Ok so I did the rounds and I read all the posts on B.1.1.529 variant written by the experts I trust. Verdict: this one is concerning...

A collection of the relevant tweets/threads:
This tweet pretty much sums up why this one is different:
Reminder that it was always a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’.
Reminder that the world is in this together. We can’t end a global pandemic without a global effort.

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20 Nov
I think many of us are wondering what in the world went wrong in Austria? Don’t they have free rapid tests and N95 (FFP2) level masks? What explains the skyrocketing cases? Follow along for some answers from an Austrian.

TLDR: 8 of 9 states dropped their mask mandates. 🤦🏻‍♀️
“First, Austria is a federal republic and while most of the legislative and executive power lies with the federal government, health and healthcare is unfortunately being administered and legislated upon by the 9 states, the Bundesländer. The City of Vienna is also a Bundesland.”
“Seven out of nine Bundesländer have a Conservative governor, the remaining two, Burgenland and Vienna, are Social Democrat. The PM is also from the Conservatives. The PM declared the pandemic over in July, because he didn't bother to listen to the experts,”
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18 Nov
The UK’s 3rd dose data is looking a lot like Israel’s, isn’t it? 50+ boosted at 5 months vs 2 doses. The benefit is clear. And it’s reproducible among countries regardless of dosing intervals.

Can @cdube_sante and the CIQ please explain the benefit of NOT rolling out 3rd doses?
In the space between an evidence based ‘3rd dose at 5 months’ rollout and a ‘let’s wait for our own data showing waning’ approach lies entirely preventable illness and death. The data they’re waiting to collect is quite literally people falling ill at increasing rates.
How does the CIQ justify choosing not to prevent these preventable hospitalisations & deaths? What, in their view, is the benefit to Quebecers of ignoring the international data on 3rd doses in favor of waiting for Quebecers themselves to fall ill before moving forward?
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18 Nov
Argument to moderation: a logical fallacy that the truth is a compromise between 2 opposing positions.

The truth isn’t always in the middle. The moderates aren’t always sage. Countries that chose a moderate position experienced the greatest mass casualty event of our generation Image
In addition to the greatest mass disabling event of our generation. The full impact of which is yet to be adequately quantified.
As a side note, the reason Canada didn’t see as many deaths as Europe is because our ICU capacity is so small. We used the same ICU capacity strategy but always maxed out quickly and had to lock down sooner than European countries did. Which saved a lot of people’s lives.
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31 Oct
“The above findings highlight that with COVID-19 we are not dealing solely with an acute infection with short-term clinical risks.”
So much more to covid than just the acute phase symptoms.
By @ChuSteJustine’s Marc Desforges
+ @dgurdasani1 @adamhamdy & @fitterhappierAJ
“The longer-term impacts on the immune system are yet unknown, but particularly in light of possible viral/antigenic persistence and the potential for reinfection, we should be concerned about the risk of lasting immune dysfunction and damage.”
“Although COVID-19 has been described as a respiratory syndrome, evidence supports the involvement of multiple organ systems, with fibrosis, and inflammation in the lung, heart, kidneys, central nervous system, liver, adrenal glands, bone marrow, lymph nodes and GI tract”
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27 Oct
So to recap, @francoislegault campaigned to get elected to help solve the ongoing issues of our fragile healthcare system, admittedly gets dealt a bad hand during his term, & proceeds to absolutely tank pandemic management bc he forgot something critical about capacity limits…1/
… *healthcare capacity is healthcare WORKERS* and HCWs are only human. Choosing policies that lead to mass burnout will inevitably take the healthcare system down. He was warned multiple times by multiple people. He made the call and we’re now living with the consequences. 2/
We now have a nursing shortage of historic proportions, to the point of having to close ICUs, ERs and delivery rooms. The nursing shortage isn’t a failure of individual nurses, it’s the symptom of a system that’s failing our nurses. 3/
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26 Sep
I’ve obviously been thinking about this idea that flu-like endemicity of covid is somehow desirable or acceptable a lot today and something occurred to me. People are thinking about the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic as though it was the first introduction of influenza when it wasn’t.
So the thinking is that the 1918 influenza pandemic came, it was really bad, but it ended and then the future influenza spikes were less bad. But that’s not the whole story. Influenza’s been around for hundreds of years. Long before the 1918 pandemic.
So if we look at influenza mortality during the waves after the 1918 pandemic, it was at about the same level as it was before. That’s the baseline. And 1918 was a particularly bad wave, a wave that came and went. Not a novel pathogen. And the severity returned to its baseline.
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