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74.01/ Week seventy-four, Dec. 11-17, 2021, thread here.

Week 73 below.
74.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. This week: Sneakers (1992) with Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Akroyd, really an amazing cast. Underrated film.…
74.03/ I can see having more than one of these surrounding me in my library if I lived in days of yore.

(reposting the pic to ensure alt-text)
A wooden device, similar to...
74.04/ Informative (heh) thread for those who may be unfamiliar with #Nitl and need cultural competency during the "Hol-li-day" season (Holl-li-day, accent on first syllable, means Nitl).
74.05/ She's definitely a hero in my book. (And I hope this doesn't get milkshake-ducked... we need humanitarian heroes)

74.06/ This is so odd: someone made a 'genealogy' for Serach bat Asher (including her mother, unmentioned in Tanakh) yet they claim she's deceased?! How do you care that much about her but nullify her most important stat-line: a well-earned eternal life!?…
74.08/ My entire computer apparatus is going haywire today (and recently, I think the internet has gotten increasingly predatory and dysfunctional over the past few years and it's deteriorating geometrically). I'll try to wrap up this week's writing soon.
74.09/ (From Sunday)

This was a great demonstration of respect all around.
74.10/ First Bond I saw in the theater so I have rose- colored nostalgia spex, but any movie that can have genuine tension about a hero in a clown suit saving the world is filled with skilled necromancy.
74.11/ Why Twitter is fun, exhibit eleventy-billion (Simon is the famed creator of the "Wire" and if a narrative is too abstruse for him... well, it's beyond salvation)
74.12/ Han Solo showing up at the end of Star Wars to help Luke:

74.14/ As a - please God, future - member of Beit Hillel, my test would just have one question. And I promise: no measuring rods near your head
74.15/ This is so beautiful [crying]. I must remember it.
74.17/ 100%.

(OTOH, Sadly many of the scofflaws/scoff-science I know who got COVID actually didn't suffer too much and I think it's related: they think they're more invulnerable than they actually are)
74.18/ This blew my mind and I excitedly told my wife who proceeded to tell me that she already knew because she read the literature that accompanied the Foreman grill (yes, we're both academics, why do you ask?)
74.19/ Oh my, yes. I mean, it just seamlessly fits into Jewish simchas, it's almost bashert.

74.20/ I take Dr. Brett's word seriously (and I won't traumatize myself reading about the evidence). Add another famous slimeball to the list.

74.21/ No question that I prefer my science both substantive and whimsical.

74.22/ This news, plus the FDA abortion-pill decision, helped defray some of the creeping dread. I'll take the wins wherever and whenever we can get them.

74.23/ This comment and it's follow-up encapsulate something I've been saying for a while, especially the comparison to armchair sports-experts.

74.24/ Spot-on! Anyone who claims the Democrats have 'done nothing' aren't sharing my universe of perceptions. The perfect is the enemy of the good, but also: IMO the cranks think that "chaos will inevitably create liberation" and that's terribly wrong.
74.25/ Yes the Onion but then Not The Onion. The fascist-GOP is a parody of themselves.

74.26/ Putting this up here (thanks Tema) because I cited it to my family and they couldn't imagine it. But, yes, this kind of aggressive ignorance is all around us.

74.27/ OK, gotta go, Shabbas is very close. Stay safe everyone! Omicron is no joke. #ShabbatShalom

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Jul 14
209.01/ Week two-hundred and nine, July 13-19, 2024, thread begins here.

Week 208 below.
209.02/ Following the assassination attempt on TFG yesterday - an act I condemn; ballots not bullets - the reaction by news agencies has been unhinged. But I'm singling out The Daily Beast and Politico who are lionizing TFG using very disturbing rhetoric. I've had to unfollow.
209.03/ I'm furious that so many in Congress are playing this dangerous game but I'm reminding myself that (1) the MSM has been fabricating stories & amplifying mythological pro-GOP nonsense for a while now & (2) I trust Biden's abilities to handle this like he did NATO.
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208.02/ Demographically, I should be part of the "elite" but the past two weeks showed me that I'm a solid true-blue member of the Democratic "base" because I'm standing by Biden-Harris & have a white-hot rage against the media (& the cowards in my party) trying to take us down.
208.03/ People ask "Why haven't the media learned their lesson from 'But Her Emails?' in 2016"?! But the answer is QED - they did learn their lesson: that with relentless bad-faith attacks they can knock out the Democrat & elect a cash-cow tabloid buffoon. They know & want this.
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207.01/ Week two-hundred and seven, June 29-July 5, 2024 begins here.

Week 206 below.
207.02/ I didn't see the debate because I can't stand listening to Trump (ym'sh). The bizarre meltdown by the MSM calling for Biden to drop out is not only disgusting but reignited the normie-Democrats' blazing anger at the MSM goofs that brought us "But Her Emails" in 2016.
207.03/ Ironically, the drumbeat from the MSM about Biden's age for months - probably starting right after the withdrawal from Afghanistan which ruined their gravy train - prepared the public for how he sounded at the debate. The MSM hit-job backfired.
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206.01/ Week two-hundred and six, June 22-28, 2024 begins here.

Week 205 below.
206.02/ Bowman lost AND the Mets beat the Yankees on the same day? Thank you The Bronx for a fun time! #LGM #BringThemHome.
206.03/ May her memory be for a blessing. Gave tzedakah in her name and will dedicate my learning today as well. Offering as much comfort as possible.
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Jun 17
205.01/ Week two-hundred and five, June 15-21, 2024 begins here.

Week 204 below.
205.02/ It's important to know: every pawn can become a queen.
205.03/ #ChochmatNashim for #Behaalotecha 5783 (last year) @ChochmatNashim

Downloadable PDF with working links of Divrei Torah by Orthodox women scholars on the parsha and other topics of the week.…
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Jun 9
204.01/ Week two-hundred and four, June 8-14, 2024, thread begins here.

Week 203 below. 204204
204.02/ What incredible news! Barukh Hashem, 4 hostages rescued from those monsters.
'Operation Arnon’: How 4 hostages were freed from Hamas captivity in central Gaza…
204.03/ #ChochmatNashim for #Naso 5783 (last year) @ChochmatNashim.

Downloadable PDF with working links to Divrei Torah by Orthodox women scholars on the parsha and other topics of the week. (I'm not sure I can update this well enough for 5784 today)…
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