@Dr_D_Robertson Except they didn't #Lockdown in Japan

And had many with antigens over year ago

Didn't #LockDown in Sweden

#COVIDIOTS have to switch from comparing deaths to 5 yr av which hides not just all recent peaks but all historic stats

To just previous year

When had freak low deaths!
@Dr_D_Robertson Sweden had BELOW AVERAGE deaths with #COVID

#COVIDIOTS had to compare with previous freak low year not usual peak-hiding 5 yr av to make BELOW AVERAGE 2020 death rate seem like big jump

If #LockDown works why always use damned lies & "statistics" to make (asymptomatic) "case"🤦‍♂️
@Dr_D_Robertson Infection peaks dropping before #Lockdowns imposed

Catastrophe need to avoid is economic

ONS predicted 200,000 deaths from #DiseasesOfDespair from just FIRST #LockDown

Estimates already reached 500,000 from that alone😱

ON TOP of deaths from reduced & refused NHS services!🤦‍♂️
@Dr_D_Robertson To pretend otherwise is to accept collapse of healthcare

Devastating harms to young families & breadwinners

From collapse of economy

And MANY times more DEATHS of young not dying 80+yo from #LockDowns from #DiseasesOfDespair than from wildest guesstimates of #COVID1984 deaths
@Dr_D_Robertson To pretend otherwise is to accept collapse of healthcare

Devastating harms to young families & breadwinners

From collapse of economy

And MANY times more DEATHS of young not dying 80+yo from #LockDowns from #DiseasesOfDespair than from wildest guesstimates of #COVID1984 deaths
@Dr_D_Robertson Viruses almost always get more transmissible but weaker & weaker

And that acts as a vaccination & completes herd immunity

There was a REALLY bad "#FluPandemic" in 1890-#RussianFlu with high death rate

It's STILL circulating but harmless since 1891

Now know was a #CoronaVirus! Extra Extra Mild #OhMiGodVariant self-vaxxing #Omnicron
@Dr_D_Robertson The next Winter #Flu bug "might" be a HIGHLY transmissible VERY dangerous variant😮

So should we #MaskUp #LockDown #CloseAirports #TestAndTrace *NOW* & wait for targeted vaccine TRIPLE vaxxing before leaving our #SafeSpaces😱

As MIGHT be a #KillerFlu worse than #SpanishFlu!!!🤦‍♂️
@Dr_D_Robertson We've been living with over 400,000 deaths pa from or within 28 days of discharge from #NHS hospitals

Isn't it well past the time we should have shut down Killer #NHSHospitals

And any #Variants of them

Oh & NHS ADMITS to ~5k accidental deaths pa

Epidemiologists suspect ~100k
@Dr_D_Robertson So to summarise #OhMiGodVariant of #Covid1984

#Omicron is NOT a problem

It's evolved to a #CommonCold level variant of #CoronaVirus!!!
@Dr_D_Robertson For the avoidance of doubt the #OhMiGodVariant of #Covid1984:

#Omicron is NOT a problem!

It's evolved to a #CommonCold level variant of #CoronaVirus!!

And it's #SelfVaccinating against #COVID19!!!

• • •

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More from @JBoningtonJag

2 Dec
@davidfrum 1. Has anyone even become ill never mind been hospitalised with the #OmiGodVariant?!

#COVID1984 wasn't ever a problem for 90% of the population

Neither was it that much of a problem for most of old & vulnerable

Who should have been the only ones protected

The original Prof..
@davidfrum 2. The original #ProfFergusonReport made clear #Lockdown would only #FlattenTheCurve

ie delay the inevitable

NOT reduce the death toll except from that caused by hospitals being unprepared

And it also made clear only a proper full biological quarantine could reduce deaths
@davidfrum 3. However many have pointed out including the UK Government's Office For National Statistics JUST THE FIRST #Lockdown would result in HALF A MILLION deaths

And that's just from the #DiseasesOfDespair & ON TOP OF the deaths caused by restriction & refusal of health care services
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2 Dec
@joko17 @JamesPurefoy @MarinaHyde Maybe you need to learn how to "comprehend" "fact-checks"

Or maybe you do & you're trying to distract & deflect from my 280 Character Tweet which isn't quite enough for a medical or biological thesis

COVID19 is the disease

Like #COVID90

That's #COVID1890

Which was mis....
@joko17 @JamesPurefoy @MarinaHyde That's #COVID1890

Which was mis-identified as Flu

And mislabelled #RussianFlu

Which was considered to be one of the worst "Flu" Pandemics apart from #SpanishFlu

And it's still around

But we shrug it off

As we have done for over a century

As we do with other colds....
@joko17 @JamesPurefoy @MarinaHyde And yes Colds aren't Flues

For a start the Flu virus mutates fairly easily quickly & often

Which is why we need annual boosters

But #CoronaViruses are relatively stable & don't mutate much or fast

But like all viruses they usually become less harmful with each mutation...
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30 Nov
@RealBBFan @daynal @triology10 @UROCKlive1 @jack @Twitter Wow


I clearly need to spend time working on my English if you thought I'd mentioned the Constitution

Or maybe we're just divided by a common language

I mentioned Twitter marketing & advertising

Does your Constitution permit false claims & promises


Common Law..
@RealBBFan @daynal @triology10 @UROCKlive1 @jack @Twitter But as you YOU brought up your constitution

Isn't, like your Second, what it ACTUALLY says:

"Congress shall make no law.. abridging THE freedom of speech"

ie NOT EVEN Congress can abridge *THE* *RIGHT* TO *THE* *Freedom* of Speech
@RealBBFan @daynal @triology10 @UROCKlive1 @jack @Twitter Isn't therefore THE freedom of speech"

One of the unalienable rights in your Declaration of Independence

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"


Are you also against Article 19 Convention of Human Rights?

Do you think Hollywood had the right to Blacklist "liberals"?
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26 Nov
@LiamFox @HouseofCommons Am I missing something?

Did people with #DownSyndrome win some kind of lottery to be the people with a disability that the country is going to care for properly🤦‍♂️

When there are people with disabilities who are actually refused care & benefits😱

For example people with #IBD...
@LiamFox @HouseofCommons People with #InflamatoryBowelDiseases are often housebound & unable to lead a normal life

Yet they are barred from trying to do so or claiming benefits

They often need to stay close to a loo

Because they need to sprint to it in seconds

Then still need to clean themselves up..
@LiamFox @HouseofCommons Yet this disbars people with #InflamatoryBowelDiseasefrom from disability benefits as they are geared towards people who can prove they can't walk

Never mind sprint for the loo

And people who can't clean themselves up after

Rather than people who are experts at it...

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19 Nov
#RaceBaiting #Channel4akeNews @SiobhanKennedy4 @Channel4News "reports" on #KyleRittenhouseInnocent verdict

"Forget" to mention 3 he shot were ALL WHITE


Falsely accuse him of illegally buying gun

Why wouldn't a jury in a mostly White country be mostly White?!?!
Why mention #JacobBlake shot by White cop

As though BLACK cops don't shoot people including Blacks & Whites

Or that #KyleRittenhouse in breach of curfew

WTF do you think all the rioters were?!🤦‍♂️

And WTF regurgitating "defence" of convicted felon also accused of domestic abuse
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