Replying to the misguided Asrar Rashid. In the attached video he tries to distort what jihad is. According to him jihad is a response to hiraba or war mongering, and offensive jihad was really just preemptive jihad. The problem with this understanding is it flies in open
Contradiction with the Quran and Sunnah, as well as the practice of the Muslims for 1400 years. When you read the latter ayat on jihad they very clearly link kufr to the reason for fighting. Let's look at 9:29, there is no way you can read this Aya and say "yes this is about
Countering aggression", this is clearly about kufr. Asrar doesn't really provide an argument, so I don't see a need to refute "context" here. But just for the purpose of driving the point please find attached an extract from qadi Abu bakr ibn Al Arabi's tafsir: the reason for
Killing is kufr by this Aya as the exalted has said "till there is no fitna", so He made the goal the extinction of kufr textually. Clarifying that the reason for killing that makes fighting permissible is kufr. [End quote].

Now just because I know people like playing games
There is an opinion that the reason for killing is hiraba, but the reason for fighting is kufr. The people of desire try muddling it up and saying the reason for fighting is hiraba, which simply isn't true. Qadi Abu bakr ibn Al Arabi actually refutes even that positions, please
See attached image for the full statement of the qadi. He even addresses the argument that if what makes killing allowed is kufr then why don't you kill every kafir. He clarifies that it's for some benefit, like enslaving the women who will then be property and

If Asrar or anyone has an alternative opinion they should make a textual argument, they shouldn't just make claims. If they say, "we are just doing taqlid", then we ask of whom? The hanafi madhab doesn't say that peaceful none Muslim nations can't be fought. Which
Madhab says this?

It's important that we accurately convey what Islam teaches, should we think the scholars got it wrong then we should make a sound argument that should then be scrutinized. Enough of these pseudo scholars distorting Islam. I'm an academic I can't allow this!

• • •

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So he is saying, yes it's disgusting but the Sahaba and prophet ﷺ didn't know any better so engaged in this disgusting action so are excused. This position of his is truly disgusting. There is nothing disgusting about the actions of the prophet ﷺ!

He further makes it clear
That he isn't justifying it, and as such he must believe that it was unjustified, even if he excuses the prophet ﷺ due to an idea that back then people just weren't enlightened like the silly West. This kind of mentality isn't the mentality of a Muslim!!

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