more notes on transactional roles:
1. “Transactional” Roles Are Dead (…)
2. Transformational vs. Transactional Work (…)

"1. All teams will henceforth expose their data and functionality through service interfaces."

don't expose functionality through the representation for resource manipulation?

1, 3, and 5 of the API mandate basically say: "don't expose control" or "plan to" for "Resource ...
black communities are told not to be so "insular" by @BarackObama but bigtelco's don't give interview feedback

@RenyTure @RezistansM @JennMJacksonPhD @NikkiElizDemere @JasonKn99664124 @DrTJC @anarchomuaddab @christapeterso @philoso_foster @ikesharpless "publish or perish", eh?
my observations here also invalidates @paulg's "10,000 hours" hubris. like @JeffBezos's "API mandate", it is heteronormative environmentalist agrilogistic policy; not "transformative" but instead is "transactional"

cc @the_eco_thought
the stinker pinker is the bezosoid of the academy 🥴
browser wars, eh? so now we've got 10,000 hours, "transactional" "transport" API mandates and a black physics man telling us there are code-like symmetric properties in models? code is divine semiotic alchemy, cantwell smith?

the trains came from new york
ofc, here's @BrianLeiter using broad strokes, in standard form:

"An academic such as Stephen Pinker writes for a *highly literate* non-academic audience" (my emphasis)…

the stinkin' flatterin' amnesiac about "folk" theory

@christapeterso @philoso_foster
"we're all just doing our best with the best tools for the job don't be so critical!"

this is stark. it's too stark fellas
"The Golden Gherkin Rule: Treat other readers as you would want to be treated. Write Gherkin so that people who don’t know the feature will understand it."…

"just use names everybody understands" is, like, inconsistent with the "hard problem" of naming
arguably it is prescriptivist as a linguistic practice. i'm not sure why it isn't seen as relevant to the "Understandability" constraint of accessibility itself

names are hard: read saul kripke's naming and necessity

stop chauvinistically dismissing anything. that's the problem
"hard problem is naming"

"just use names everybody can follow!"

ok, what's in a name? if you don't care about naming... like, sigh

do i really need to explain this as if it is (just) academic in nature because it *seems* academic to you?

come on, y'all
if we have opinionated stances about function names, why not CSS class names?

and why do we think ABEM cannot achieve a first-order logic expression (predicate modal logic, free logics, etc.)?
we can name a sentence after its creation, obviously 😐
seems like y'all maybe need to get articulate about your reasons for locking me, @fielding et al. out because now the industry has radically different values about how to achieve these goals going by the same NAMEs, and it looks like bad faith naming coming from the top down, yo
why would you lure developers in for such weird sex pest paternialistic chauvinism?
now you mad cuz i can articulate the taintedness of it all

what the FUCK
show the land your reflective quines, engineer

• • •

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