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My very first film in 2022 ✨🎬🎞️

Drive My Car
Directed by: Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Adapted from #harukimurakami short story.

If you read the short story then please don’t expect it could be 100% similar with the original story. But I think everyone should watching this!!10/10 🎉 ImageImageImageImage
Over the Town (2019) by Rikiya Imaizumi 10/10
This one will be appear in the 2022 best movie that I’ve watched.

I do enjoy the whole story, cinematography, the quirky and awkward jokes. 🎬✨
The way they captured the Shimokitazawa’s culture makes me missing Japan so much. 😭 ImageImageImageImage
Bonus pict of Ryo Narita ✨🌺 ImageImageImageImage
Aristocrats (あのこは貴族) Directed by Yukiko Sode.
Aristocrats is an enjoyable film about female friendships and the gulfs between classes in Japanese society.

This film was screened at the 2021 International Film Festival Rotterdam. 🎞🎬 ImageImageImageImage
Mr Hiragi’s Homeroom
Director: Naoko Komuro, Yuma Suzuki, Itaru Mizuno. Writer: Shogo Muto

Actually high school series is not the type of series that I like. But this one is kinda different. I guess everyone on internet should watch this! 👍🏼 ImageImageImageImage
Intolerance 2021 | (Blank)
Yoshida Keisuke

Tells about several main problems in this modern era. The love hate relationship between family, the cancel culture and how it’s affected the peoples life. Everything is explained so well on this film. Must watch!

8,5/10 ImageImageImageImage
No Call No Life (NCNF)
Screenwriter & Director: Igashi Aya. adapted from a novel.

This is not your typical high school love story.
It’s dark,wild and tragic. Umi & Masahiro suddenly connected by the same bad bringing and build a dream together. Sadly it never be easy to them. ImageImageImageImage
Character 2021
Director: Akira Nagai
Writer: Takashi Nagasaki,Anna Kawahara, Akira Nagai
Producer: Yuho Tadano
Cinematographer: Tetsuya Kondo

Such a good works, I liked the way they show us the disturbed scenes & the cinematography. It will leaves you with mixed feelings. 8,5/10 ImageImageImageImage
Beautiful Escape
Director: Morika Kazuki

I can feel Sion sono vibes at the very first scenes but not longer.

This story about 2 high school freshman who make an escape after killed one of their classmates. 7,5/10 ImageImageImageImage
Onoda : 10.000 nights in The Jungle
Director: Arthur Harari’s

Based on true story about how a soldier named Hiroo Onoda and his friends who was sent to an island in the Philippines in 1944 to fight against the American forces. It’s was a sad story. ImageImageImageImage
Until The Break Of Dawn 2012
Director: Yuichiro Hirakawa
Based on novel "Tsunagu" by Mizuki Tsujimura

Story about “tsunagu” somebody who has an ability to guide people to meet the dead, to solve the unfinished things between of them.

#Japanfilmfestival #JFFONLINE2022 ImageImageImageImage
Bread of Happiness
Director: Yukiko Mishima

Story about a couple who run a beautiful coffee in a village in Hokkaido with their beautiful humanistic drama.

#jff #JFFONLINE2022 #breadofhappiness ImageImageImageImage
It’s A Summer Film! 2020
Director: Soushi Matsumoto
At first, it sounds vague and even quite predictable, but actually, this film has a lot of surprises in its story.

#jff2022 #JapanfilmFestival2022 #Japanfilm ImageImageImageImage
Moonlight Shadow 2021
Director: Edmund Yeo
Writer: Banana Yoshimoto (short story), Tomoyuki Takahashi

Talking about two people who suffered into the unbearable sorrow after something bad happened suddenly in their life.

It’s a slow and dark film, but I do enjoyed it! 🎞♥️ ImageImageImageImage
Homestay 2022
Director: Seta Natsuki
Adapted from the novel "Colorful" (カラフル) by Mori Eto

Such a good movie. There are so many lessons that we can learn from the story. 💖✌🏼 ImageImageImageImage
Director: Shinohara Tetsuo
Screen writer: Yamada Akane

A heart warming movie, about a veterinary student who is not just looking for money and a career, but has a strong desire to help animals. He personally cares and does everything he can to saves them. 💖💯 ImageImageImageImage
Parasite in Love 2021
Director: Kensaku Kakimoto
Writer: Sugaru Miaki (novel), Yukiko Yamamuro

An unusual romance story, starring by Kento Hayashi & Nana Komatsu.
I do enjoy the story and the visuals. It’s kind of a light movie that you can watch anytime. 🦠🧬🎧🤲🏾

7,5/10 ImageImageImageImage
Fishbowl Wives
Director: Michiko Namiki, Hiroaki Matsuyama, Aya Narakino
Writer: Kurosawa R (manga), Fumi Tsubota, Miyako, Tomomi Matoba

A story of six wives and their affairs. It’s a good romance series that you can watch on Netflix. 🐟🎏 ImageImageImageImage
Belle 2021
Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
It’s reminds me of Mamoru’s Hosoda previous work “Summer Wars”I can feel the same vibes.

Belle is worth to watch, but I still prefer story like Mirai or Wolf Children. 📀🌍🌸🫧🎶 ImageImageImageImage
Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas!
Dir: Edwin
Writer: Novel ( Eka Kurniawan) & Edwin

If you read the novel before watching this film, I am pretty sure you’ll like this one! 💯 ImageImageImageImage
Touboui 2022
Nippon TV

A super light drama series. This series is not gonna offers a suspense story as I thought. In fact I mostly laugh and blushing because IDK it just funny. ☺️ Tips: Just try to ignore all the medical theory on it! ImageImageImageImage
Cinema Fighters 2018| Exile Tribe X ShortShots

Six directors create six short films highlighting stories of longing, all stories are inspired by Exile Tribe’s music. Such a good movie. 💙💭💯 ImageImageImageImage
Cinema Fighters: That Moment, My Heart Cried 2019

5 brilliance stories from 5 talented directors.
I do really enjoyed this kind of show. “Beautiful, On The Way and Umikaze” are my favorites! 💙🌼👩‍👦You can watch these amazing works on Netflix! ImageImageImageImage
Uta Monogatari: Cinema Fighters Project 2018
Another cinema fighters projects that I watched this week. 🫠🎞 ImageImageImageImage
Ribbon 2022
Director: Rena Nōnen

Watching this film gives me that “locked down” feeling. I do enjoyed the film from start till the end! 💯 ImageImageImageImage
A psychological horror drama on Netflix. You can feel the dark vibes from start to the end of the film. 7/10 ImageImageImageImage
He’s Expecting
Dir: Yuko Hakota, Takeo Kikuchi
Writer: Eri Sakai (manga), Yoshitatsu Yamada, Yukiko Sode, Chihiro Amano

Such a very good drama comedy series. I do enjoyed it a lot. It gave me some new insight and perspectives. 🔥✨🫃🏻

Must watch!! ImageImageImageImage
And, the Baton Was Passed @baton_movie
Dir: Tetsu Maeda
Writer: Maiko Seo (novel), Hiroshi Hashimoto
Cinematographer: Hideo Yamamoto
This drama will keep you up because you’ll get filled by several plot twists. It’s a nice, light and heartwarming drama. ImageImageImageImage
Broker 2022
Director, Editor & Writer: Hirokazu Koreeda

Seems like Koreeda still can’t move from his latest work “Shoplifters” I can feel amount of “Shoplifters” vibes in this film

Overall I love it, but actually I expect more than his last work. 🎬🍿💖 ImageImageImageImage
Just Only Love 2019 / 愛がなんだ
Director: Rikiya Imaizumi
Writer: Mitsuyo Kakuta

Apparently @_necoze_ Imazumi’s works never fails to amaze me. I am always fascinated by how he always come with fresh idea. This film will be one of my favorite! 🎞🎥🎬 ImageImageImageImage
One Day, You Will Reach The Sea やがて海へと届く
Director: Ryutaro Nakagawa
Writer: Maru Ayase (novel), Ryutaro Nakagawa

a drama of female friendship, it’s sad and quite dark film. ✨🧊🌊🦋 ImageImageImageImage
Stranger Things Season 4

After waiting about 3 years for this season I think it’s enough. Seems like I can’t follow it anymore because the season is getting more comical than before.

Also they made us waiting again about 1 month for last two sucks episodes. 🏳 ImageImageImageImage
Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots (2021) by Ryohei Yoshino

I do love this film. It paints a portrait of a defining transition in the lives of young adults and some social issues.
I like the flow of the storyline and some of the dry jokes and weird terms they use. Thats cool! ImageImageImageImage
We Made a Beautiful Bouquet 2022
Director: Nobuhiro Doi

This is the type of film that I can rewatch over and over. I love the way he presents the story the “bittersweet love“ with two-sided narrators, and yes of course the pop culture reference that he put into the story. ❤️‍🩹 ImageImageImageImage
The Town of Headcounts
Dir: Araki Shinji

This is a bright and satirical dystopian drama, perfectly depicts the current social situation in modern society. 🎞 ImageImageImageImage
Remain In Twilight 2019
Dir: Daigo Matsui

Six friends reminisce about their happy high school days. I thought this was a happy drama-comedy from the start to the end, also I was expecting to laugh with Narita Ryo but..
Watching this film gave me a bittersweet moment. 🫠🫣🫶🏼🤍 ImageImageImageImage
My Favorite Girl (2020)
Naoki Matayoshi (novel)
Dir: Shinya Tamada

Another bittersweet platonic love story that I've been watched this year.🥹
This is a common love story that occurred in people in their 20s. Watching a film like this makes my heart flutter away.🤣 ImageImageImageImage
Sasaki in My Mind (2020)
Dir: Takuya Uchiyama

This is probably the best film that I’ve watched in this month. The story is pretty smart and I love the way they filming it.

💯✨😢 ImageImageImageImage
Pure Japanese 2022
Dir: Daishi Matsunaga

I pretty enjoy this film but honestly I expected more than this. It supposed to be tragic story but I am ended up laughed whenever I saw the main character. 🤣

My hubby said, “the main character’s vibes reminds me of Kamen Rider.” 🤖 ImageImageImageImage
The Last 10 Years | 余命10年 (2022)
Dir: Michihito Fujii
Writer: Ruka Kosaka (novel), Yoshikazu Okada, Mako Watanabe

A sad movie that makes me get a lot of new point of view to see “life”. The scenes when Matsuri (Nana Komatsu) crying in her mom’s arms made me burst into tears! ImageImageImageImage
Show Me The Way to The Station (2019)
Dir: Naoki Hashimoto

An acceptance of the loss & friendship journey of a young girl named Sayaka. It’s a heart touching film. ImageImageImageImage
The Woman Who Keeps a Murderer
Dir: Hideo Nakata
Story about Kyoko who was sexually abused by her step father when she was a child.She took refuge in the world of fantasy and multiple personalities.

This is not a kind of horror film that I like. ImageImageImage
In The Wake 2021 (護られなかった者たちへ)
Dir: Takahisa Zeze
Writer: Shichiri Nakayama (novel), Tamio Hayashi, Takahisa Zeze

A tragic and heartbreaking story that I ever watched this week. 💔💔 ImageImageImageImage
I Have Loved you for 30 Years, Yayoi
Dir: Kazuhiko Yukawa.

Tragic, sweet, sad and funny at the same time. ✨🫶🏼 ImageImageImageImage
Around The Table 2021
Dir: Soushi Matsumoto

A super light and warm film, I enjoyed it. ImageImageImageImage
Missing (2021)
Dir: Shinzo Katayama
📽️: @tiff_english

My very first Japanese film that I ever watched at cinema in Japan. This film was so good, dark and full of the twists!

At the end of the screening we have sharing session with Shinzo Katayama. Such a unforgettable moment. ImageImageImageImage
Modern Love Tokyo

Seven episode- romantic comedy anthology series, based on a column of the same title that appeared in The New York Times.

All the episodes are worth to watch.
It will bring laughter and tears at the same time. ❤️💕 ImageImageImageImage
Romaji: A Song for Aliens , I Have a Song I Want You to Hear
Screenwriter & Director: Hagiwara Kentaro

This mini series is one of my favorites of the year! It’s teaches me a lot about life ✨👽
Must watch!!! ImageImageImageImage
Summer Ghost (2021)
Dir: Loundraw
Written: Hirotaka Adachi
Flat Studio

A short animation movie. I like the story theme and the way they presented the story. It was heartwarming and give me the little same vibes of the Shinkai’s works. Must watch! ImageImageImageImage
Wandering Moon (2022)
Adapted from the novel "Rurou no Tsuki"
Dir: Lee Sang II

Melodramatic and emotional movie. I can watch this long movie without getting bored.
I also feeling impressed with Tamaki Shiratori who played the young Sarasa, her acting was amazing. 🏆🙌🏽 ImageImageImageImage

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