The price of $SMRTr is not relevant.

The game? Be well-positioned as we approach Phase 10

Many have forgotten what SmarterCoin is.

Reminder: Phase 10 is the launch of a potentially multi-billion dollar, industry-changing protocol.

Can't stomach the game? Then here's a thread:
The game isn’t about making “rent money”, it’s potentially generational wealth.

It's not a 7 day gamble; it’s a project w/ multi-billion $ ambitions.

How do VCs think? One idea, one shot? Or several carefully placed bets?

This isn’t TikTok investing, it’s about affluence.
You are the VC now. Think like one.

It's not easy.

It requires emotional management. It requires strategy. It requires analyzing your behavior and constantly improving your model.

We're here to help you learn that through a "game."

Why? B/c we want you to learn AND win.
SmarterCoin will be directly swappable into the Fair Launch Foundation coin (FLF) - wallet reputation determines the ratio of the swap

Our aim is for Fair Launch Foundation to break the paradigm in how projects are launched in crypto  - without the help of VCs or insider elites.
There’s a world where $FLF reaches multi-billions in value.

The market has not priced this into $SMRTr yet. The market is irrational... until it's not.

(FFF now = FLF. Why? We don't want to be limited to only forks. Novel Metaverse projects? Yes please.)
There are projects in the top 100 that have not shipped a working product for years. People trade their fugazi token based on future expected value.

ADA? FIL? EOS? It's endless.

Early entrants in these projects made “retire early” money because of the future vision/roadmap.
Now - think about what being positioned properly through the game for early $FLF access *actually* means.

Groundbreaking roadmap, strategic partnerships w/ seasoned dev teams, and an idea that every single person in crypto can rally behind.
The crux of FLF hits on freedom, fairness, and breaking the shackles of hierarchical structures.

It’s Braveheart shit.

ADA, FIL, EOS etc. are all protocols that have countless other projects trying to solve the same issue.

FLF is the first of its kind.
I repeat: creating a launchpad based on on-chain reputation is something NO ONE has done (to our knowledge).

What do you think will happen to $FLF as a project that has a “first-mover” advantage and also solves one of the biggest problems in crypto?
What do you think a cross-chain launchpad dedicated to rewarding “ethical investors” based on on-chain reputation will be worth?

I’ll answer: billions.
This is critical to understand: no other project is using on-chain reputation as a reward mechanism for acquiring pre-sale tokens.

On-chain rep means: whales that don’t pump and dump; influencers that don’t fill-and-shill; investors that have long-term vision and “behave.”
Guess how many projects want investors that aren’t going to sabotage the community by short-term pumping and dumping?

Again, I’ll answer:

Every. Single. One.

Let that sink in.

The addressable market of $FLF is enormous beyond comprehension.
We haven’t been communicating as much publicly recently because we're heads down, working. We’ve released our vision, we’ve explained the game.

Hyper-emotional traders looking to pump & dump their bags in a week are NOT the people we are looking to appease.
FUDers that invested more than they were willing to lose and then blame the team for their investment strategies are NOT the people we’re trying to reward.

The type of people we want to win? Analyze the thinking in this thread:

Not too late to learn...
...And we want to teach you.

The rich get richer, and the poor usually stay poor. But not for the reasons the mainstream makes you think.

People that are good at making money have visionary thinking.

They are good at:

Emotional management. Risk adjustment. Time horizons.
With all that said, let me break down what we're NOT looking to do:

We’re not excited about being an emotional tampon for people that can’t handle the game as price bleeds.

We’re not excited to tweet during a dip just for the sake of pacifying short-term thinkers.
Holding $SMRTr will be worth it - end of story. It’s not about the price. It’s about on-chain reputation and being positioned properly for access to $FLF

The market will price in the $ multi-billion vision when it's ready. We're going to full-force spread the FLF message in time
Here’s what we ARE excited about:

Being a first-mover w/ a protocol that fundamentally changes how money is invested in crypto projects.

The idea of rewarding "ethical investors" is the reason our team voluntarily worked on Thanksgiving.

We're all-in. Too important not to be.
If after reading the above, you can’t stomach the game we’ve created with - then, exit. No hard feelings. We can still be friends.

But for those of you that "get it" - we biasedly believe that FLF is one of the best bets you can make in crypto right now.
Community members feel like we haven’t rewarded diamond-handers sufficiently. Our response to that: the rewards have barely started

Yes, we botched the early rewards for diamond-handers with Jade. We’ve learned from it and are moving forward with those lessons

Founder response:
Remember: Jade Protocol was an optional bonus for our community

Nothing has changed regarding the ultimate vision and how we’re culling the herd. We don’t want a bunch of people to have early access to phase 10. That’s the point, don’t lose sight of it.

It's still not too late.
Over the coming days, we will be revealing the accelerated roadmap to Phase 10 and $FLF.

Have patience as we put it together in a digestible way for our community. Messaging is critical for the idea to catch fire as being revolutionary.
Questions to ponder:

What would getting dividends on all FLF projects look like for $FLF holders?

Is it better to own the rocket or the launchpad? Both?

What is a mycorrhizal network?

How does on-chain reputation change the psychology of a marketplace?
Our goal with SmartCoin isn't just having people view it as an investment. We also want to give those curious a world-class education in how thinking relates to wealth.

No school in the 🌎 will give a fraction of the lessons our curious #Smartans have learned

Welcome to class.
Here’s what we, the SmartCoin team, need most from our community:

Spread the message in this tweet thread. See FUD? Link this thread. Someone crying in telegram/discord? Link this thread.

Align people with the vision. Help us teach those that want to learn.

*mic drop*

• • •

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20 Nov
Wanted to start with “GM” but that doesn’t feel quite right under these conditions.

Instead, I'll lead with this: all bond and treasury funds are 100% safe.

Thread 👇
So, what exactly happened?

Someone found an exploit in how our bonds were configured to interact with the DAO.

We had our code reviewed prior to launch by several contract auditors, and yet, this was missed.

We won’t name names and won’t point fingers.
Specifically, an exploit was used on the DAO configuration within the initializeBondTerms() function call within our OlympusBondDepository smart contracts.

The exploiter promptly dumped 100% of their stolen $JADE.
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Fuck VCs. Fuck Insiders. Fuck ‘influencers.' And honestly... fuck crypto.

Introducing: The Fair Fork Foundation

Our first Fair Fork? @OlympusDAO … with a unique twist

Go to and click "Jade Protocol" on the top menu bar

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Crypto claims to be "decentralized," yet vampiric VCs, whales, influencers, "advisors," and insiders control the entire space.

Wasn't the point to get away from the old financial system? Remove oligarchs? Why are we still playing the same old game, with the same old rules?
Jackson Palmer put it beautifully: "Cryptocurrency is like taking the worst parts of today's capitalist system (eg. corruption, fraud, inequality) and using software to technically limit the use of interventions."
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Introducing: Phase 4 of SmartCoin (yes, we move fast):

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31 Oct
There's been a lot of questions surrounding what Phase 10 looks like.

After all, Squid Game does have an ending...

The end of Smart Coin is simple:
But first..

We’ve added 3 more talented devs, and are proud to announce that SmartBuy, SmartBurn and Bollinger Boosters will all be activated tonight.

And thus, the Phase 3 begins.

Now back to how this all ends:
A leaderboard will soon appear on with wallets who are winning the game.

The wallets who collect the most points will be sharing an 8-figure reward (in $USD).

There’s a world where the prize pool reaches 9-figures…
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30 Oct
SmarterCoin (Phase 3) will be going live in exactly 6 hours

We will be closely watching and tracking all wallets during Phase 3, and assigning Reputation Scores

Watching the full length video on is required to understand the upcoming mechanics

A thread:
We are rewarding teamwork. Our goal is to surpass @OlympusDAO in TVL ($3b+).

The wallets that actively support that mission will receive an airdropped NFT-key, (or NFKey) that will be used in Phase 10.

This NFKey is a critical component to winning the game🔐
So, how can you prepare?

In 6 hours, the fairest launch in crypto history will be taking place.

Users will be able to acquire our newest gaming token by simply owning SMRT, and swapping SMRT into SMRTr. Image
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21 Oct
How we created a token that 100x'd in a week and a platform with the highest converting landing page in the history of crypto (50% of unique site visitors = 100% of all unique SMRT wallets).

A thread about network effects, human psychology, and memes:
10 days ago came out of stealth. In that time the token price went from $.03 to a high of $2.63.

TVL went from 0 to $15million.

And a community of rabid fans was born.

This is how we did it:
1. Exploited the abhorrent lack of creativity currently in crypto (most projects are just cheap knockoffs)

2. Analyzed prior on-chain buy/sell patterns to model our tokenomics in as digestible a way as possible (@IronFinance, @dydxprotocol, @Frost_FI, @danielesesta, @dogecoin)
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