I'll never ever understand how people think Glinner 'supports women and women's rights' when this is the way he speaks to women.

#WomenWontWheesht includes the women who hate Glinner and his misogyny.

Graham Linehan, time & time again, has shown he is just a misogynistic man. ImageImageImageImage
Literally all his twitter account, his blog, and entire 'career' these days is manipulating women into thinking his bigioted views. From telling women to shut up, to telling them their feminism isn't good enough (by only his standards) to telling women's charities to stop. ImageImageImageImage
I mean COME ON!

You cannot sit here and say with 100% confidence this isn't blatant sexism, misogyny and male privilege?

Telling not only trans women, but cisgender women that they are wrong. That he is superior and knows more about women's rights than they do. Image
Threatening them with legal action too! Image
I'm fortunate to have not been around when Glinner still had twitter (and was rightfully suspended and banned from the platform). Gosh, If I had spoken with him today I can only imagine the sexist, misogynistic abuse he would throw at me and other cis women I know.
The women who stand by him, through all his misogynistic actions and discriminatory ideology, should be ashamed of themselves.
It's his fault at the end of the day for manipulating others into thinking his sick ways, but women who encourage this should be ashamed.
Terfs & Gender Critical ideologists have been after a friend of his Arty this week, yet they ignore his similar (if not worse) patterns of behavior.

A few women in the GC community previously even have reached out saying they were attacked for making the same comments about him.
The one thing terfs are silent over is this.
It shows a lot about them.
It shows that this behavior is acceptable to you.
Their ideology is bad enough. Let alone the fact they allow cis men like Graham Lineham to talk to other women like this.

• • •

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13 Dec
A friendly reminder that @JuliaHB1, a well known terf/gender critical woman who dislikes trans women using women's spaces, openly admitted to using men's public bathrooms when she wants. She's happy to support Self ID when it suits her I guess. #WomenWontWheesht
Thank you to my friend @LGBwiththeT for the clip!
Everyone self ID's into using gendered spaces at the end of the day. That includes cisgender people. However, I found it rather interesting to hear someone who is opposed to trans women Self ID-ing into spaces they are allowed to be in for Julia to contradict her own views.
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13 Dec
A little reminder that JK Rowling doesn't care for women's rights. Her actions are only to hurt the trans community and trans rights. Let's explain this situation to show why: Image
Here is her telling of events from her twitter account: ImageImage
Numerous fans have been found showing the address of the house. In YouTube videos and on Instagram. Her address was very well known to members of the public and to Harry Potter fans. Yet this didn't appear to be an issue. ImageImage
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13 Dec
When is the law, @jk_rowling and terfs going to admit Cisgender Women can be rapists...
When will they admit this isn't a 'Trans' related issue? That women have done this.
Don't even get me started on the amount of women who have raped young people, especially young boys.

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13 Dec
Women can rape others. Not just trans women.

Many feminists want rape to stop being defined only by penetration of a penis. This leaves so many sexual assault victims at risk. Women are capable of raping others through penetration.

The law is outdated on this. Her outrage is targeted at trans women (which is no surprise for JK Rowling). However, her statement is just anti feminism. This goes against the lesbians who have been raped by cis women, the young people forced into sexual activity with a cis woman.
The article itself is just a misinformed piece on trans women. Trying to make out loads of cis men are 'pretending' to be trans in order to have a lesser sentence or for whatever reason.

You don't have to legally change your gender in order to be a trans woman.
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11 Dec
My partner went on his christmas work do last night and one of his older colleagues brought up that he "doesn't understand transgender people". My partner decided to explain about how it's not about understanding, just acceptance and appreciation. Pretty proud of him!
He's been fortunate to grow up with my brother and someone like me to ask questions to. Plus for him to discuss this infront of a bunch of other cis het men can be daunting. However, I'm impressed that he did his best to help explain and normalise the conversation.
Plus, I'm glad he remembered to explain that it isn't about 'understanding' as such. We can't understand & experience what it is truly like to be someone else. Like others don't have to understand how being transgender nessesarily works. Just to be respectful and accepting.
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5 Dec
Let's talk about this screenshot for a moment:
Thread 🧵
This is in relation to the recent 'threatening doxxing situation' that happened with @JK_Rowling which you can read about on my original first post made on the situation where you can find other information to prove this wasn't threatening nor doxxing:
Recently, this screenshot was floating around the time the situation happened. However, the webpage seemingly doesn't have this image or text 'doxxing' JK Rowlings house on their anymore. Many terfs hacd claimed it was photoshoped or fake. However, I did some digging.
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