Lyndon McLeod, 47, shot + killed 5 people + wounded 2 on Monday in #Denver. Police are stating that McLeod "targeted his victims based on previous personal + business dealings." McLeod's social media shows interactions with Richard Spencer, Andy Ngo, Cernovich + far-Right groups.
McLead, under the pen-name Roman McClay, built up a cult-following after publishing the book "Sanction," which blended scenes of murder and sexual assault with Alt-Right and neo-reactionary politics, much akin to the works of figures like Jack Donovan.
Here is one review of the book. "An angry alt-right wolf wrapped in science fiction wool."
McLeod stated he was a "huge fan" of Jack Donovan. Donovan is a fascist "male-tribalist" that has written for and spoken at the white nationalist conference, American Renaissance, in the past.
Donovan seems to have also been impressed by McLeod, hosting him on his podcast and promoting his work. McLeod stated that this helped increase his exposure.
McLeod also promoted the book Bronze Age Mindset, by Bronze Age Pervert (BAP), which @politico described as an "Alt-Right manifesto."…
As the George Floyd rebellion kicked off, McLeod used it as an opportunity to plug his book, while also referencing this quote from Trump that encouraged police brutality and State repression.
McLeod was an epic "reply guy," occupying the comment section of everyone from Richard Spencer to Glenn Beck.
Here he is in the replies of Andy Ngo; in one, seemingly encouraging violence against 'ANTIFA,' which McLeod made numerous posts about.
McLeod also seems to have been a huge fan of Alt-Lite trolls, Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec.
As reported by @COSAntiFascists, it also seems that Cernovich followed McLeod on Twitter as well.
It also appears that McLeod was a member of Jack Murphy's group, "Liminal Order." Murphy known for his collaboration with Tim Pool.
Antifascists may remember Murphy as the loser who was fired from his charter school job for advocating sexual assault against "feminists."…
In 2017, Murphy rallied alongside white nationalists and neo-Nazis including Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler.…
According to police, they believe that McLeod was "targeting specific people" in his deadly shooting spree on Monday. McLeod's book also includes scenes of the main character killing people at a tattoo shop - acts which he then carried out in real life.…
McLeod also took numerous photos with Ivan Throne, a MAGA grifter and promoter of far-Right, neo-reactionary/manosphere bullshit.
Here's Ivan Throne attempting to sell a design of someone murdering an antifascist by pulling their lungs out of their body.
Currently, it looks like some on the far-Right are attempting to delete as much as they can in an attempt to hide their connections to McLeod.
There are currently several ways to donate to the survivors of Monday's attack. This is an "Emergency & ongoing community support for the vibrant & amazing child of Alicia Cardenas."…
"This fundraiser is to provide care for any unmet needs of the Gunn & Maldonado families."…
Also worth checking out posts from @COSAntiFascists and this thread from @chadloder.

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