Namaste all Hindus.

Today is celebrated as Constitution Day as on 26th Nov 1949, Constitution was adopted by Constituent Assembly whose legitimacy was questionable as it represented <15% Indians.

Very important to know that this Constitution makes Hindus 2nd class citizens.
On 5-11-1948, Sri Damodar Swarup Seth, a Socialist Member moved a motion that as Constituent Assembly was not elected through universal adult franchise, it did not have representative credentials to make a Constitution for India.

His motion was rejected.

Read his👇speech
Sardar Patel became Chairman of Committee on Fundamental Rights.
He interalia recommended Articles 25-30 denying equal religious, cultural &educational rights to Hindus on par with Minorities, making Hindus 2nd class citizens and laid foundation for destruction of Hinduism.
Here is my article that briefly explains how Sardar Patel denied #EqualRightsForHindus on par with Minorities through articles 25-30 of Constitution making Hindus dhimmis.
B N Rau who was working in Viceroy’s Secretariat, was known to Nehru since his student days in England.

Even before Constituent Assembly was formed & before he became Constitutional Adviser, Rau had prepared an outline of Constitution by January 1946.

But why did Rau do so?
Nehru was Vice-President of Viceroy’s Council, which later became Interim Cabinet & then Interim Government of which he became PM

No prizes for guessing who was behind Rau’s outline of Constitution which was made ready awaiting formal approval of future Constituent Assembly.
Unsurprisingly, Rau was appointed the Constitutional Adviser to the Constituent Assembly by the Nehru government.

And Dr B R Ambedkar was made Chairman of the Drafting Committee.

Rau furnished his Draft Constitution to the Drafting Committee in October 1947.
“The Drafting Committee, between October 1947 and February 1948, scrutinised, tweaked and added to Rau’s Draft” and on 21 February 1948 submitted the Draft Constitution of India to the President of the Constituent Assembly.

What was the framework of Rau’s Draft?
Framework was GoI Act, 1935 enacted by British Parliament, which Congress earlier characterised as “SLAVE Constitution”.

Nehru cleverly led Constituent Assembly to go thru farcical exercise to adopt Rau’s Draft Constitution as a quid pro quo to British for making him PM.
One gets an eerie feeling that Nehru shrewdly short-shrifted Ambedkar.

Even Ambedkar seemed to be aware of the farce.
On 2-9-1953 Ambedkar said in RS:
“People always keep on saying to me: ‘Oh, you are the maker the Constitution.’ My answer is I was a hack. What I was asked to do, I did much against my will…. But I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out.”
Had Ambedkar got free hand he would have made a Constitution that reflected our ancient civilisational ethos, and India would have been a totally different one.
While moving the Aims and Objects Resolution on 13 December 1946 in the Constituent Assembly, Jawaharlal Nehru revealed as:
“British Government has a hand in its (Constituent Assembly’s) birth. They have attached to it certain conditions. We accepted the State Paper, which may be called the foundation of this Assembly, after serious deliberations and we shall endeavour to work within its limits.”
So, admittedly there was an obligation to the British to frame the Constitution for ‘free’ India in a certain way. To rephrase, our Constitution was an outcome of a secret quid pro quo between the colonial British and Nehru for transferring power to him by making him the PM.
Overarching object of Constitution is to bind & glue all citizens. We accuse the British of divide and destroy policy. But what about Constitution?
Does majority-minority division ordained by it whereby majority Hindus are denied equal rights make India cohesive or divisive?
It is not at all an exaggeration to say almost all our problems are creation of Constitution that seeks to divide India on every possible line namely, regions, languages, religion, caste etc.

Let us hear again Damodar Swarup Seth, the venerable Socialist Member of CA:
“I feel Sir that in secular state minorities based on religion or community shouldn’t be recognised. If they’re given recognition then I submit that we can’t claim that ours is secular state. Recognition of minorities based on religion or community is negation of secularism”
“Besides Sir if these minorities are recognised and granted right to establish/administer educational institutions of their own it’ll not only block way of national unity so essential for country of different faiths but will also promote communalism with disastrous results.”
I did a Twitter poll from 7-8-2020 on “What is the hallmark of a truly secular democracy?”

The response was humongous by Twitter standards.

An overwhelming 94 per cent of the total 1,00,505 votes polled, voted for Equal Rights for All.👇
This Twitter poll is an eye-opener as it reveals enormity of Hindu grievance of subjugation in religious, cultural and educational matters.

Demand of #EqualRightsForHindus on par with minorities is not zero-sum game as rights of minorities are not sought to be taken away.
Those Hindus interested to know more about how ours is a Slave Constitution designed to make Hindus as dhimmis, may like to read my article.
Let me paraphrase a quote on slavery.

Hallmark of slavery is the mental slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor (Constitution) while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes.
It is now time for Hindus to decide whether 26th November deserves to be celebrated as #ConstitutionDay OR mourned as the #HinduSubjugationDay.
To paraphrase May Day slogan & Swami Vivekananda:

Oh Dhimmi Hindus of India! Unite and fight for your equality;
For you have nothing to lose except your dhimmitude.

Oh Dhimmi Hindus of India! Awake, Arise and Stop not till the goal of #EqualRightsForHindus is achieved.

• • •

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