I’d bet there’s an honest mea culpa out there that sounds a lot like this:

“In March 2020, my life didn’t feel particularly meaningful & I wasn’t contributing much to the world.

Suddenly, I had a chance to feel like I could, w/o sacrificing anything I didn’t already want to…
“And for awhile I’ve suspected that the policies I was supporting didn’t quite make sense and were only superficially consistent with my values. But I resisted changing my mind because I really needed to believe I was one of the “good” ones — that I was doing the “right” thing…
“It’s very important to me to believe that I’m a good person and that those around me agree…
“It was so comforting to hear popular politicians and experts tell me that my social anxiety and predisposition to avoidant behaviors were now considered virtuous. They presented a known liability as valuable social currency. And that was really appealing to me…
“So I went along. I did everything I was supposed to. I stayed home and had Door Dash delivered to my doorstep (and tipped extra)…
“I always wore my mask in public — which I liked doing because I have some insecurities that make covering my face more comfortable than not and masks allowed me to avoid anxiety-provoking social interactions…
“And I got vaccinated twice. And my booster.

And now I’m sitting here w/ everyone around me getting Covid anyway — watching toddlers pass me w/ their faces covered — seeing the mental health of the people around me deteriorate & I just can’t make it make sense anymore…
“Plus, I’m one of the latter. Comfort has not translated to happiness in the way I thought it would. Some days I’m not okay.

And this is incredibly painful for me because this kind of honesty requires me to admit that not only am I wrong now, I was wrong the whole time…
“And people suffered, including people I love, because of the policies I supported in service of my own wants and fears…
“I shushed the little voice in my head b/c it kept my cognitive dissonance at bay.

Convincing myself that it all made sense was how I coped — & it was really easy to do w/ so much reassurance (which, in retrospect, may have been other ppl working to convince themselves, too)…
“Not to mention that I was acutely aware of how expressing these feelings would lead to not only social criticism and rejection, but possibly losing my job and being unable to feed my family or keep a roof over our heads.

The stuff of nightmares…
“But I’ve recently realized that restrictions will continue to be counter-productive whether I go along or not.

Being passive hasn’t protected me in the way I thought it might or hoped it would.

And I’m scared of what these policies might lead to in the future…
“So I’m sorry that it took me this long to acknowledge what was going on. I need to do some more self-reflection & I imagine this is going to be a long & difficult road but I have to try.

And I hope I can find people willing to forgive me because I’m so tired of being alone.”

• • •

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30 Dec
Anyone who thinks this is new info hasn't been paying attention.

And that's ok.

But all those people who called this out 18mo. ago?

They *were* paying attention.

Maybe we should start listening to them now since - you know - they've been paying attention all this time.
And their reward for paying attention - mind you - was endless scorn, derision, and moral accusations.

So maybe a little more consideration this time is in order.
And basic human decency aside, this matters because PCR is not fit for the purpose of determining infectiousness and infectiousness is the *only* reasonable justification for quarantining people (and even that is debatable).

Ergo we should not quarantine people based on PCR.
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27 Dec
So now vaccinated people—many of whom proposed refusing unvaccinated people medical care on the grounds that they would unnecessarily overwhelm hospitals—are unnecessarily overwhelming hospitals…


And to be clear, I don’t actually begrudge them. People should be able to go to the ER when they believe they need to.

The problem is that they’ve been led to believe they need to — even when they have no symptoms or physical complaints…
For one thing, we should not be encouraging people to repeatedly test themselves at home for what they have been told is an indiscriminate deadly disease and them abandoning them to their own devices when they pop positive…
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13 Dec
Yesterday, my 16y.o.’s exploration of our new neighborhood via skateboard ended with a high-speed, face-first collision with a telephone poll.

Do I regret letting her go?

Of course not. Exploring is healthy. Skateboarding is fun. I want her to live fully, free from…
… limitations imposed by my fears about what *might* happen - and that involves tolerating a certain amount of risk.

Could it have been worse? Sure— her head could’ve met the concrete instead of the more forgiving wood of the telephone pole. But it didn’t, in part b/c she…
…has been skating since she was 7 and has learned how to bail and how to fall. She wouldn’t know those things had I been too scared to let her try. She loves to skate, just like I loved gymnastics & my oldest loved swimming — both theoretically ‘risky’ but rewarding pursuits…
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11 Dec
Think of all the beautiful moments of your life that happened in-person:

- meeting your very first best friend
- your first date w/ the love of your life
- impromptu travel that changed your worldview
- 2am conversations that made you feel so connected and understood…

- a performance or presentation which was utterly terrifying but opened doors that were previously shut
- a crowded concert/rally/event where you shared in a moment so much greater than yourself
- witnessing your grand baby enter the world
- comforting your grandma as she left it
Now consider how many of those life-affirming moments/events/experiences people have foregone over the past two years.

And how many more people will forego if restrictions persist…
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9 Dec
Fear got us into this mess.

Courage will get us out.

Be brave…

What does that mean?

It means don’t self-censor, don’t go along with mandates and policies you know are wrong, put your principles ahead of your comfort, do things that terrify you, take short-term risks for a long-term benefit…
Think critically, use good judgement, speak up but also listen.

And when you know you’re right, stand up even when every single other person in the room is sitting down.

Yes, there will be costs and it’s not up to me to tell you which blows to absorb but…
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14 Nov
I’m on an @AmericanAir flight as I type & the crew has spent 90% of the time on the intercom delivering repeated warnings about letting masks slip, including a stern rebuke that two reminders will result in authorities meeting you at the gate & inclusion on a no-fly list…
What I don’t get is that all but the small, fearful minority know that masks are a mere performance whose only utility is *placating the feelings* of an emotionally dysregulated subset of the population…
which includes people with strong, self-righteous political/tribal allegiances, people who overestimate the actual risk from Covid, and people who are inclined - for whatever reason - to be society’s self-appointed hall monitors…
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