Watching AG Garland: Not really live tweeting, but I'll hit some high points. Starts with thanks, commitment to democratic institutions and the sanctity of the right to vote.
Now onto Jan 6: talking about the day itself; assaults on PD; perpetrator's violence; officers crushed; dragged; tazed; beaten, etc. Chemical agents. Pipes and poles and deadly and dangerous weapons. Also attacked journalists.
Attack on the peaceful transference of power: "those involved must be held accountable." (Damn, right, let's do it).
Moment of silence for officers that lost their lives during and after the attack.
In the aftermath of the attack, the DOJ has launched the most comprehensive and expensive investigation in our history. We have caught many perps, notwithstanding COVID. Basically all offices are on it, I think he said 140 prosecutors; 20,000 hours of footage, 15 TB data
As of today, more than 725 charged and arrested, in all 50 states and DC. Those who assaulted, destroyed property, or obstructed the vote charged higher. Non-violent cooperators got lower pleas. Early charges less complex than later charges. 325 charged with felonies
Necessary consequences of starting at the bottom is that early charges get lower sentences. This is ramping up. (Hoping we are on to what comes next)
Will go to defendants "At any level" "whether present that day" "we will follow the facts where they lead" We understand broad public interest, many questions ... can't answer yet ... ongoing investigation ... as long as it takes and whatever it takes for justice to be done.
I guess that is all we are going to hear on the leaders of the coup. Back to the process of starting with the bottom, using those to gain evidence, to ensure we get everyone, "we must collect the evidence."
We will follow the documents; we will follow the money; we will follow the facts. Must have norms to govern our work: in criminal investigations, there cannot be different rules on politics, or friends and foes, or powerful and powerless.
We adhere to those norms when - especially when - the circumstances we face are not normal. Particularly important as we face rising violence, and violence and threats directed at public officials. (Damn right)
We have to defend teachers, police officers, vote officials, flight crews, journalists - all those that keep us safe. Now onto threats to members of congress. And threats to judges. Murder of son of NJ judge. Must be stopped.
We can't have violence in a democracy. We will investigate; we will disrupt. We have resourced this fight. Political speech isn't a crime; threats are.
Quoting Scalia ... good quote on how threats are not protected on 1A, but goddamn I hate it when people quote Scalia. He was a walking goddamn threat to democracy and the rule of law.
Founding purpose of DOJ was to battle violent attacks on democracy. Reconstruction. 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments ... protect blacks from white supremacists ... voting rights act of 1965 (I do wish we had done a bit better here)
Supreme Court, Shelby County, gutted the voting rights act ... subsequent decisions have made it worse, local laws make it worse, redistricting, abnormal audits ... many of those have been justified by unfounded claims of voter fraud ... these have been refuted.
Congress needs to act to give the DOJ the tools we need to ensure everyone can vote. Every elected official and every american needs to defend democracy.
He has said the necessary things: defend the rule of law; defend the vote; follow the facts; "all enemies foreign and domestic". I would really liked to have a representative charge unsealed ... but there we are.

• • •

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5 Jan
Watching Biden and Fauci, et al., talk about reopening schools and discuss mask mandates brought to mind this question: What has Biden decided to do about the unvaxed/anti-vaxed? He is definitely NOT doing this:…
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BREAKING: Wray and Rosen had elite special forces in the Capitol with shoot-to-kill authority on Jan. 6 tasked with continuity of government.…
Their orders were authorized under standing presidential authority, but not sent through Trump at the time. They would have been tasked with protecting Pence and Pelosi, among others in line of succession.
The fact this specifically mentions "line of succession" is a big deal. It's possible that Jan6 failed because there were unexpected special forces in the Capitol under orders from the good guys.
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For the first time in a long time, I have a book I really want to read. A dangerous book, apparently. I fine the intro challenging to my Massachusetts/Plymouth Rock upbringing. So far, so good. Image
In the hopes of encouraging others to read, I'm going to tweet about it as honestly as I can. 1619 refers to an event in the Jamestown settlement which predates the arrival of the pilgrims in Plymouth.
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President Biden nominated Ret Gen Austin for SECDEF on 12/9/2021, just in time for all hell to break loose. Gen. Austin is doing some things. A THREAD.
On Feb 3, 2021 Gen Austin ordered a one day stand down "to hold an in-depth conversation on the values underpinning national service, the oath of office, ...unit cohesion, [and] to gain a better understanding of the scope of the problem of extremist activity within the ranks."
On April 9, 2021, he issued a memo directing immediate action on extremism, and establishing the Countering Extremist Activity Working Group (CEAWG) based on what had been learned from and since the stand-downs.…
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16 Dec 21
It's critical to recognize that the J6C can investigate whatever and whomever related to the Big Lie, without regard to known/suspected criminality. The DOJ is far more restricted in what it can investigate.
The J6C, however, can refer suspected criminal acts to the DOJ and provide evidentiary backup. The DOJ does not have to worry about the evidence being tainted by lack of reasonable suspicion/warrant/probable cause because J6C isn't subject to those restrictions when it subpoenas
And I specify the Big Lie, not just January 6, because we know that J6C is looking at events in GA that occured well before J6. And I'm sure they are beyond GA as well.
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13 Dec 21
One of the things I learned in law school is that you can't trust ANYONE to read original documents (cases, statutes, regulations) etc., and give a reasonable account of what they say. You have to read stuff. And so ... let's read the House's referral of Mark Meadows for contempt
The Number One Question I'd like some insight into is what (if anything) the Jan6 Committee is willing to reveal about the connections between political operatives and violent mobsters
The report is here if you want to check it out for yourself.…
So far NOTHING that has leaked out of the committee (or those with knowledge) directly addresses the connection between violent extremists and rioters and Trumpists and Trump aligned political animals. That story is coming soon to a TV near you.
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