I have no sympathy for male #incels, would be happy to personally remove them all from the gene pool

But they are in a way a predictable consequence of the path that society has taken.

1-2 decades ago, unmanly men had a choice between inceldom or pickup to improve themselves...
And the feminist establishment that controls the levers of power came down hard against pickup.

The worst thing for a man is weakness. Pickup offered young men a way to be powerful with parlor tricks and word games. Was that really so bad?
It seems to me that incels are growing as a community faster than pickup now - perhaps as a result of the harassment that the establishment has used against pickup.

That energy needs an outlet, they took the legitimate one away.
Incels are trash, but they're trash that's a product of an over-feminized society.

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5 Jan
How to save Western civilization: create a culture where when a woman has 5 children she gets a medal, but if she gives a TED talk she gets socially shunned

I don't see any Amish women giving TED talks about gender studies or climate change.

Could it really be THAT simple?
Yes it probably is that simple but the execution is the difficult part.
Why is the execution hard?

Because there's a professional class of feminist apologists who receive $billions in tax money via the university system + NGOs to defend the lie, and they will not go down without a fight.
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5 Jan
@pmddomingos is going to get witch-hunted now, probably fired.

This is weaponized sympathy - poor woman is going to feel stressed and damaged. Woman in distress, calling out to the tribe to go kill the bad guy for her.

This is all so predictable.
There's no solution to this within existing institutions. Wokes are just *better* at the political game and they will act in a coordinated manner against isolated pockets of resistance.
Only the construction of alternative institutions that are woke-proofed from the ground up stands any chance, and even then it's hard.
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4 Jan
OK, wrap your head around this.

People QT'ing me are insulting me (a man) by saying I'm a virgin/can't get laid, etc.

Now, doesn't that just play into the sexual double standard - a man with many partners is a "stud", a woman with many is a "slut"? ImageImageImageImage
There's a part of these people's brains that actually understands how the world works. We know this because when they want to make up a really hurtful insult, they use it.
But then there's another part that does the virtue signalling that entertains the make-believe rules of fake-world where actually there's no difference between the genders and men with many partners and women with many partners should be treated equally. Image
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3 Jan
Some really "spicy" responses to my recent threads on #signalling theory and sexual promiscuity.

Many more examples. Extreme ad-hominem attacks, threats, etc.

Why are people so triggered?

When people respond like this there's something interesting going on. Something sacred. ImageImageImage
You can check my threads: at no point did I make a value judgement on whether promiscuity was good or bad.

But people are very mad, have no substantive counterarguments and want to "go hard on me" or "shove me into a locker".


What's going on?
Let me sharpen that:

How could you explain the way people are responding to a visiting alien anthropologist?

Answers in the comments.
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3 Jan
OK, it's time to talk about pooling vs separating equilibria in signalling games.

What's a signalling game?

A signalling game is an interaction between two entities - animals, people, firms etc, where the sender of the signal has private information.

Let's illustrate this:
Set up a game called "bar crawl", where a man and a woman interact. The man wants to get laid, and doesn't want to buy unnecessary drinks. The woman has two possible types: PRUDE and SLUT.

PRUDE wants the drinks, SLUT wants the drinks and sex.
The game has a payoff matrix, which depends on the type of the woman. This is what it looks like for PRUDE

PRUDE wants the free drinks/attention, her preferred outcome is the (1,-1) cell. Man wants sex with no effort (of course!), i.e. the (-2, 3) cell.
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2 Jan
I spent a bit of time trading #cryptocurrency this year, and a rule that was generally true is that if you suggest a trade idea and a lot of people agree with you, it's probably a bad trade idea that will lose you money. This is especially true if the people agreeing are stupid.
Similarly, if you talk about a good trade idea, you will probably get stupid/midwit people disagreeing with you.

There's something similar going on when you talk about an intellectual idea: when a bunch of midwits loudly disagree with you, that's bullish [but no guarantee].
There are some caveats to this: in a trend, the majority [the midwits] are temporarily right. But these are not the best opportunities; most people are already in the trade by then.
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