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26 Nov, 62 tweets, 20 min read
it's one of these silly filled-with-liquid mice. I have one that advertises an antidepressant. this one is for Seaworld.
It's a PS/2 ball mouse, with software on a 3.5" floppy disk. It's got a scroll wheel, so this is some 1999-2001 era technology.
it's on ebay here, if you want one:…
this picture says it's the Aqua AM-930-P.
searching that founds many other ones made by this company.
The Passport Plus version:
The Oracle version:…
this Biogen one…
This person has the Seroquel one I have, plus Lexapro and Ambien.
This model is slightly different. squatter and USB, but it's by "Aquatek" who I suspect are the same people.
Carnival cruise lines.…
DaimlerChrysler Fleet Operations.…
Sutton Linder & Sutton.
Someone needs to buy this one for @ThoughtSlime…
This one is in a box and apparently says "Gatargas"…
DaimlerChrysler Services
Crestor. Despite sounding like a toothpaste, it's a cholesterol medication.…
Road Runner High Speed Online ™…
different brand, but similar idea.
This one is for Hello Kitty, and has a surprise...
the Detroit Red Wings.
Another cruise line! This time, Royal Caribbean.…
this came up in my searches. I was gonna make a joke but the other joke is too obvious, so I won't say either
Here's one for GOLF. just generic golf.…
this one is generically flowery, and has the name Pure Orange on it.
it seems Aqua, AquaTek, and Pure Orange are the company names associated with these. No idea how many actual separate companies that is.
I can't find the original picture because it's been removed, but apparently there was a generic version called "Aqua Floaty Mouse"
and I found a (mirrored) thumbnail for a Mercedez Benz one.
SHOinfo dot com…
that one is a AM-940-P, not AM-930-P.
GASP! worthpoint reveals they also made a pepsi mouse.
Playing both sides, eh?
That's a medicine for treating bone cancers.…
Someone on alibaba is designing them with customized colors and logos, as the "ABD-C102".
They're 2-4$ each, minimum order of 300 units.
Here's a Paxil (antidepressant) mouse.…
Unspay dot com.
I imagine that's a place that reimplants new ovaries into cats
Honda Power Equipment
Golden Arch Hotel
Santa Claus?
Speed Link
oh hey this is a different design
Finding Nemo
oh hey a different Caterpillar mouse
Apparently that's an anticoagulant.
Care Bears
ok I'm officially going to stop looking.
You know why? because this site, made-in-china, suggested this. Can you guess what this is?
It's Polymeric Ferric Sulfate, a powder used in oil drilling.
it seems that normally when you order it, they ship it in bags, so I'm not sure why they felt the best way to sell it on their website was to use such an unusually shaped glass container.
Apparently this is a standard way to display chemicals! TIL.

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More from @Foone

26 Nov
Random story I just remembered.
So, three important things about me for this story:
1. I was homeschooled
2. I have bad ADHD
3. I can't spell.
These things are not related (although for all I know, the brain weirdness that makes me very ADHD could be involved with my inability to spell, I don't know, but it's not like I get bored trying to spell words and go off and so something else)
And I certainly wasn't homeschooled because of my adhd. It just so happened that the way my brain works happens to work well with homeschooling. I would have been a disaster in regular schools, and I know this because there was exactly one time I had to go to public school.
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26 Nov
Man, Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye has one of the most... anti-puzzles ever. I have now seen like 7 letsplays where people bring item X to place Y, say "I'm sure I need to use this here" and the game is giving them two context-sensitive options.
They laugh at answer A for being silly, like "who would do A in a time like this?"
and then maybe try it once, before walking away thinking they haven't figured out the puzzle yet.

The puzzle solution is to use Answer B, while using item X at place Y.
it's not that players aren't smart, it's that the actual solution is something STARING YOU IN THE FACE from the very beginning, so much so that players disregard it as an option.
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25 Nov
everywhere I look, I see fonts
I figured out what was the right font, found the name for it, googled it, discovered the creator had a twitter account, and one of their most recent twitter posts is them releasing the font for free, as it got expanded for THIS GAME
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25 Nov
quality box art
It got ported to the Sega Saturn in Japan, and they decided to redraw the art a tad.
It's an isometric action-rpg from 1995, for MS-DOS, by Synthetic Dimensions.
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25 Nov
You ever see someone and you just have to block them because any possible reply would probably get your Twitter account suspended?
Anyway it turns out there's a project which is trying to improve the Bible by converting each verse to an NTFS so we can have a Bible on the borkchan.
Jesus is going to show up at their headquarters with a whip and his kickin' boots.
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24 Nov
Fun fact: despite being 410 years old, the King James Bible is still under copyright in the UK.
I wonder if Disney has considered this. Make Walt Disney into King Walt the First, and then figure out a chain of inheritance from there.
The reign of Michael the Second (born Eisner) was particularly disastrous.
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