For me, using a pseudonym isn’t about hiding from the government or whatever, it’s just an added layer of security from random weirdos and lunatics.
My follower count is roughly equivalent to the city of Nacogdoches, TX. A city that had 122 violent crimes in the last year.

Which is to say, you don’t need to do anything wrong to get death threats, etc. The law of averages in big numbers does that.
Any audience of a certain size will contain some number of psychopaths, crazies, murderers, along with some number of Saints, geniuses, artists, and innovators.
With fame, even the very minor form of it that is now proliferating because of the Internet, comes stalkers, extortionists, harassment of family and friends, dating problems, and ulterior motives.
I’ve been around famous people long enough to know that they are cut off from a normal life. Ryan Gosling and I used to frequent the same breakfast spot. I had the luxury of being able to eat at a nice table outside without strangers taking photos of me, he didn’t.
Another friend of mine is a well-known actor. The guy’s dating life is filled with suspicion and anxiety. It’s hard for him to know if someone he dates is really into him or if there’s some ulterior motive.
I’m not a celebrity or a very prominent person, but I have been targeted by people who were deeply mentally ill - not just from the left but people who are ostensibly in my own camp.

We saw just last night that some of these replyguys actually act out.
Pseudonymity is simply a way of holding all of that at arms length from personal life. It is a rejection of toxic celebrity culture and all that comes with it.

Something to consider in the ongoing “anon/facelord” debate.

• • •

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20 Dec
Latinos are now politically indistinguishable from the white working class. The effects of working for good ol boy contractors who played Rush Limbaugh over the truck speakers every day for years.
White conservatives trying to cancel me over this as if I meant this as a bad thing. I was also a roofer radicalized by the boss playing Rush every day!
After a while I got tired of carrying shingles up ladders so I started my own company on the model of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo’s masonry company. I exclusively hired bodybuilders which enabled me to have really beautiful profit margins and a lot of demand.
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20 Dec
What, are you gonna send the gas van to my house? Good luck, you’ll need it.
These people are pathologically insane mass murderers. We’d be fine if the government just got out of the way and let the tens of thousands of people like myself do the work on the ground to handle this. Incompetent fools.
I was warning back in freaking august that this winter was going to be a bad wave in the north - @Babygravy9 published my warning in his magazine - Kamala told LA Times on Friday “we didn’t see it coming”
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17 Dec
Escaping from the consequences of your actions is good actually if the meta-system is one that punishes virtue and rewards evil. It liberates you to be who you truly are. Good people I know who have public personas have entirely different views in private than they do publicly.
A prominent figure whose name you would recognize recently told me that if he divulged even 1/10th of his private views on Covid, his public career would be finished overnight and his childrens’ careers would be over as well.
Do I think he should go off on rant out of principle and destroy himself? No. He is doing things behind the scenes. I think this is good way. Some people will have best impact through subversion, others will through confrontation.
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14 Dec
I talked to a Senate staffer the other night who told me their internal estimates are 35% inflation by next summer - that is a regressive 35% tax levied on anyone who works for wages or holds dollars.
The wealthy hold assets and debt so they’re relatively protected, but the middle and working classes face penury.

Remember the slogan “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy”? That’s what we’re accelerating towards.
Wage workers won’t be able to afford down payments on property, credit will be tightened and rates will be raised to combat inflation. Farms will go out of business en masse like they did in the late 70s/early 80s with interest rates at 20%.
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This is what I believe
Dark eyes are a sign of high levels of neuromelanin, which protects from iron-induced oxidative stress and neurological degeneration
Not even sure what mine are
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5 Dec
Best solution to crime isn’t no knock warrants and militarized policing, it’s to allow the men of the country to act like men without fear of legal reprisal.
If it weren’t for the DAs and the “justice” system - i.e. true anarchy without the good being tyrannized, we would never have had the riots of summer 2020 nor would predators be slapped on the hands with light sentences.
We have to go back
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