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25 Nov, 15 tweets, 6 min read
These books are back in Virginia classrooms.

“the books depicted pedophilia and sex between men and boys, including one book that showed a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on what appears to be an adult male.”…
“On Day One of his administration, President Joe Biden signed a divisive transgender executive order that forces all K-12 public schools in the nation that accept federal funds to adopt sexual orientation and gender identity policies.”…
It’s estimated, which means heavily biased, that 9.5% of kids 13-17 are lgbtq.
Compare red and blue states.
You can’t tell me kids don’t pick up on adults favoring an agenda.
Every kid claiming to be lgbqt is praised as “brave” and “heroic”.…
Why is this agenda being pushed so hard for 9.5% of children?
Because it’s not about kids, how they identify, or protecting them.
It’s about tearing down personal identity.
Once you do that, a person, especially a child, is easy to manipulate, mould, and sexualize.
“teaching materials promote homosexual sex; masturbation; anal, oral, and vaginal sex; use of condoms and dental dams; aberrant sexual behavior; and that a child can choose to be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, pansexual, asexual, or questioning.”…
“American schools are ‘going down the tubes’ because they have been ‘infected’ with ‘woke culture’ that has ‘sacrificed the idea of excellence’ by ‘indoctrinating’ students, according to a leading critic.”…
CPS will steal your child for standing up to the tranny agenda

“You have to be very careful, because if you come across as even a little bit anti-trans or anything, they’re going to call the Child Protective Services on you and take custody of your kid.”…
Why this unnatural lust for children to be sex objects?
Gov’t agencies forcibly taking children if you do not allow them to be manipulated into a sex change.
The liberal/socialist/communist agenda is satanic by nature.
The opposite of God-given free will.
To alter the human body in any unnatural way is mocking God.
They murder babies, chop them up while laughing.
Sew baby scalps to labrats.
Encourage unnatural sex acts.
They indoctrinate youth to have their organs butchered as if that will solve all problems.
“At the same time that the far Left preaches about “equal” treatment for all under the Constitution, its political agenda and ideology reduces religious people to second-class status.”…
“One of these unhealthy beliefs I held was the belief that if you have gender dysphoria, you must transition,”
“And anyone that appeared to stand in my way was a transphobe – an alt-right bigot.”…
They really believe this.

“The doctors and legal scholars who justify these removals argue that the best interest of the child is being served by the state’s taking control of their lives.”…
A website that helps inform parents of their rights when facing gov’t abusers of authority.
Another source

•Preserving the Parent-Child Relationship by Protecting the Rights of Parents
•Supporting Parents and Children’s Causes and Charities
•Securing discounts and benefits for our parent members
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11 Nov
Fritz Anton Block Image
My Grandfather was born August 29th, 1920 here in Minnesota.
He grew up only speaking German, learning English along the way.
His Mother was a woman with a violent temper. One time as a child he had papers from a desk spread on the floor.
His Mother swung a hammer at him but his oldest brother blocked her arm.
She died when he was just 9.
The following summer, in 1930, he was playing with dynamite caps.
He lit them like you would light fireworks.
One didn’t go off, so he went to pick it up.
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26 Oct
“Brian Cairns, who paid people to abuse and torture children while he watched online has been jailed.
 He was jailed for 13 years on Friday after admitting to sending large sums of money to abusers who would carry out the acts on his behalf.”…
“Kala Blakely did willfully torture [her adopted daughter by] hitting her and/or stomping on her and/or refusing her medical treatment, and/or starving her, with said abuse having taken place on more than one occasion,”…
“A laptop belonging to Matthew Johnstone (31) was seized and found to contain 22 images and 13 videos of children between the ages of one and 12 years old being sexually abused, including an 18-month-old child being subjected to “elements of torture”.…
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26 Oct
“Vanguard and Black Rock are stake holders in all industry, media, academia, and politics.
Vanguard and Black Rock invest in each other through something called circular ownership.
Thus, consider Vanguard and Black Rock as a monopoly that owns all.”…
“With due diligence you will discover that the major stake holders of this monopoly are
-Rothschild family
-Du Pont family
-Rockefeller family
-Carnegie family
-Orsini Family
-American Bush family
-British Royal family”
“They use the following foundations to ferment chaos around the world
Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
Soros Open Society foundation
Clinton foundation
These foundations are instrumental for geopolitical destabilization.
Chaos is good for business and power acquisition.”
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25 Oct
Defend Our Precious Children

“According to our tyrannical Attorney General Merrick Garland, parents speaking out against matters such as sexual indoctrination of children and critical race theory runs “counter to our nation’s core values.”…
“a group that represents school boards across the country is asking the Biden administration to use the PATRIOT Act, as well as “hate crime” laws to silence parents.”…
“New Sex Ed ‘Common Core’ Would Force Explicit Images, Gender Mayhem, And Abortion On Kids”…
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17 Oct
“Oakland oral surgeon named Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle approached a Concord man with a proposition: Lavorini-Doyle wanted a 10-year-old to rape for at least a day, and was willing to pay top dollar.”…
"We have estimated the number (of paedophiles) as standing at 3,000, out of 115,000 priests and religious officials, going back to the 1950s,"…
“Timothy Stewart is manipulative, always skirting around the law... to maintain contact, torment and bully us and prolong our anxiety.
“He has zero remorse.”

Stewart is currently serving a 32-year sentence over relentless attacks on two sisters.…
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9 Oct
“Ralph Baric is a virologist and SARS expert at UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina. This is who Anthony Fauci was referring to when he insisted, before Congress, that if any gain-of-function research was being conducted, it was being conducted in North Carolina.”
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