STOP #REMDESIVIR now and FBI, please help us. Here are some investigation ideas for your consideration. First, let's look at Gilead's underlying studies. Investigate suspended studies including all comms coordination w/ PHA's. China studies may have been the legit ones.
Review communications and discussions by researchers, NGO scientists and US PHA scientists regarding the suspension of this study.
#Remdesivir pulled in 8/19 because it was killing kids & study published in December 2020. Internal comms will show #remdesivir already chosen as go to drug. Is this a reasonable response? How are patients being tortured and dying in hospitals on this deadly drug today?
Remdesivir poorest function but in hospital today it remains the "go to" drug. This is crazy.
Later in March 2020 any investigation will find that IFD's knew or suspected dual CQ/HCQ therapy worked. Here a slide showing remdesivir has poor anti-viral function.…
The subtext among researchers is: "is #remdesivir even anti-viral?!" How was everyone forced to get this drug as only line of defense. This is a criminal scheme.…
But let's focus on #Remdesivir's capacity to kill patients. Back to Ebola study from 8/19. Remdesivir is top killer among the four drugs being tested yet this drug was chosen and mandated by #Fauci etc. for all Americans. Our elected officials sabotaged.…
Look at the concealment...One reference to uncapitalized "remdesivir" inside parentheses even in text helps hide the fact that remdesivir pulled because it was killing patients. Hard to find. They withdrew remdesivir because it WAS KILLING PATIENTS!…
@NIH oversaw how letter was drafted to remain stealthy and hidden from search engines and elected officials. Why would NIH want to hide remdesivir's capacity to kill and how did NIH miss clear reported indications that remdesivir isnt even anti-viral?…
The criminal conspiracy and #crimesagainsthumanity is so vast that it takes a while to get through it, but who was right Dr. Fauci that #remdesivir had been proven to work, HCQ had been proven not to work or Dr. Harvey Risch. I bet my life against #Fauci…
But let's look at the science supporting #remdesivir use. We already know by 2020 it was w/drawn 4killing kids and it was barely anti-viral even against even CQ. We also know that Fauci in relation to HCQ was all about random controlled studies. So there must be ironclad...
evidence in support of remdesivir right? To take the entire country and force all hospitals and doctors to use it as the only defense once someone admitted into hospital? Well actually this is the preposterous study. I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS UP!…
One patient! Notice rocket speed to being published.
"Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!..." Everyone on this study and everyone inside PHA's must have all communications and financial work-ups done. This is part of scheme and it facilitated genocide and mass death in America.
Think of the contempt...they mock Americans...Let's just say #Remdesivir is certainly no miracle drug. That's the kindest thing we can say...elected officials were hoodwinked by corrupt "scientists" that knew better.…
London Times reporter alleged docs overdosing patients & killing them w/ HCQ. I didn't believe it. She said: "its like the French Study that's so hard to find"..I said "what?" She said, "I have to find the link-its not easy to find." "This outta be good" (I thought)
A week later this reporter me this...I damn near fell off my chair. #Fauci @NIH @NIAIDNews @US_FDA @CDCgov knew about this. 5 patients, 1 dead, 4 dialysis from remdesivir side effects.…
Here is patient 1 of 5 person study. Fauci would have known about this when he was serially lying about #HCQ and promoting deadly #remdesivir. Stopped rem on day 3 and it took 2 weeks to recover from it. Nearly killed patient?…
Patient 2 of 5. Anyone is lucky to survive #Remdesivir. Patients 1 and 2 look like they would be dead if they got 5 days. Patient 2 could only take 2 days. This study was covered up by Fauci until 9/2020. Where is FBI? Where are elected officials?
Patient 4 is one tough guy.
Patient 5/5 did not survive #Remdesivir
2/5 died--I miscounted. Discussion on concealed French Study is funny in a graveyard humor kind of way. They seem to think Americans and American elected officials are 1) stupid and 2) easy to manipulate and 3) deserving of contemptuous treatment by public health agencies..
The system to facilitate genocides and deny Americans early treatment and cures by "public health" agency killers like Fauci began in China with release of the C19 virus and this study. What does it say?…
It's possible other studies in China were hader to control so better to suspend them. But this looks like feint and scant praise.…
And, just in the "nick of time," Gilead saves the day by funding a study that erases deadly results in Nigeria, France and China...Thanks @NEJM Did you "take a pass" on French study and the HCQ Ford study? Maybe a grand jury will someday ask you that...
Lots to inquire about in here. FBI and OIG agents and auditors would have a field day. "Compassionate Use" Remdesivir...LOL
Oh my...this isn't good. Now why would they change the end points in a study? I sure hope it wasn't because they were confirming what we all know that remdesivir kills patients. Lots of records to retrieve and interviews to be done.
Look how they play Americans and their elected representatives for fools. In wake of the remdesivir deaths and dialysis spree, Gilead funds a study, writes the paper and staffs it with researchers it seemingly pays? US public health agencies fully on board.
The #remdesivir serial killing story had only just begun, but the public health agency effort to sabotage cures that would have averted a pandemic were well under way. This (safe enough for children) @WHO protocol was already established when the above rem study was begun.
Lots of coordinated scheming & scamming to deny HCQ and IVM from desperate humanity that began in UK on October 2019 (ban) and in France in November 2019, but I digress, let's stick with #remdesivir because who doesn't enjoy serial murder where the victims die in absolute agony?
Well actually, the husband of this courageous American, Kimberlee, didn't enjoy it too much. He died a tortured and agonizing…
And I guess the brother of this courageous American, Kathy, didn't enjoy his unnecessary agonizing and tortured death much at all.…
And of course, the American father of this courageous American, Kristy, didn't enjoy his totally unnecessary agonizing and tortured death...alone.…
And this American husband of this courageous American, Lisa, did not enjoy his totally unnecessary agonizing and tortured passing alone. Frankly we have so many more but we need volunteers to do the interviews--hundreds!…
Investigative agencies need these communications...much work required to make this pig fly.…
Consider obtaining all communications. Many needles had to be threaded to make this killer pig fly.…
All this needs to be investigated.
Reflects supreme confidence no investigative agency will lift a finger to investigate. When FBI and OIG's are in straight jackets we have a hogs at the trough problem that becomes a national security problem. #CrimesAgainstHumanity & destroyed public health is the price
Motive for this might have been to make it look like public health agencies were trying trying to find an early use solution (while sabotaging them). Notice title change.
= Remdesivir is a sucky drug even though IV (hospital). In addition to being deadly and not working, its also a total dud in almost every way.
Now lets look at the Remdesivir warnings. The fraudsters have every base covered in their scheme. Observers loved the study that showed that early HCQ use compromised Remdesivir's efficacy when used later in hospital. This is rich. Guilds lily so ostentatiously. Untouchables.
5 days of death or 10 days of death study. Funny how no footnotes on remdesivir being a "potent anti-viral"
No matter what aspect one looks at this drug is dangerous.
Another one. Good "thinking past the sale" strategy for Gilead.…
Just a hunch but when you look at the 5 v 10 day studies, it may turn out that this was itself a marketing scheme and increased bonus scheme to further incentivize getting patients onto this drug.
Conflicts and agency capture are now intractable features of public health system.
Dr. Paul Marik on Remdesivir :
“Halfway through the study they did an interim analysis and found that the study was not going to be positive. So they changed the end point, the goal post, halfway through the study. That is called scientific misconduct.”…

• • •

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22 Dec
DeBeaumont Twitter organization calling for de-licensing MDs that speak out against COVID Vaccines or prescribe early treatment off label, might be a non-profit front for the CDC. They have partnered with CDC for their major project -
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we get desperate pleas every day from Americans being killed in American hospitals with REMDESIVIR KILL SHOTS
"They have given my sister in law 6X yrs old she is unvaccinated for covid and contracted covid after being around step father in law who got the covid booster all the..
..members not vaccinated contracted covid. They gave her 4 doses of remdesivir [although] she asked for monoclonal infusion. [W]e told her not to take remdesivir, [W]e don’t know if she signed anything. Her oxygen levels have dropped to 50% without oxygen she has gotten..
progressively WORSE. They refuse to give her ivermectin nor HCQ. She consented yesterday to being put on a vent and in a medically induced coma. TODAY HER KIDNEYS ARE FAILING!!
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Thank you to my former colleagues in government who assure me that pushing back from this side helps them from the inside to reform and restore these great institutions upon which the country relies. #covermysix...
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They stand. In almost all respects their shackles are even tighter. That’s why you push back legally on the system as hard as you can because it loosens things for them to implement reforms. Also because it reasserts your conviction that systemic reform is possible.
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It looks like @PeterHotez latest grant from Bill Gates is for $13 Million to study hookworm. Oh ans look, Dr. Ralph Baric seems to be getting $21 Million for sleeping sickness. GAtes is establishing a new medical journal for tropical diseases, etc. Latest grants here...
I see how it seems to work. Dropping grants may be behind the orgasmic sycophantic promotion of vaccines? You buy them and then they become marketing for you, and they create a the solutions to the problems you invent? Nice work if you can get it.
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23 Nov
Dr. Rick Bright left BARDA after being rightfully fired (however he was fired for questioning Molnupiravir Merck’s mutagenic COVID solution). He is now at Rockefeller Foundation 😳
He was also on the Milken Institute saying that we needed a crisis situation in order to...
...create fear driving people to the experimental vaccines. The crisis was an ESSENTIAL trigger for experimental vaccines to forever be approved.
Milken Institute Panel on Universal Flu Vaccine Development, along with Fauci saying same - need crisis inflection point to...
...FOREVER get experimental/new vaccines tried out by the public.
They are conspirators. Many many more co-conspirators. Rick Brights boss Janet Woodcock also co-conspirator. Woodcock was appointed temporary FDA commission after Trump’s FDA Director appointee went to Moderna.
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Leading up to the January 6 Stop the Steal rally, state sponsored security seemed to be withheld from certain events. Oath Keepers security volunteers sprung up from a crucial safety need at venues that had been starved of state-sponsored security.…
It's so hazy why anyone attending January 6th events would feel inclined to wear defensive and protective clothing.…
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