Robert Malone says in his Joe Rogan interview that the Woke Atlantic writer who smeared him was “obsessed” with the question, “what are you getting for doing this? Who is paying you?” Malone said, “I do it because it’s the right thing to do.” The writer couldn’t believe it. /1
This recalled to mind my first encounters with pro-lockdown liberals in early March 2020. These people—who I’d considered friends—were furious with me and very stuck on this point. “I don’t understand what you get by doing this.” They couldn’t comprehend the moral imperative. /2
David McCullough is $150k in the hole defending his medical license. Scott Atlas was smeared by 100 of his Stanford colleagues. Most of us taking the contrary view have had a tough ride, and we made $0. Yet people believe the mainstream. This has always amazed me. /3
I wrote about it here.…

It says a lot about the mindset of people like that Atlantic writer that he can’t comprehend a selfless moral act. He can’t believe a human would do such a thing, act against his/her own interest for the sake of the greater good. His own behavior is motivated by… /5
…the accrual of power in this moment. This is why he has to be part of the majority in an event like Covid. He needs to stay close to power bc that is the safest and sets him up optimally to succeed (shallowly speaking—he will be inherently miserable but will cope/ignore it). /6
We can see the results of a society filled with people like (pathological narcissists) this very clearly now. The geographical areas that are more power-obsessed can’t get rid of Covid. They need to virtue signal and form groups and “stay cool” because they’re empty inside /7
for the precise reason that they cannot stand alone, as complete individuals like @P_McCulloughMD @RobertKennedyJr @MartinKulldorff @DrJBhattacharya can do. All of their actions are focused on the short term accrual of status, so they will never realize how to fix their misery./8
Deeper characters like those listed above will achieve the status of greatness over the long term, but they are not motivated by that. It is inherent to greatness not to be motivated by “being great.” The truly great risk everything for a conviction, an idea. /9
The triumph of the conviction creates the happiness, not the achievement of greatness. People are chasing the wrong thing when they chase status for status’ sake. It doesn’t work. It’s the doing hard very things, taking hits, enduring scorn and ridicule and staying upright /10
That makes a person fulfilled. I guarantee the apparent “losers” in the Covid war are happier than the apparent “winners.” So this Atlantic writer of whom Malone speaks is hopelessly lost. He will live a shallow life chasing shiny things and be forgotten. /11
Malone may lose the battle, maybe even the war, but he will know at the end of the day that he did so “daring greatly.” He’s actually doing things, taking risks, throwing punches in the arena. He’s LIVING. He’s FREE. No one defines him but himself. /12
That’s what we all get, we anti-lockdowners. We are still free. If we lose this fight & along with it our freedom, well, at least we haven’t given it up without a fight. They can never take away our ability to look ourselves in the mirror and know that we tried. /13
There’s a spiritual chasm between Malone and his Atlantic detractor (I am purposefully not linking). That chasm is dictating the global Covid disaster. Until people re-examine their misplaced trust & motivations behind their own actions (status? comfort?) we remain stuck. /end

• • •

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2 Jan
I knew the Covid lockdown was a disaster from the first day—it’s basic logic, the disease will still be here when we reopen. However, I never in my wildest dreams conceived that panic could last beyond the development of a vaccine. What else can you do beyond that? /1
It really seems like phase 2 of a beta test is underway. In phase 1, they learned they could get us to panic over a deadly virus. In phase 2, they learned they can get the same panic response out of a common cold virus. /2
Because we now panic and expect major disruptions over normal, everyday things like the common cold, there is no endpoint. We now label our cold/flu symptoms, and a certain label prompts masks, quarantines, school closures, and shunning of “the other.” Forever. /3
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21 Dec 21
The "pandemic" in its early days was driven by charts plotting purported "exponential growth" of cases across the planet. In spring 2020 most news outlets in the Western world relied on data sourced from Johns Hopkins University to "inform" the terrified public. /1
When politicians justified new restrictions, they referenced the alleged "exponential growth" shown in the JHU map & broadcast by thousands of media outlets. Was this Map of Doom more akin to a pandemic simulation/model used to justify lockdowns than a source of actual facts? /2
JHU data should have been meticulous & unimpeachable given the gravity of the decisions it influenced. So how was it compiled? The dashboard FAQ states "the map is updated on an hourly basis." The list of data sources is on the Github Readme. /3
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12 Dec 21
People are afraid of being uncool "conspiracy theorists," so they perform amazing feats of mental acrobatics to deny any connection between obviously related events. *Note that the CIA, master of coups d'etat (conspiracies, all) first coined the term "conspiracy theorist." /1
The worst offense of twisted "Covid" illogic is the insistence that there is no nexus between the emergence of the pathogen, the preparation by private and state actors to put the "New Normal" into place, & the digital ID system deployed under the pretense of vaccine tracking. /2
There are people, many of them, who theorize that this is all just a giant coincidence, that "covid" created a genuine need to track every human to ensure he's pharmaceutically "immune" to a .096% IFR flu, and that the various ID tech organically sprang up to fill this need. /3
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9 Dec 21
“You don’t have to be a troll to find yourself in the center of controversy. You need only be two things: effective, and unwilling to back down.”…
When polled, nearly two out of three Americans (62%) say they are afraid to express an unpopular opinion. That doesn’t sound like a free people in a free country. We are force-fed falsehoods & expected to take them seriously, on pain of forfeiting esteem and prof’l opportunity.”
“Any institution that takes our brightest, most capable young people and tells you can only work here if you think like we tell you to and keep your mouth shut, that isn’t really Goldman Sachs and it isn’t the paper of record. It’s the husk of a once-great institution…
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9 Dec 21
We were told Pfizer's "vaccine" was 95% effective. Do you know why? I'll tell you. 2 out of 22,000 people died in the control group, and 1 out of roughly the same number died in the "vaccinated" group. SOLELY on this basis, they claimed the jab was 100% effective. True story.
The true risk reduction demonstrated by Pfizer's trial is .01%, as the BMJ reported. Any vaccine that does not prevent transmission and which spares only 1/22,000 from death has no ability to stop a pandemic. It's mathematically impossible.
But it gets even worse. The tiny advantage of sparing 1 person for every 22,000 "vaccinated" is cancelled out 5-fold by FIVE ADDITIONAL DEATHS in the "vaccinated" group before the study was unblinded: congestive heart failures and excess fatal cardiac arrests.
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8 Dec 21
One of the most tragic things about “covid,” and there are many, is that many good & well-meaning people believed lies and acted on them. The ill effects of their manipulated actions were hidden by media/propaganda. But they are now coming to the surface.
People who have been harmed by the lockdown and other measures are gaining the courage to explain it. And they deserve to be heard. Many lives, including my own, have been ripped apart. At times I am furious. But I need to remember this is a tragedy on both sides.
No one wants to kill grandma. Everyone wants the greatest good for the greatest number. We’ve been turned against each other by powerful forces for their own selfish gains. It is so sad.
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