Quick #Omicron-getting some facts straight-rundown:

Pushed rumor: "Muuh @wef mentions B.1.1529 already in July 2021"

Answer: Nope, Disinfo PsyOp by Glowies

No mention of "B.1.1529":
24. July: archive.md/wsJXn
After 26. Nov: archive.md/cSNWn

"WEF stealth editing" "Stealth Editing"...Image
"But muuuh Bobby muuuh, even @WHO dates B.1.1529 back to November 2020 (!!! muuuh)."

Nope, screenshot showing "B.1.1529 -> November 2020" is a PS-fakery by Glowies to let you look like an idiot.


RBD mutations are not possible for the given timeline. ImageImage
I also checked GISAID: no entries with the naming convention "B.1.1529" can be found there before Nov 2021. BUT: you can find the naming convention "1.1529" in the filename of South American March 2021 Uploads, for whatever reason.
Definitive "B.1.1529" genomes pop up in Nov2021. Image
"But muuuh Bobby, something's strange here!"

⇢FactCheckerNothingBurgers force-buzzed
⇢B.1.1529 travels faster than light
⇢PCR industry=Star Trek Federation: can insta-adjust primers
@Moderna, @pfizer insta-ready 4 "cure", but didn't adjust boosters 4 "Delta" up2date ImageImageImage
"But muuuh Bobby, 50 fckng mutations, 32 in the Spike alone, variant evolved undetected in HIV+ patients for months!"

Answer: What a bunch of bullshit. Pseudo-Science.

You must be either super-dumb to believe this crap or hyper-illiterate.

Turn the volume to max for the video.
⇢ 50+ mutations, 32 in Spike alone = 100 years virus-evolution compressed to 1 year?
⇢ "Muuh original Wuhan strain=Lab Leak"
True, but even then, unrealistic - even for a "wildtype evolution of a LabLeaked Recombinant BasketCase", basic principles apply nevertheless.
Omicron = Unavoidable Damage Control Hegelian Dialectic 101 + bonus twists?:

⇢ Omicron has only mild symptoms, I'd agree with @quay_dr: "This is the variant you want to infect the entire global population with". Even no loss of smell & taste.

BUT,..and here come the twists ... ImageImage
#Omicron popped up in the phylogenetic timeline and is quite distant
⇢ Further renders mRNA-Spike-Only-Focus-Booster-Subscription-PsyOp-Narrative as #BigFail: doomed to insta-fail on release date
⇢ BigPharma=Immunomythology (Antibody Religion)
⇢ Big Pharma knows about the #BigFail status of non sterilzing Transfections: ADE, OAS, Immune Imprinting = Evolutionary Biology 101
⇢ Japanese Study: "SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is poised to acquire complete resistance to wild-type spike vaccines" biorxiv.org/content/10.110… Image
ADE Twists:
⇢Shot 1/2/Booster 3/Delta Booster.. = mediocore immune response, intended for a variant that no longer exists
⇢If #Omicron uses everyone’s highly identical immune response VS Wuhan vers. of S for own advantage: when dominant⇢more descendants
ADE Twists:
⇢🇯🇵 Study shows, it's easy: Add 4 mutations into Delta: K417N, N439K, E484K, N501Y..

⇢ .. = variant that uses your transfection induced antibody response to its own advantage

"infectivity of Delta 4+ enhanced by BNT162b2"
"not neutralized"
bit.ly/3FZ6M1A ImageImage
ADE Twists:

⇢Let's look at the mutations found at RBD/S1 of #Omicron:

✅ K417N

✅ N439K: We've N440K=neighbouring mutation, SameSame for antibodies

✅ E484K: We've E484A=differnt mutation at same spot⇢different amino acid (Lysine⇢Alanine)

✅ N501Y

gisaid.org/hcov19-variant… ImageImageImageImage
⇢Topic Delusion by @wef-Glowies

⇢mRNA Spike-Only-Focus-PsyOp=even more evidence⇢#BigFail (2manyMutations)

⇢✅#Omicron=suitable for herd immunity (unvaccinated, natural immunity)⇢mild symptoms (so far)

⇢❌ADE-compatible⇢not suitable 4 herd immunity (vaccinated) Image

⇢Despite #BigFail so far of non sterilizing mRNA transfections, normies will get Omicron booster (hypnosis & MKULTRA victims)

#Omicron⇢used for global lockdowns

⇢Omicron will cloak ADE via lockdowns + "muuh it's the unvaccinated muuh"

⇢🤡 World Perfection Image
"But muuh Bobby, found another Spanish article mentioning B.1.1529 in April 2021 muuh"

Nope, another "stealth-editing" by @wef/@gatesfoundation Glowies.
No snapshots b4 Nov 2021:
🤡:bit.ly/3cWHoNp ImageImageImageImage
Realtalk served w/ hot #Tinfoil:
#Omicron=Intentional #BigPharma #LabLeak?
⇢50+ mutations indicate GeneticEngineering
⇢Endemic Evolution⇢Fake
⇢"Muuh B.1.1529=oldnews"⇢Glowie PsyOp
@ProfKlausSchwab/@BillGates/@CEPIvaccines pushing @Novavax stocks?
Join my tg channel.

Thread will be continued. Use 1st tweet of this thread as debunk/counter-reply.

The "stealth edits"-PsyOp serves as "muuh maybe endemic" or "muuh HIV+ Variants fearpr0n MKULTRA". Goal: distract from mRNA-Spike-Only-Focus-Fail & ADE.
Science™ LARP:
"Defies any evolutionary logic, MUST BE the AIDS"

"won't explain why HIV+-vaxed-patients don't produce Influenza-HIV-Recombinant-Variants-Non-Stop then"

"1 patient ⤏50+ mutations⤏doesn't defy any logic"

"SuperStealth, replicates for months undetected"

"Muh" ImageImage
Bonus dessert by our trusted @NIHFunding-API-cook @arunschirps:
@Novavax received $97.5 Mill. from @gatesfoundation
⤏"evaluate [.] efficacy of a candidate vaccine to prevent infection and/or disease in South African population"
⤏"Topic: HIV Pneumonia"¿
More bread crumbs, served without any tinfoil.
Correction: "November 2020" screenshot, was found by a user [Hicki Kanicki] in my tg channel:

Snapshot: 26.11.21 - 18:07 showed "2020", immediately changed to "2021" a minute later at 18:08. 17:37 shows "2021": Typo by WHO.


Here is a good overview on mutations concerning #Omicron, high resolution via Nextclade.

My money is still on "serial passaged".


• • •

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Jan 29
That's wicked & unreal:

Furry 'Chise' (@sailorrooscout) co-developed @Moderna's leaky mRNA-jab.

Pharma utilizes this 'fursona' for subliminal Immunomythology-messaging via social media.


[thx 2 Anon Frens] There is even more unreal t...
Furry @sailorrooscout, co-developer of @moderna_tx's mRNA-jab is also @HMHowlFest-'chair':
➙For all ages
➙Private campground
➙Kids>16⇢parental supervision
➙<10 pm bondage-gear granted
➙No 'proshipping'
The quickest answer is that...
"A Furry co-developed @moderna_tx?
Never, Chise is only a paid pharma-shill."

@andrew_croxford crediting @sailorrooscout in Feb 2021:

"You see this, @sailorrooscout?!
Your jab is doing the job. [.] your state!"

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