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Laws of the Internet:
1. Creators are Rewarded: It's basically free to produce and distribute ideas now. Take advantage of that. When you share ideas online, you attract an audience of like-minded people who become friends and business partners. But passive consumers don't receive the same benefits.
2. Creation is Cheap: Joe Rogan is basically a one-man show. He doesn't have an expensive headquarters in the middle of Manhattan. Instead, he has a humble studio in Austin. With a couple of microphones, he has more reach than most big-name media companies.

(h/t @APompliano) Image
3. Ideas Are a Serendipity Vehicle: Creating is networking. Every idea you share is tinder for the flame of connection. Ideas spread at zero-marginal cost, and good ones find their way to people you'd never be able to meet with "real-world" networking strategies.
4. Audience-First Products: Building an audience before you launch a product lowers the risk of starting something new. It lets you validate ideas before launch and cultivate a group of passionate early adopters who can give you feedback in the early days.
4. Be Above the API: Either you’re telling computers what to do or computers are telling you what to do. The computer in your fingers thinks faster than you ever will, so make it your partner, not your enemy. Those who put code to work for them have tons of leverage.

(h/t @vgr)
5. The Paradox of Abundance: The average quality of information is getting worse and worse. But the best stuff is getting better and better. Markets of abundance are simultaneously bad for the median consumer but good for intelligent ones. Avoid junk like gossip & clickbait. Image
6. The Paradox of Specificity: Focus isn’t as constraining as it seems. In the age of the Internet, where everybody has Google search and personalized social media feeds, uniqueness stands out. The more specific your focus, the more opportunities you'll create for yourself.
7. Great Marketing Spreads on its Own: Good Super Bowl ads go viral on YouTube. The catchiest songs explode on TikTok. Likewise, Tesla is a trillion-dollar company even though it doesn't have an official marketing department. Instead, it rides the wave of Elon Musk's personality.
8. Own the Demand: Have a direct relationship with your customers. If somebody gets between you and your customer, your margins will fall as customer acquisitions costs rise. One stat: Google pays ~$9 billion per year to Apple to be iOS’ default search engine.

(h/t @Altimor)
9. The Law of Shitty Click-Through Rates: Marketing strategies have a short window. Click-through rates decrease as tactics mature. For example, the first banner ad had a click-through rate of more than 70%. Now we avoid them with ad-blockers.

(h/t @andrewchen)
10. The Inversion of Censorship: In a world of information scarcity, you censor people by blocking the flow of information. But in our world of information abundance, you censor people by flooding them with irrelevant ideas and meaningless data.

Eliminate the noise in your life. Image
Writing online is the best way to take advantage of these laws.

My free email series will give you a step-by-step process for making the Internet work for you.

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Jan 18
If you're feeling stuck in your professional life, start writing online.

Here's how it can accelerate your career:
1. Building a Network:

Writing shrinks the world.

Historically, if you wanted to break into an industry, you had to move to its hub. Not anymore. By writing online, you can build a network from your couch.

Meet people online. Then travel to build relationships in person.
2. Building Expertise:

Quality writing begins with clear thinking.

Once you write about a topic, you can speak about it more clearly, which will help you crush job interviews and establish yourself as an authority.

Learn about topics that interest you and share what you learn.
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Jan 10
The Inversion of Censorship:
The 20th century had two iconic dystopian novelists: George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Everybody knows Orwell's book: 1984. He outlined a dystopian future where censorship comes from banned books and ideas. Without access to truth, people would be passive and easily manipulated.
Orwell's vision became the standard.

Growing up, my book fairs had a "banned books" section. We were rightly encouraged to read them and explore suppressed ideas.

The lesson: In a world of information scarcity, banning information is the most effective form of thought control.
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Dec 30, 2021
21 ideas from 2021:
1. The Mind Creates Reality: The American Psychological Association once invited William James to give a talk on the first 50 years of psychology research.

He simply said: “People by and large become what they think of themselves.”

Then, he left.
2. Make One Person Responsible: If you want to get something done, it’s tempting to put a huge number of people in charge. But often, when too many people are in charge, nobody accepts responsibility.

This saying is illustrative: “A dog with two owners dies of hunger.”
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Dec 18, 2021
The Bible helps Peter Thiel find secrets.

It's taught him to look for the kinds of world-changing ideas that've made him one of the world's most successful investors.

Here's how you can also find secrets:
Thiel's definition of secrets isn't the one you grew up with. He’s not talking about spreading gossip or talking behind people’s backs. Rather, he's talking about important truths about the world that other people don't realize.
Thiel's obsession with secrets is famous in this interview question: What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”

The answers are keys into hidden chambers of knowledge, free from the distortions of lies and propaganda.

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Dec 2, 2021
Writing education is broken.

Here's how we can improve it:
Problem #1: Teachers don't tell students why writing is important.

Great writers have a stamp in the record of history. Warriors define the years. Philosophers define the centuries. Good writers can make more money, attract like-minded people, and shape history from their couch.
Problem #2: Students only write for the teacher.

Imagine if only one person ever read your writing. You wouldn't write much. Kids should write for an audience. Once their ideas spread, they'll get hooked on the craft.

As a friend says: "Compliments lead to competence."
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Nov 21, 2021
Writing is easier when you have a routine.

Here's how you can build one:
1. Write at a set time every day

Habits are hard to build, so consistency is your best friend when you start a new one.

Commit to writing by putting it in your calendar.

During that time, you must focus on writing. No phone. No distractions.
2. Spend lots of time walking

Walk around your neighborhood and think about the piece you're working on. Open a document in your phone that says: "Article Ideas."

Keep your phone in your hands so you can easily capture ideas quickly and save interesting ideas that come to mind.
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