Ambitious people are always looking for the next avenue to further themselves. In the case of the wealthy this becomes exponentially harder with increasing success. This is both a function of the rarity of unicorns (think Google, Facebook etc.) & the metrics at that level. 🧵
If you’re worth $10 then making a deal which will increase your wealth to $100k is a massive increase and success, but when you’re worth $100 million or $10 billion it’s not even worth looking at the things which won’t make a percentage change to your net wealth.
Besides for the obvious attraction of power, this is why the wealthy elite are involved in every global issue - there’s money to be made. Take climate change for example. The renewable energy industry is worth $900 billion, but by 2030 it’s estimated to be valued at $2 trillion.
A segue at this point to remind you that 1 million seconds is 11.5 days, a billion seconds is 31.5 years, and a trillion seconds 31 688 years or 31 and a half millennia.

Anyone who has more than $100 million is wealthier than most of us can reasonably conceive at a glance.
If you’re one of these super wealthy folks then you’re looking for exactly this type of investment - massive growth potential with billions of dollars up for grabs. Do any of these people care about ‘climate change’? Maybe, but probably not; cf. Obama’s oceanfront estate.
What they do care about is making sure this is an industry that grows rapidly. That won’t happen by them supporting combustion engined cars (even though they usually buy and own many themselves) or by speaking reasonably about reliable energy generation sources such as nuclear.
Instead they hop on the bandwagon suggesting it will soon be too late to save the planet unless everyone drives an electric vehicle, embraces wind turbines (ouch), and downgrades their lifestyles to ‘save the environment’. All the while investing and benefiting from the changes.
This is why the hypocrisy is so blatant and obvious. None of the elites are going to stop eating meat or flying on private jets because they care about a modeled rise in temperatures by 1 degree, but they expect you to so that they can become even richer.
Many such examples can be found throughout the past few decades, from supporting war under the guise of patriotism whilst investing in arms companies to backing technology they won’t let their own children have access to but from which they profit handsomely.
Historically the solution to this kind of behavior has been violence. The most famous example is the French Revolution. In general the elites consider themselves invincible, and the average man in the street doesn’t see the manipulation until it’s too gross to ignore.
Perhaps this time we can avoid getting to that end. That will however only happen if journalists stop colluding with the elites by misinforming the public. People are being unknowingly led to misery so that the wealthy can become wealthier. It’s a recipe for disaster.

• • •

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May 11
🧵 This beating by Nathi to some of the most egregious scaremongering shills of the past 2 years is quite glorious. Of note is that if the modelers are correct* about excess deaths then we have pretty much the worst mortality in the world, further proving that their proposed
solutions and interventions all failed as pointed out by @PanData19 and others early on. They simply can’t have their cake and eat it. If we outstripped everyone else in mortality despite some of the harshest lockdown policies then we’re a clear example that none of that worked.
If on the other hand the modelers are willing to admit that at least a large portion of their claimed excess deaths are actually a result of the policies they pushed at the highest levels, and not a result of a virus with an unimpressive fatality rate, then we can discuss.
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May 9
Here’s a hypothetical scenario 🧵:

A well person is involved in a major car accident. They’re taken to hospital where they’re stabilized and of course tested for the presence of that virus.

No, not HIV. No, not hepatitis.

Yes, yes, the one from jyna.

The test comes back +ve.
From now on that patient is referred to as covid positive. They have no symptoms of the disease but they’re referred to as having it regardless as the primary starting point of every conversation about them and their management.

Public Health authorities record the case.
Thereafter whatever happens to the person their alleged covid status will dominate their classification.

They’re added to the covid ‘cases’ count and then shortly to the ‘admitted to hospital’ count.

If/when ‘admitted to ICU’ they’re added to that count too.
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May 6
The first prominent politician and/or corporate executive who comes out against masks, and especially against the masking of kids, will score a massive win.

Nobody barring a handful of individuals is in on this scam any longer and most people just need someone to rally around.
It’s simply astonishing that none of our so-called leaders have taken this opportunity and guaranteed win.

Just come out and clearly say “masks don’t work, they hinder and can potentially harm children” and propose that everyone refuses to comply.
Then openly challenge schools and businesses to do the right thing.

Nothing in the past 2 years of tyranny has been solved by lawyers. All of the victories have been driven by individuals and small groups of concerned citizens.

A year or two ago this was tough, now it’s easy.
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May 4
John Steenhuisen inspects a broken water pipe just outside of Gqeberha (2022, colourised).
John Steenhuisen at the site of a collapsed bridge due to a fraudulent tender just outside of Polokwane.
John Steenhuisen talking at the location of collapsed RDP housing in Diepsloot.
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Apr 6
This is how it’s going to play out: 🧵

As things stand there is no legislation to which regulations which require things like masks and a limit on gatherings are pinned. Thus those regulations are meaningless and unenforceable.

However Government knows most will just follow.
For those who wish to take on these illegal regulations the only real route is going to court. It will take no less than 2 months to do this by which time the “30 days” period cited by Ramaphosa will have elapsed, making any legal challenge a literal waste of time.
The Government knows this. They’ve made regulations which are not supported by legislation, but because this is a massive grey area they know the only way they can lose is in court, and that the process is so long they’ll never actually end up in front of a judge.
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Apr 4
An incredible waste of time by the DA but if I were a betting man I’d put 100 bucks on someone senior in the party’s kid didn’t get into Medicine so they’re making a political statement out of it. You guys know little about health and always embarrass yourselves in this arena. Image
Admission into Medicine is NEVER going to be seen as fair because it’s literally the most competitive space in the whole of undergraduate academia. Tens of thousands of applications for a couple of hundred available spots. The margin for success versus non entry is so tiny.
Yes, all universities use quotas but frankly if they wanted to find 200 applicants of any race or gender to give admission to, and basically deny all others, this would be an easy task because most of the best kids countrywide apply, and as such it’s a smorgasbord of talent.
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