Just had an interesting exchange in @yak_collective discord that led me to the idea that in trad economics, money implies ledgers, but in blockchain economics, ledgers imply money. Or in expanded form: monarch implies money implies ledgers vs anarch implies ledger implies money.
It’s a bong-rip grade thought but I’m serious. If you look at how exactly the algorithms bootstrap trust from trustless (byzantine). conditions, you realize that a reified thing like money pretty much has to emerge. But the more there is initial trust, the weaker the emergence.
It’s like how in Newtonian mechanics spacetime just contains mass. In relativity, mass creates spacetime to a first approximation. Or more accurately, “spacetime tells mass how to move, mass tells spacetime how to curve” as JA Wheeler put it. One of my favorite quotes.
So maybe ledgers tell currency how to move, currency tells ledgers how to fork.

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8 Jan
Noticing: Businesses are burning out. Not just employees. Increasingly too exhausted to think about stuff that’s >1y horizon stuff like product roadmaps, business models, sound capital management. 2+ years of relentless full attention on ops firefighting, morale, retention, HR.
Lots of discourse about employee conditions seem to assume the executive level is somehow immune and pursuing its old agendas with terminator-like relentlessness. Nope. Nobody is immune, so neither are emergent egregore things.
IQs in the executive suite seem to have dropped like 30 points through the pandemic, horizons have contracted from years to months. Morale is poor.
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7 Jan
I got some turmeric powder on carpet. How do I get it off? Tried some dish soap and a random enzyme based pet stain remover and I don’t think it did anything.
Looks like turmeric is the king of impossible stains 😬

We have a guy coming out to try a professional thing, and after that I’m going to try, in order:

1. Molly’s suds
2. Resolve
3. Oil to dissolve
4. Bleach

This is a rental, so if I can’t get it out, I guess I pay.
Stain removal is unfortunately non-ergodic so order of things you try should ideally be in order of increasing effectiveness so failed methods don’t make it worse.

Somehow this shit really stresses me out. It’s like a car accident in stress terms.
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3 Jan
Hate to add complexity to what's already a complex roadmap for @RoamResearch but strikes me that it's an ideal product to Web3ify as early as possible. Wallet sign-ins and token-based access control are kinda brain-dead obvious roads to go down. @Conaw at least put a scout on it
@RoamResearch @Conaw And the block is a natural pre-NFT unit too. Maybe if you own the NFT for a block, you get rights to everything that mentions it or something.
@RoamResearch @Conaw It's also natural to manage syncs and stuff through an internal extremely low-cost L2
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3 Jan
10x difference in vax/unvax hospitalization rates appears to continue to be true for omicron? Even if mortality rate is low due to omicron being milder, I’m guessing hospitalization rate implies more long Covid and other issues?
This is turning into one of the great natural experiments of our time.

Including an experiment in limits to persuasion on the persuader side. It’s clear most vaxxers have given up trying to persuade even friends/family.
We’re also seeing a cousin to preference falsification emerge I think… behavior falsification: getting vaccinated on the DL to avoid losing face or something.
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2 Jan
It’s al fun and games until you run out of blue pills
The least realistic part of matrix resurrection is the idea that the blue pills are centrally supplied by the matrix. Basic conspiratorial mistake. Blue pills are 80% a home brew cottage industry.
Some bulk raw materials are centrally produced, but most blue pills are home-made to a personal improvised prescription based on a tacit consensus recipe agreed upon by the 3-4 closest people to any individual
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1 Jan
Emoji meme quiz. How many can you get? Add more questions in replies if you can think of them.

I’m getting more useless by the minute
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