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Yesterday, @wil_da_beast630 asked for examples of modern "neo-racist" segregation, so here's a compilation of many such instances of progressive-backed segregation, AKA "anti-racism".
1. Segregated college housing at NYU:…
2. A student demand for segregated housing (aka "affinity housing") at Williams College:… Image
3. Segregated graduation ceremonies:…
4. Segregated PE classes at Cornell:…
5. Segregated elementary school classes:… Image
6. Segregated high school math classes:… Image
7. Segregated orientation at the University of San Francisco:…
8. Segregated orientation at Lewis & Clark College:… Image
9. Segregated college parties:… Image
10. Segregated Yoga classes: Image
11. Segregated conferences:… ImageImage
12. Segregated zoom calls for school parents:… Image
13. Segregated high school student "diversity" meetings:…
14. Segregated faculty meetings:…
16. Another example of an elementary school separating kids by race:… Image
If you know of any other such instances, please provide links to more examples of this disturbing trend.
17. Black-only dorms at Western Washington University.…
18. A "no whites allowed" student field trip.
19. Another example to add to this list of examples of modern "neo-racist" segregationist policies.…

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1/6 In the recent trans bathroom case (Adams v School Board), one of the dissenting judges said, "gender identity is an immutable, biological component of a person’s sex". This is in direct contradiction to everything trans activists have been telling us for years! Some examples:
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Feb 10, 2021
Thread: So many people are reacting with surprise to the NY Times's firing of a star journalist with the explanation that "intent doesn't matter". That's insane! they exclaim. How can any reasonable person think that? Well, I've got news for you: This insanity is not at all new.
There are so many cases like this one, of people being punished even though there was absolutely no offense intended. In fact, in some cases, they were even trying to highlight how *bad* the word is! It's the collective shrugging of our shoulders when these outrageous...
....incidents happen that allows this standard to become the new normal. If you disagree that "intent doesn't matter", don't stay silent the next time this happens. Here's a sampling of many other such cases where people were punished even though no offense was intended.
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Thread: Since so many claim that cancel culture doesn't exist, I propose a challenge: For every additional 1,000 followers I get, I will present 10 examples of cancel culture. I'm willing to bet I can provide 150 examples before running out. Right now I'm at 2680 followers.
Here are the first 10 cases gratis. And in order to counter the false narrative that cancel culture only affects the rich, famous and powerful, and that it's just about "critique" these examples will all be about *regular* people whose actual *livelihoods* were targeted.
It's also worth noting that these cases are not about people doing deliberately offensive things. There are no neo-nazis here. They are simply normal people (some even avowedly progressive!) who have incurred the wrath of the mob because they violated the tenets of woke dogma.
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May 9, 2019
1/6 This article is a perfect example of why the media has lost its credibility. The headline is obviously meant to give the (false) impression that she was denied her win due to unfair sexist discrimination. The reality is much less disturbing.…
2/6 First of all, she wasn't denied the marathon win. She was denied a novelty Guinness World Record for racing *while wearing a nurse's outfit*. This is obviously very different from being denied the actual marathon world record, as the headline implies.
3/6 Secondly, she was informed BEFOREHAND what the criteria were to be eligible for the award, and she knowingly chose *NOT* to meet those criteria. There is nothing unfair about being denied an award if you deliberately chose not to follow the rules required to earn that reward.
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In regards to the Smollett case, despite the fact that the usual suspects will insist that this is a rare occurrence, the reality of phony racist (and homosexual) hate crimes perpetrated by the "victim" is actually quite common. Here's just a small sampling of such cases:
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Feb 8, 2019
1/7… An in-depth exploration of just how deeply Facebook has gotten taken over by SJWs. Shows pretty much the same kind of culture that the Damore lawsuit has revealed about Google's corporate culture. Not really surprised, but here are some excerpts:
2/7 "…while Mark supported political diversity, the constant badgering of Facebook’s leadership by indignant and often politically intolerant employees increasingly began to define the atmosphere."
3/7 "I quickly discovered that I couldn’t even talk about these issues without being called a “hatemonger” by colleagues."
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