The Subalternism of history is an ongoing project of @RSSorg & @BJP4India, it’s similar to Sanskritisation & Kshatriyisation of mostly Shudras & Vaisyas in early 20 Century by Brahmins On Hire for the highest bidders.

Among the castes which had their histories rewritten were…
Jats, Ahirs, Gujjars, Kurmis… Interestingly, out of these only Jats had a claim to martial traditions of sort in Sind in 8 Century but were FIRST to convert to Islam !
They moved to Punjab in 9-11 centuries & later by 13 century had become petty landholders, had looted Mahmud…
on way back after fleeing Somnath in 1026. They revolted in 1650s against Aurangzeb & finally had a kingdom, thanks to Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur, in Bharatpur.
They prior to their migration to Punjab were considered the lowest of castes in Sind & ostracised by Brahmins.
Jats were known for keeping a Dog as company while moving out of his house signifying his impurity, it’s all given in #Chachnama, history of Sind !

Jats had a love hate relationship with Brahminical Hinduism, Jat peasantry are even today disdainful of Brahmin but his rulers…
for gaining status in the predominantly Hindu Society patronised a few. They claimed to be Hindu Saviours, aka Sikhs. Lately, they too are claiming Rajput Kings as their Forefathers, namely Prithviraj Chauhan & Anangpal Tomar. Everyone is keen to have a Rajput forefather.
Ahirs claim Yaduvansh origins. It’s a recent phenomenon, of early 20 Century. Ahir Sabhas were held elevate their Vaisya status. Basically, milkmen & petty farmers they used Brahmins as tools for Sanskritisation & changed their patronymics.
They had a small Jagir of Rewari in…
Haryana to show for their martial traditions. Historically, there is no evidence that corroborates their Kshatriya ancestry except folklores of dubious ancestry created in 20 Century.

Latest entrants to Kshatriya ancestry & surprisingly claim almost all Kshatriya kings from….
Pratiharas, Chaulukyas, Parmaras, Chauhans to Sisodias to Shivaji are the Cattlemen Gujjars.
They don’t have the slightest idea of what actually they are but are busy in identity theft & misappropriation of Rajput icons.

Another thing about these Shudras is that they are not…
supported by Brahminical Sanskritisation but by Political Theory of Subalternism being propounded by RSS & BJP.

RSS was the first to bring this theory of Intermediate & Lower Caste aspiring for elevated status into the mainstream. It’s mouthpieces in Panchjanya & Pathey came …
up ludicrous claims of Pratihars being Gurjars coz one inscription somewhere called Pratihars as Gurjar.
They later even called the Guhilot Bappa Rawal as Gurjar. Latest grapevine is that RSS has a full fledged workshop supported by dubious sources to ascribe Kshatriyahood to…
Dalits, making them kings & giving them Chandra & Suryavansh whatever suits them. In fact, Sangh Parivar is bent on homogenisation of Hindus to fit into their politics of power grab. It has on the same side has embarked on changing & undermining the ancient texts & scriptures.

• • •

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Apr 29
Oft repeated claim of Marathas in Attock has never been supported any concrete evidence.
JN Sarkar is dismissive of this claim, asserts that there’s “no evidence of it, except for a 4 month ‘revenue’ of trans Chenab areas”

James Duff has not even bothered to write about it !
It made me look at it deeply.

All records speak of Timur Shah son of Abdali fleeing Lahore on 09 April 1758.
Tahmasp Khan or Miskin in his eyewitness account says, “on 10 April, 9 am a host of Mughal+Maratha horse came up to Delhi Gate of Lahore…”
Khwaja Mirza with 10K horse…
came up to Lahore fort which was handed over by Miskin to him, date is 10 April 1758.

There’s no controversy over the date of Fall of Lahore to Maratha, Mughal & Sikh armies.

No, it wasn’t Marathas alone, they were mercenaries of Adina Beg for ₹75 lakh/year.
Neither was it..
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Apr 26
Chandelas were the only one who successfully fought off Mahmud of Ghazna in his 1018 raid across central India.
Islamic Invaders had brushed aside Rajyapala, Pratihar ruler of Kannauj who fled but met a formidable foe in #Bida as called by Ibn al Athir, or Vidhyadhar Chandela.
Rajyapala Pratihar was killed by Arjuna, the Kachachagapata feudatories of Chandela Vidhyadhar, as per the Dubkund inscription for his cowardice against Mahmud.
Muslim chronicles have not been truthful about Mahmud’s failure against Vidhyadhara Chandela. However, Ibn al Athir…
has offered a radically different account than Nizamuddin Ahmad. Ibn Athir was more contemporary than Ahmad. He says that both armies fought a battle but retreated at nightfall. It is evidence of Mahmud’s failure against Chandelas.
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Apr 24
Interestingly, there are NO contemporary sources which speak of Teg Bahadur being executed in 1675, no Persian or even Sikh sources exist except those written at the end of 18 century on “testimony of trustworthy Sikhs”.

Gulam Hussain in 1780, Siyar ul Mukhtaram, a 100 years…
afterwards speaks of him as a refractory leader. But the account is not very convincing.

JS Grewal in Cambridge History of India, “he was released on intercession by Kunwar Ram Singh, son of Mirza Raja Jai Singh of MEWAR 😂”
And then went to Assam to fight on Mughal side…
Grewal further without a single reference, “deputation of Brahmins met him in May 1675… & Guru decided to court martyrdom to uphold beliefs”
Taken prisoner in Ropar, kept at Sirhind onto Delhi… & executed at main market square on 11 Nov 1675”

Doesn’t give a SINGLE SOURCE !
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Apr 23
Babu Kunwar Singh, immortal hero of the First War of Independence. He’s credited with most victories against British than any other Indian General.
This miniature was found in the bedchamber of Nawab of Farrukhabad.
Belonged to Ujjainiya Parmaras who moved to Bihar in 14 Century.
80 years had not dimmed his love for his country nor vigour for a good fight, howsoever strong the opposition might be.

British judicial officer thus described him, “Kuer Singh was a tall man about 7 feet, with arms reaching his knees… a first swordsman, spears man & a rider…”
Another contemporary writer, Hale, “he was a fine, noble looking man… manners dignified & bore a stamp of real nobility”.

Gen SK Sinha has stated that, “he was interested in the Arah House attack to save ammunition against the advancing British”

Brits have given a longwinded..
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Apr 22
Ever since Karauli erupted in communal frenzy & Hindus faced violence, there has been a concerted anti Rajput narrative being peddled by ONE CASTE & SANGHI STOOGES !

Interestingly, they are questioning an organisation which came into light for protesting against a Movie for…
wrong depiction/portrayal of Rani Padmini.

Firstly, Organisation has never claimed itself to be some Hindu Saviour like RSS.

Secondly, it has always been vocal about its role as a community based organisation.

Thirdly, it has no pretensions to Sainthood like #Khaki_Chaddis !
Why are Sanghi Stooges & Caste Particular so critical & vocal in demeaning this Sena ?

Both are perpetrating their age old animus towards the Rajputs as the First Sword of Sanatan Dharma.
Creation of fake Subaltern Heroes, appropriation of Kshatriya/Rajput icons by Subalterns…
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Apr 9
That’s a Lie !

We’d love if this guy really criticised Modi but this guy has deep rooted Abrahamic Hatred for Hindu Religion & Hindus.

No, he doesn’t speak for Dalits but spews Hate for Others. Dalits in India have most Discriminatory Rights vis a vis Others.

You’d be jailed..
if you called a Dalit by his Caste name.
If a Dalit accuses Others of any Crime, it automatically becomes evidence, nothing else is required under Indian Laws.

A Dalit can get you jailed for looking at him, if he doesn’t like you, ask anyone in India.

Dalit can send you to …
jail without investigation, without Bail, without even a perfunctory inquiry by the prosecution agencies.

Dalit can admissions to the most prestigious educational institutions without even getting qualifying marks.

Dalit can get into Medicine, Engineering, Law… or any other…
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