They think you are stupid #3,458 - Both of these things cannot be true /1…
Unless “Nu” has significant evolution on the proteins other than the spike, the vaccinated are at greater risk than the recovered, who create an immune response to the entire virus according to over 120 studies. /2
If there had been a significant increase in reinfections with Delta it would have created an endless news cycle. Never happened. India’s six times of almost zero is still pretty close to zero. /3
If you can’t see by now this will never end & each mutation will be a new level of hysteria, I can’t help you. Until there is a significant jump in the IFR of any variant, it is all panic porn. Hasn’t happened yet. /end

• • •

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27 Nov
Hi Tweeps,

Haters can screw off. For those of you who actually follow & care I has much to be thankful for yesterday. First, I could actually pull off a Thanksgiving dinner for my tribe. Second, a string of recent medical “emergencies” are making me do this thread. /1
I have been to the ER twice in the month of my 49th year for chest pressure. My mom who is 50% of the hero team that raised this pain in the ass, had her 1st stent more than 20 years ago and had me when she was 23. So…. /2
The 1st ER visit, my blood pressure was way elevated for me. I am a 130/70 girl. It was 168/99. After bloodwork & an EKG it was determined I did not have a heart attack. I was discharged with a baby aspirin a day and told I had a panic attack. Which I have never had before. /3
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30 Oct
Just so we are very clear in case you see this bullshit meme /1 Image
The current rate of myocarditis is 1:5000 in 12 and above. Pfizer in their genius tested less than 2,000 & has no fucking idea what jabbing junior will do. Because they vaxed the control group to take near zero pediatric deaths from COVID to near zero /2
Of those less than a 2,000 kids that were tested we have no fucking idea how many kids will have heart problems. I had a brief moment of thinking the FDA committee wasn’t completely corrupt when they put the brakes on boosters. /3
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24 Oct
My awesome followers may have patience while I pontificate. To be honest there may be a tiny bit of Blue Ice vodka involved, because it is Saturday. And because it is awesome. *sips* What the hell is going on? /1
We need a #GenX revolution. Our kids are #GenZ. Two undervalued groups that don't fit particularly well into right v left. My kids love everyone from Rogan, to Gutfeld to Jordan Peterson. They want authenticity and honesty. I think they are emblematic. At least with what I see /2
among their friends. They have been in the social media age forever. They know so much of it is fake. They CRAVE authenticity. As parents we have been honest with them. Maybe even raised them free range. I know mine played Cards Against Humanity in the high school cafeteria. /3
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13 Oct
Bill Buckley thought he stood athwart history screaming STOP. Sure. It is left to Gen X. The Silent Generation told us to earn our stripes. We did. The Boomers refused to give up their power. Then ceded it to their woke kids. /1
Their kids hate America. My little cousins are SO stupid. Bathed in Zinn & Ayers. They missed us. The John Hughes generation. Like Chapelle, Maher, Gutfeld, we don’t give a f*ck about your feelz. Grow up. Produce something. /2
You were raised in the safest, most prosperous & powerful country ever & decided your decadence was a reason to vote for DECLINE Millennials. We don’t give a f*ck how you identify. Be competent. Get one of the 11 million jobs that are open /3
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12 Oct
Preserve the meritocracy without prejudice.

It is the only way forward. If the brightest engineer is a man who wears pearls & a skirt do you care?

If the best finance pro is a woman who sleeps with women do you care?

It’s being the best that matters. Not the identity shit.
You don’t have to approve. Spend holidays or bring your co-workers home.

You can respect capability without sanctioning a lifestyle.

At the end of the day in business knowledge, performance & results matter /2
As a former HR Director I would not hire someone because of those factors or decline them because of them.

All I cared about was the ability to do the job, the ability to be part of the team, and the drive to produce results.

If you expect special treatment because of your /3
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4 Oct
Hi. If you plan to run across the U.S. border, let me clue you in.

One of the reasons you want to come here is because you believe if you work hard, your children can move up. We were a socially mobile country.

The Democrats letting you over the border want to change that /1
You and your children will be part of the permanent underclass. Sent to work for a select number of oligarchs who can pay the onerous taxes & comply with the crushing regulation they propose. /2
If you send them to our public schools they “may” become proficient in English. In some urban school districts our own children do not. And asking them to become fluent in our nation’s language is “racist”, /3
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