who is Sol Invictus?

Join me now as I answer these questions and more!
The Hellenistic period of Greek influence throughout the Mediterranean gave way to the emerging Roman Empire, and Romans soon began associating their own gods with those of ancient Egypt and Greece

Greek and Roman mythologies are now classified together as Greco-Roman mythology.
Romans were polytheistic and known for the great number of deities they honored. Each home had a household shrine where prayers and offerings of food & drink would be made daily.

The names Zeus and Jupiter soon became synonymous, as did those of the sun gods Helios and Apollo.
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