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26 Nov, 26 tweets, 10 min read

How You Can Become a More MASTERFUL User of Your Own and Only Body

Utilizing Mechanisms You AREN'T Using Correctly: GOATA concepts, Fascia Initiation through your Arches, Rotational Emphasis & Spirals, Slings, Stiffness, and Intelligent Design

Today a few of us on here ran a phenomenal twitter space about the human body, and training, and movement. And these concepts are fresh in my mind, and the forefront of how @KdotUntamed and I plan to continue building the best fitness company on the planet.
The first concept to understand is that your BODY (and all of life) is intelligently and perfectly designed by something far more omniscient and omnipotent than we are as humans.

And it all follows a golden rule and ratio that Fibonacci described best. EVERYTHING flows from this
And so most people, wonder why they have pain, are immobile, less athletic than they can be, and even maybe not as muscular.

Because they have been taught through a paradigm that isn’t serving the highest order system that their body should be using.
You can lift weights, but lifting weight if done incorrectly (oftentimes is) will leave you in a broken, up and down, singular plane that your body is not designed to utilize. what are human bodies really designed to do?
they are built to run. jump. throw. swing. punch. climb. swim. to MOVE. not just flex and extend.

As @BasePhilosopher said today, for most of human history in the lens of either ATTACKING, or ESCAPING.

that’s the basis of what historically and ancestrally we are made for.
You should be able to perform essentially any human movement, pain and injury free.

And if you look at indigenous populations, the most accomplished athletes, those who are able to move well into old age, other animals locomotion, you can start to notice similarities in that.
Credit to @gls_training @ricky_GOATA and their whole network and team for really innovating this concept into unbelievably simple terms

But all of these PRIME movers share KEY movement qualities:
-back chain dominance (glutes and haunches back, in position to drive forward)
-their inside ankle bones stay HIGH, always (never collapsing)
-they utilize the outside edges of their arches (more than just their feet, more on this soon)
-their whole body moves in sync
This builds ROTATIONAL movement, in the forms of bows, and corners, and OSCILLATION in their movement. The timing is perfect. head, shoulders, core, hips, knees, ankles, all moving toward the direction of intended movement.
Which leads me to my next point: if you can build correct patterning and neural coding, you can achieve LONGER, extreme ranges of motion/mobility, and have strength and explosiveness, WITHOUT getting injured, or having pain. See: any professional athlete who has/had longevity.
You can unlock ranges and athleticism you never thought possible.

The vast majority of trainers, PTs, doctors, etc etc will tell you the solution is “GeT sTrOnGeR” or even worse “dOnT mOvE iN tHaT rAnGe”

Your body wouldn’t be built the way it is if you weren’t supposed to.
So when you move correctly, EVERY MOTION becomes ROTATIONAL. EVERYTHING is ROTATION.

Rather than Flexion/extension, abduction/addiction, the typical exercise science language, I want you to think in terms of COMPRESSION and EXPANSION.

every motion is ROTATION through either
Joint Flexion: compression
Joint Extension: expansion
Joint Adduction: Compression
Joint Abduction: Expansion
Inhaling: Lung Expansion
Exhaling: Lung Compression

Think about a bicep curl: it may seem very up & down, and it is relative to its movement in space…
But in terms of the TORQUE created at a joint, it is COMPRESSION rotationally at the elbow joint. And when you start thinking this way you begin to tap into the systems that elite athletes use.
SLINGS. think about guys like Ja Morant. HES A FUCKING BEANPOLE. but guess what? He is SUPER explosive

Athletic people use slings (rotational utilization of tendons, ligaments, fascia)

Unathletic people rely solely on their muscle.
What is a Sling? it’s a myofascial connection and pattern that your body can use to harness energy synchronistically to efficiently and powerfully MOVE your body. Vs just using segmented muscular contractions

Slings are composed of FASCIA. What is fascia? Fascia is a cobweb like system that encompasses your muscular system and passes neural inputs to and from your muscle and allows you to leverage the sling system and move HOLISTICALLY in unison.
How can you turn on your fascia system? It starts with ARCH tensioning. and people think you only have 1 arch (in your feet). WRONG. you have 3 arch systems. Your feet, your hands, and your MOUTH (through the maxilla and the tongue)

And they all function the same way.
When you create tension in the arches, it activates the fascial system and also creates STIFFNESS in the kinetic chain.

Stiffness and activated fascia provides structure, and helps neurally activate the appropriate muscles so you can leverage your SLINGS and move holistically
your Foot Arch creates stiffness for your ankles knees and hips and core

Your hand arch creates stiffness for your wrists and elbows and shoulders/T spine

Your Oral arch creates stiffness for your cervical spine, T spine, and lumbar spine and core
So that you can use the right muscle groups, and proper movement patterns, and start ROTATIONALLY compressing or expanding as you move through space in a spiral.
Hopefully you found this informative and interesting and potentially useful- if you’re interested in how I train all of this, you may want to check in tomorrow at 11 am EST for a dope announcement in the spirit of Black Friday Cyber Monday 🤫🥂
And to continue hopefully helping you all- I want to play a game. I only want to post things that are valuable in the market place of ideas- and the only way I know if that is true if based on your feedback. So, for EVERY 50 RTs the original tweet in this thread gets… ⬇️
I’ll drop a new thread this weekend:


-Master Supplementation Thread
-How to Fix Imbalances, Posture, and Mobility
-How to PERFECT your Diet
-Why Disease in and of itself is a Faulty Concept

God bless you all and Happy thanksgiving 🥂
like I mentioned… if you wanna work with a proven process to implement these things into your training, here’s your chance 🥂

• • •

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4 Nov


first off, what is the ultimate body?

Well this is subjective, but I believe it follows a certain set of principles.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Golden Ratio, and Fibonacci sequential math. and this is all ingrained into your body and how you’re NATURALLY supposed to be.
People oftentimes think they are genetically disposed to not following this, but I think that is often times cope and a result of their ~nurture~ and what they do their entire life. If you are ignorant to the possibilities, you will 100% definitely never get there!
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3 Nov
after 8 weeks of group coaching-

you will be able to intensely work both in lifting and athletics WITHOUT aches and pains, and built have the best foundation of strength and size to build from- have relieved any lifestyle/dietary issues that are preventing you from ideal health
& most importantly, you will have the concepts and frameworks to master all of this implanted in to you, so you can go and implement and progress on your own- and have had the actionable work done w accountability so it feels habitual already
It is obviously a new offering but with our experience and the level of detail coming I’d expect an “average” lifter to make the equivalent of 4-5 months of gains in this 8 weeks of working with us.

and have the base for a rocket fuel 2022. Will tag link below 👇🏼
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3 Nov
Seen it so many times.

everyone wants to be athletic and nobody trains their body in any semblance of a way that actually moves the needle.

If people lift, they lift with horrible biomechanics. May get big but will move like shit.
If they sprint, they do it like cross fitters and have no qualitative improvements in actual OUTPUT.

if they jump, it becomes this weird clusterfuck of HIIT plyos, rather than training the actual components that will make them bouncy.

And no one talks about any of it.
I’ve literally never seen anyone on twitter save 1 or 2 of my good friends talk about things like ankle stiffness, heel recovery, tendon/fascia loading, all of these things that move the needle for you to be FASTER and more EXPLOSIVE
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2 Nov
23rd birthday coming up in a couple days…

And for some reason it’s had me thinking retrospectively about my body of work this far and why it is simply not enough.

and how I plan to break through and become something else… something more. (thread)
It’s been a crazy year. traveling all over, making more money than I ever have, easily most fun year of my life, started committing to training MMA 4-5 days a week for majority of the year

but can’t help but feel the pressure of getting older, to leave a mark. Make a dent.
Accomplish goals. Cement the vision. Shift culture. Actualize dreams to reality.

been doing it, but I know there’s more in the tank. there probably *always* will be…

Still tho, these arbitrary numbers of age got me thinking the past few weeks.

What am I *really* doing?
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14 Sep
Alright y’all


first TEN on the house, because it’s shit that everyone should know and tired of seeing platituders tweet about it everyday like they just discovered nuclear fission

RT to save a Life 🥂
1. Sunshine (and light) is the essence of human life. It is not bad for you, doesn’t “cause” cancer, and inversely the sunscreens they give you do. Spend as much time sunbathing as you can, build up a tolerance slowly, clean up your diet so you don’t burn. Sunmaxx nationalism.
2. Every mainstream diet tip is wrong. Do the opposite. Eat steak, eggs. Saturated fat is needed for hormones, eat it. Seed oils, processed grains, and sugars are killing your genetics. vegetables are overrated. basically if it didn’t exist 200 years ago don’t fux with it.
Read 98 tweets
16 Mar
Chillin with dad. Gonna drop some fire YouTube links we bangin
Sick piece of content good nostalgic synth vibe musically (although mf tripping w the two dudes one ski shit 😂)

Roddy Rich top 3 hottest youngins. High vibe young dgaf rich nibba music

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