I closed all my alt positions except $KDA
and used it to buy more $LUNA.

I closed all my LPs
and used it to buy more $LUNA

I've never been this leveraged to buy $LUNA as I am right now.

My reasoning for this is...👇
1. $LUNA has been consolidating for 78days
2. There is an unprecedented amount of burning happening (1.5million $LUNA a day)
3. There are many protocols ready to drop using $UST and airdropping to $LUNA stakers
4. There are cross chain integrations using $UST ( $MIM etc) ...👇
5. Staking rewards for $LUNA has gone into the double digits (not including airdrops)
6. Liquid staking coming to @staderlabs
7. Total supply of liquid circulation is decreasing by over 1% per day.
8. We are getting closer to entering the top 10 MC
9. The support volume at the current price is creating a very solid level of support where risk/reward is becoming VERY attractive.

But with more $LUNA, I can always borrow off of it to increase my bags in other opportunities later, and IF $LUNA takes off in the next couple weeks, we might never see these prices again, and I would NEVER need to pay down my current loans. 👇
I'm not at a place where I am flush with cash and can invest in every opportunity. So I am choosing what I believe to be the best risk/reward option out there.

#wagmi #mentalliquidity

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More from @Shigeo808

29 Nov

1. Resistance becomes support
2. The longer a price has been resistance, the stronger it becomes as support.
3. $LUNA have been below here for close to 90 days
4. The greatest amount of volume exists in this price zone 👇 Image
5. If we break out from this price zone, it will become an EXTREMELY STRONG area of support that we may NEVER return to.
6. With the burn rate of over 1 million $LUNA a day, this will contribute to a supply shock that will SEND THIS! 👇 Image
7. The time that you want to leverage $ANC is BEFORE a major price move. Not DURING. Definitely not AFTER.
8. If you leverage before the move, you $ANC LTV shrinks during the move and gives you more flexibility to do many more things with your capital. 👇
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27 Nov
1/ @stablekwon changed the game with the Ozone burn and the two year double digit staking rewards.

I want to take half of my $LUNA and just stake it with no concern of liquidation and enjoy double digit rewards and unrealized capital gains BUT 👇👇👇
I have loans out on my $bLuNA collateral with which I’m holding $KDA $RNDR $SAND $META $RFOX $LUNA and $FLUX

I don’t want to sell ANY of these that could 10x in the next year.

But with the double digit staking of $LUNA AND the 1% burn per day……👇👇👇👇
$LUNA could actually outperform all the aforementioned alts. Every day I’m conflicted.

But it seems the logical thing to do it to wait til the alts at least 2x from here and take profits to get out of debt to stake $LUNA with zero stress of liquidation AND …👇👇👇👇
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17 Nov
Token prices getting crushed across the board in #terra.

Many new protocols competing for the same capital (terra community) will result in lower demand for all

Which is why I'm so bullish on @alice_finance 👇
2. Alice will pull in normie dollars and inject much needed capital to the #terra ecosystem.

I'm predicting that protocols which cater to "normie dollars" are the ones who will succeed.

We are transitioning from an ecosystem driven by investors seeking the highest yield to 👇
3. investors seeking sustainable projects that offer more than inflationary tokens.

$LUNA sets the bar very high in that any protocol without the same value proposition will become a farm token for more $LUNA.👇
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16 Nov
Short 🧵 on the $nLUNA - $PSI liquidity pool

With a token and a stable it's easy to understand

As a token is bought up, it exits the pool and the price goes up. At the extreme, you have 1 token at a very high price and tons of $UST that were given to the pool 👇
2. The opposite is true, that as the token sells off, the protocol is receiving more tokens, and the price goes down.

The extreme to the downside is you would have all the tokens worth $0 as people give their tokens to the protocol and take all the $UST. 👇
3. When you have two tokens, it makes it harder to understand what's going on, but it's the same principle.

People are noting that they have a smaller amount of $nLUNA because the selling of $PSI is greater than $nLUNA.
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24 Sep
Risk Management Strategy (🧵👇)

A predetermined risk strategy is important because it's easier to get confident and over leverage when the market is moving up.

And be too fearful and risk adverse when the market is at the bottom.

Below is $LUNA 79% and 45% pullbacks Image
I find that the natural thing to do is to borrow more going up, then being at risk of liquidation on the bottom and having no cash to take advantage of good prices.

Below is $SOL and it's 69% and 50% pullbacks. Image
This Risk Management strategy applies if you are trying to use $ANC to leverage your $LUNA as collateral to generate cash flow in LPs.

I have explained how I do this in my pinned tweet.

My Risk Management Strategy below...
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14 Sep
1/5 (vid at end)
How to stack $LUNA using $LUNA (long 🧵)
1. Convert $LUNA to $bLUNA
2. Provide to $ANC
3. Borrow 45% in $UST
4. Provide liquidity to LPs ( $ANC- $UST, etc)
5. Use cashflow for more $LUNA or
6. Use borrowed amount to stack $LUNA - $bLUNA ...cont👇
(You don't want to use borrowed capital to buy $LUNA and convert to $bLUNA and provide on $ANC. This will be bad when the market crashes. $LUNA - $bLUNA on terraswap is much more liquid and easy to access to pay down a loan.)

7. If you need to liquidate anything during a crash, sell those LPs that have held their value the best. Liquidate $LUNA - $bLUNA last.
8. Monitor your Borrowed Value against your Pool Value. When your pool value is greater, you can move capital from your $bLUNA - $LUNA .👇
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